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  1. How's everyone doing? I'm plugging along, feeling pretty good! Day 17.
  2. Cravings - yesterday I made a pizza for the grandgirls and it was my first actual craving and temptation (besides wine). I could taste it in my mouth! But, I prevailed. Physically walking out of the kitchen, outside, and just breathing helped. Just now starting to feel less bloated and I love it.
  3. I hope everyone has a good, compliant, energetic, creative weekend! We are supposed to get snow here tomorrow, plan on making a pot roast with lots of carrots and onions, sweet potatoes. Carry on!
  4. I made cauliflower rice yesterday, plus mayo. I almost bought some Primal avocado mayo, but just couldn't spend the $9.99 Sprouts wanted for it, so I made my own. It's really easy and I love having it around, so very glad I did. Tonight we're having some turkey breast I froze after Christmas dinner, plus roasted veggies. I'm lucky this go W30 around, (in a weird way), my husband is laid off and home to cook. He's a good cook and willing to make what I ask, so that will be very nice. Onward!
  5. one thing that helps me is to 'confuse' the trigger. walking in the door after work, my trigger of making a drink kicks in. if I make myself, instead of going to the kitchen, go to the bedroom and put on my walking shoes and then going out the back door and walking the neighborhood (while listening to a book or a podcast), my trigger is going 'what? what's happening?'. I've found that if I can get through the timeframe of 5-7 pm, I'm fine after that and the trigger shuts up.
  6. Lots of ideas here:
  7. I found these links from a previous W30- lots and lots of recipes. I'll post over under meal planning too.
  8. I knew this moment would come - whole 30 day 1 without alcohol - and it's touch and go! I went for a walk, and now I'm going to make some tea and watch TV. It's really something how having drinks at the end of the day can become such a knee jerk habit. I know I can do it, this isn't my first Whole 30, but I will admit not having alcohol is hands down the toughest part for me. Anyone else?
  9. Wow 13? That's incredible. Good for you! 2020 is going to be a tranformative year for me in several ways, and I decided a W30 was a great way to start it off on a positive note. The fact that we are now in a new decade has really made me think, and I have a list of things to accomplish before another decade gets away from me. Good luck girls!
  10. Looks great, I think I'll just follow what you do, that ok? So be sure to post everything!!!
  11. Hi Lynn - yes I know the feeling of the ever expanding gut. I have fat hanging off me in brand new places and I don't like it one bit! My husband is unemployed right now, so I'm going to google and explore the "Walmart Whole30". I've seen posts about it before. Happy New Year to you guys and good luck. My official start is Monday the 6th, because we have out of town plans this weekend and I'm not even going to try to Whole-30-it while I'm out of town.
  12. Hi Ann, I've also done a few W30's, and have always felt amazing during and after. I think my last one was 2 years ago. Since then I have put on enough weight that I do think I'm at my heaviest e_v_e_r. My main downfall calorie-wise is alcohol. It's nothing for me to have a cocktail, and then several glasses of wine at night. It's a crutch, I battle with depression (drug addict 38 yr old daughter), and it's a daily struggle to keep it all going. BUT! Most days I'm good, and I'm excited to start the new year and a new Whole 30. Yes, we got this!