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    Skibee got a reaction from Deb. in Does anyone use meal planning apps? if so which one?   
    It's not an app and doesn't do exactly what you're asking, but I've subscribed to eMeals for over a year and I love it! 
    Every week I get a full week's worth of dinner recipes and a shopping list. We are currently subcribed to the Paleo plan and I'd say that 99% of the recipes are Whole30 compliant. 
    Their app is a simple shopping list app but you can edit it and sync it across multiple devices, so my husband and I can share shopping duty and we both know what we need and what we've already got. 
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    Skibee reacted to AmyS in Sweet potato question   
    I buy them already bagged.  It says Euro Greens on the package.  I think it includes a couple of kinds of kale and chard.
    I just put them in the oven with oil and salt, and roast until they wilt.  Yes, it's like sauteeing but less babysitting involved.  I am eating lots more greens since I started doing this. 
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    Skibee got a reaction from Tom Denham in Whole 30 Compliant Chicken Sausage   
    Nope, because of the sugar. 
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    Skibee reacted to Angelina in Meal plan please   
    I've been posting photos of my day-by-day meals on Facebook - it's a public album, so feel free to check it out for inspiration.
    Ingredients are listed, all very simple, fresh, in season produce. We've just hit the Bored with Eggs stage, so we're up now making Salmon Patties for breakfast tomorrow...
    Good luck!
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    Skibee reacted to AmyS in Whole 30 Binge   
    You haven't ruined your Whole30.  You just learned something new about yourself - you can go a whole 27 days without binging and/or purging.  That's huge.  Also, you learned that even on the toughest days you can eat compliant foods.
    During times of high stress (I just finished teaching my first week of music at a performing arts department of a university, so I understand your stress) you might think seriously about eating four or five full meals per day.  I found during the first week of classes that even with a full breakfast I was jittery from hunger by about 10:30 a.m. (unusual for me).  I'm planning to carry around lots of hard boiled eggs with me next week, since I have few breaks during the teaching day.  A hard boiled egg functions as a mini meal in a pinch, and if I toss in some easy-to-carry veggies, even better.
    For you, think about how you can stave off the binging by eating more throughout the day.  If you're in dance, you may be dealing with the belief that you must be a certain weight or look - but you really just have to be yourself, and dance as yourself.  Truly.
    Sleep well tonight, be gentle with yourself, and start tomorrow off with a nice good-size breakfast, and plan to eat a minimum of four meals a day next week.  Also, try to bring a little summer vacation with you into the school year. Something fun and relaxing every day.  I say this as a teacher, all stress and no play makes a performing arts major suffer.  And we didn't get into the performing arts to suffer.
    You can do it.  Big hugs, rest well, and carry on.  Again, you can do it.
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    Skibee reacted to Suzy in If You Ever Thought of Giving Up Trying to Lose Weight   
    A Whole30 is not a plan for weight loss, but rather a template for overall better health that might include losing weight for those that need it. I just wanted to share a place I went before I stumbled upon Whole9 with the people who are struggling with weight issues. It was a dark, horrible place for me.
    My weight profile was the most common one in first world countries: I was overweight, teetering on the brink of obesity. I actually was technically obese, being 5'5 and about 194 at my worst. What got me up to that number was binging and dieting, over and over in a cycle. It's a boringly familiar story.
    From Spring 2011 to January of last year, I was on Weight Watchers. WW is THE worst thing you can do if you want a healthy relationship with food. It makes you obsess about food volume and arbitrary point-counting (the points system is designed to keep what you're eating a mystery and keep you reliant on WW for life). And WW changes their program, just ever so slightly, every couple of years, so you have to buy all their new program material to keep up. And no one who works at WW will tell you about that. You have to find that out on your own and quit eventually. Then the next bunch of desperate, overweight people, mostly women who just want to be valued by society, file into these horrible meetings. Ugh. I needed to rant about that, thanks.
    So, there I was after WW this time last year. I thought, maybe this is just how I am. I missed the slim youth boat. At 32, I felt old and fat. So I just tried to pick up the pieces from years of yo-yo dieting and try and accept. I found this site: I'm sorry to the well-meaning Golda Poretsky who created this, but this was the deepest point of despair, the darkness before the dawn, that helped me search for health instead of being ok with being sick and fat. This woman is a life coach for obese women. She says that it's ok to be fat. It is NOT okay to be fat. Being obese is your body's way of telling you that your lifestyle is WRONG for you. She says to love yourself, you have to give up. I say to love yourself, sometimes you have to change yourself. The thing that helps the most is realizing that certain foods out there are addictive, like sugar and flour, and getting away from them will give you a clarity you've never experienced before.
    I found Whole9 in summer of 2012. I lost over thirty pounds in a period of about 5 months. It was an awesome experience that I can't shut up about. With another Whole30 (actually a W100), I'm losing more.
    What do you think about changing in order to love yourself? The act of changing things IS love to me.
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    Skibee got a reaction from GFChris in HELP! Other Breakfast Ideas - non-eggs   
     Yes indeed! I hit the wall on eggs about 20 days in, but still didn't make the leap to seeing it as just 'meal 1' until about a week after my Whole30. 
    After the 30 days, I went through a transitional period of eating nuts and berries for breakfast, or steak and eggs, then realized that I really wanted to get back to the Whole30 meal template because it gave me so much energy throughout the day. Today I had a chicken burger with sauteed zucchini and avocado and it was wonderful! I am finally free of the mindset of "breakfast foods" and it feels great. 
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    Skibee reacted to moggle in HELP! Other Breakfast Ideas - non-eggs   
    I think a lot of people go through the egg boredom stage.
    I took it in steps. I started with (and still often include) chicken breast, pork and smoked salmon. Pan-fried chicken breast with avocado/tomato/pineapple salsa was nice. I've developed a basic pork meatball mix and made up several variations.
    Then a couple of weeks ago I had a big ole steak for breakfast just because I could :-D
    Someone advised me to vary my egg preparation as well. So I've tried the muffins, the omelette and scrambled too.
    Soon your brain will see it as just 'meal 1' and you'll be happy to eat anything.
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    Skibee got a reaction from Tom Denham in Whole 30 Compliant Chicken Sausage   
    Nope, because of the sugar. 
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    Skibee got a reaction from MeadowLily in Affording Whole30 on a Budget   
    I was shocked at my food bill at first, but I realized that a good chunk of that came from pantry items like sunflower seed butter or coconut oil or compliant sriracha that would last a while. 
    I also cleaned out my freezer and stocked up on grassfed beef, organic free range chicken, and wild sockeye salmon when they came on sale, which made my grocery bill for those weeks much higher, but which are also reducing the bill now when I draw from those supplies. 
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    Skibee got a reaction from Hols1 in Started September 1st, but concerned.   
    I would seriously try to cut out everything that might be an allergen, as that's the only way you'll be able to isolate the things that truly are when you re-introduce them. 
    Yes, you may need more resources than the Whole30 protocol offers, but you can find tons of information about the AIP (auto-immune protocol) out there. If you can get your hands on a copy of Practical Paleo there is a full month's worth of AIP-compliant meals. 
    I'm not saying it will be easy, but it WILL be worth it. 
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    Skibee got a reaction from melbournegirl in Aunt Flo changes...   
    Well, the silver lining was - my period was heavy and intense, but only for a couple of days. I've now finished my WHole30 (woohoo!!!) but plan on continuing to eat pretty much the same way. I'll be curious to see if this pattern continues, but more curious to see what it will do to my cycle overall. I'm 49 and my cycle has gotten extremely irregular. I wonder if the hormonal changes from my diet will settle it down?
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    Skibee got a reaction from Vmorris7 in Canned broth? (and pork rinds!)   
    Silk unsweetened almond milk does not have carrageenan, but it does have "natural flavor." If you find a compliant broth you can use that for the mashed cauliflower, or you could use coconut milk if you like that coconut flavor. 
    I have found that most canned or boxed broths have sugar. It is astounding me how many things have added sugar that absolutely don't need them!
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    Skibee reacted to 1Maryann in Help, I can't find a sausage that doesn't have some sort of sugar in it!   
    I buy ground pork at Whole Foods and make my own using this recipe: I make a batch every week to have with my sweet potato hash and eggs.
    Edited to add:  i don't make patties, I just saute it up in crumbles.  Much easier to mix with the hash.
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    Skibee got a reaction from Physibeth in Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher   
    Yes, the lemonade doese have sugar in it. I've found that some Starbucks baristas think that unsweetened just means "don't add simple syrup." They don't always make the connection that the lemonade or product might already have sugar in it. 
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    Skibee got a reaction from bede0713 in Silk has changed their ingredients   
    Silk unsweetened plain almond milk has never had carrageenan, and it also has no sugar.

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    Skibee got a reaction from bede0713 in Silk has changed their ingredients   
    Silk unsweetened plain almond milk has never had carrageenan, and it also has no sugar.

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    Skibee got a reaction from bede0713 in Silk has changed their ingredients   
    Silk unsweetened plain almond milk has never had carrageenan, and it also has no sugar.

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    Skibee reacted to Nadia B in The crazy things people say   
    This has happened to me today, I posted in my log, however I feel like sharing in this thread too
    I love liver and all organ meats. I am walking down the aisles of the organic store. I see this pack and get all excited.

    Conversation while paying. Cashier: "Oh your dog is gonna love them!" Me:" I don't have a dog". Akward silence. I stare at the pack. It's a dog treat. Facepalm.