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    Antibiotics :(

    Oh gosh you poor things! Just imagine how much quicker your body will bounce back though with feeding it healthy, nutritious meals
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    Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    I was diagnosed with CFS just over 12 months ago, but can trace it back to a virus I got nearly 14 years ago. I was hit with periods of exhaustion, lethargy & I would often say to my hubby that it felt like the virus was coming back. I was hit with it hard & bedridden for 3 weeks. After tests & back & forth to the GP, they said there was nothing else they could do. I refused to believe that, having 3 kids under 10, it wasn't a life I was prepared to put up with, with having small children. I started a Paleo transition for 12 weeks. I started to feel so much better & with the help of a chiro/kinesiologist I was able to get up & about again. Once I finished the transition I started a Whole 30. I was so excited to be able to have potatoes again, so around half way I introduced them again for the next couple of days. Day 18 hit me hard - I was back in bed for 4 days. Potatoes are a nightshade and turned out to be one of my major issues. I'm gradually finding what foods affect me, which are inflammatory etc. Over the last few weeks I've had some nasties sneaking back into my diet. Of course I "crashed" again, so I new it was time to go back and do a reset, then back to a Paleo diet. Overall it's helped me immensely. I just have to be very careful with what I eat.
  3. Paleo Photography and Me

    Aunt Flo changes...

    Oh me too! I've had 3 weeks of break through, then a week of really heavy. I had a reprieve for 1 week, now it's back heavier than ever. I'm on Implanon also (this is the third time, and the only time I've ever had dramas like this). My Dr is sending me for an ultrasound next week to see if we can find out what is causing these issues. I suffer from really low iron, so it's a cause of concern for me.
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    Canned broth? (and pork rinds!)

    I make all my own broths/sauces/condiments etc so I know exactly what goes in them Bone broth I make using soup & marrow bones, a couple of carrots, celery, onion, bay leaf & garlic. Cover it all up with water then sprinkle with Apple Cider Vinegar. It helps to draw out all the yummy nutrients! I leave for 24 hours in the slow cooker, then pour through a sieve into a pot. I let the fat settle on top, then skim it out. Sonia