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  1. It's not an app and doesn't do exactly what you're asking, but I've subscribed to eMeals for over a year and I love it! Every week I get a full week's worth of dinner recipes and a shopping list. We are currently subcribed to the Paleo plan and I'd say that 99% of the recipes are Whole30 compliant. Their app is a simple shopping list app but you can edit it and sync it across multiple devices, so my husband and I can share shopping duty and we both know what we need and what we've already got.
  2. Skibee

    Meal plan please

    You may find a meal-planning subscription like eMeals to be helpful. (They saved me for sure!) They have a Paleo plan for dinners that is almost entirely Whole30 compliant. I find that if I can get help with dinner, breakfast and lunch are easy. I can eat the same thing for breakfast for a week and have leftovers or a simple salad with chicken or something for lunch.
  3. Skibee

    HELP! Other Breakfast Ideas - non-eggs

    Yes indeed! I hit the wall on eggs about 20 days in, but still didn't make the leap to seeing it as just 'meal 1' until about a week after my Whole30. After the 30 days, I went through a transitional period of eating nuts and berries for breakfast, or steak and eggs, then realized that I really wanted to get back to the Whole30 meal template because it gave me so much energy throughout the day. Today I had a chicken burger with sauteed zucchini and avocado and it was wonderful! I am finally free of the mindset of "breakfast foods" and it feels great.
  4. Skibee

    Whole 30 Compliant Chicken Sausage

    Nope, because of the sugar.
  5. Skibee

    The Great Pancake controversy

    Nah, that sounds like a pretty typical day for me. I have a large breakfast around 7 and often don't get to lunch until around 2. It did take me a while to get to the point where I found the right amount to eat for breakfast, and it is sometimes challenging to finish it all because it feels like a HUUUGE amount of food, but it gets me through to a late lunch. In other words, I did exacty as MissMary recommended:
  6. Skibee

    Affording Whole30 on a Budget

    I was shocked at my food bill at first, but I realized that a good chunk of that came from pantry items like sunflower seed butter or coconut oil or compliant sriracha that would last a while. I also cleaned out my freezer and stocked up on grassfed beef, organic free range chicken, and wild sockeye salmon when they came on sale, which made my grocery bill for those weeks much higher, but which are also reducing the bill now when I draw from those supplies.
  7. Skibee

    The Great Pancake controversy

    I totally hear you about the egg burnout. By week 3 I thought I would gag if I ate another egg in ANY form. I took the prohibition about pancakes seriously and this forced me to broaden my thinking and start eating sausages and hamburgers and leftover pork for breakfast, which may be part of the intention. However, may I ask a question not related to eggs at all? Why do you need to eat during a meeting in the first place? Sneaking a meal out of a ziplock bag seems to be making your options more limited; could you not carve some time out to eat before or after?
  8. Skibee

    Started September 1st, but concerned.

    I would seriously try to cut out everything that might be an allergen, as that's the only way you'll be able to isolate the things that truly are when you re-introduce them. Yes, you may need more resources than the Whole30 protocol offers, but you can find tons of information about the AIP (auto-immune protocol) out there. If you can get your hands on a copy of Practical Paleo there is a full month's worth of AIP-compliant meals. I'm not saying it will be easy, but it WILL be worth it.
  9. Skibee

    Aunt Flo changes...

    Well, the silver lining was - my period was heavy and intense, but only for a couple of days. I've now finished my WHole30 (woohoo!!!) but plan on continuing to eat pretty much the same way. I'll be curious to see if this pattern continues, but more curious to see what it will do to my cycle overall. I'm 49 and my cycle has gotten extremely irregular. I wonder if the hormonal changes from my diet will settle it down?
  10. Skibee

    Lots o zuchinni

    1. Zoodles (zucchini noodles). Since I got a Spiralizer, I could eat these every day. 2. Zucchini fritters - shred them, mix with egg and a little almond flour, fry 'em up. 3. Shredded into chili. You could make a big batch and freeze it. 4. Ratatouille! Again, make a batch and freeze it.
  11. Skibee

    Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher

    Yes, the lemonade doese have sugar in it. I've found that some Starbucks baristas think that unsweetened just means "don't add simple syrup." They don't always make the connection that the lemonade or product might already have sugar in it.
  12. Skibee

    Canned broth? (and pork rinds!)

    Silk unsweetened almond milk does not have carrageenan, but it does have "natural flavor." If you find a compliant broth you can use that for the mashed cauliflower, or you could use coconut milk if you like that coconut flavor. I have found that most canned or boxed broths have sugar. It is astounding me how many things have added sugar that absolutely don't need them!
  13. Skibee

    Aunt Flo changes...

    Yup, same here. I was really hoping that doing the Whole30 (I'm on day 27) would help with this, but this is one of the worsts periods I've ever had in terms of cramping and flow.
  14. Skibee

    Silk has changed their ingredients

    Silk unsweetened plain almond milk has never had carrageenan, and it also has no sugar.
  15. Skibee

    Can I have potato starch?

    I think it'll take more than 30 days. I've been using eMeals for over a year, and been cooking every night, but I still view it as a necessary evil. I actually do okay for the most part. Lunches are often leftovers from supper and my crockpot is a beloved friend. There are just the occasional weeks when all heck breaks loose, or I'm away for work or on the weekend, or I just can't face another hour of meal prep after a long day at work that I'd like to have a repertoire of simple, ready-to-eat lunches to fall back on. I guess that's what the freezer is for, eh?