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    BeckyB reacted to littleyellowdiary in First timer starting January 2!   
    @BeckyB The last two mornings I have walked into the kitchen at work to people making toast and it smelled soooo good! 
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    BeckyB reacted to kirbz in 2nd Time Around Starting Dec 27th   
    @Jim Baunach These are my three favorite recipe bloggers, all of which have trustworthy Whole30 sections on their sites: 
    Paleo Running Momma: Mel Joulwan: Nom Nom Paleo: Here are a handful of my favorite recipes: 
    Spinach and Artichoke Twice Baked Potatoes: (this is the BEST Whole30 recipe I've tried. ever) Meat Marinade: (we used this on a BBQ tri tip and it was AMAZING) Salmon Cakes: (we did the Tex Mex style with Lizard sauce and it was also AMAZING)  Breakfast Egg Roll in a Bowl: Salisbury Steak Meatballs: (I make a double batch of the gravy, which I've heard can be frozen and used for later)  Lasagna:  Golden Cauliflower Soup:  (I eat this for breakfast. it's a great way to get veggies in in the morning) As for products, I recommend checking out the @Whole30approved Instagram page or the Whole30 Approved page on the Whole30 website. I particularly like Primal Kitchen and The New Primal for marinades, sauces and dressings. 
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    I'm on Day 5 now and feeling pretty good! I was really tired yesterday and took a half-hour nap before dinner, and then had some trouble falling asleep, but overall have felt like my quality of sleep has been better, which is nice. 
    Meals are going pretty well, but I feel like I need to do more raw veggies versus always cooking them.
    Have only had a few really hard cravings to overcome, mostly on Day 3. Baked goods are my weakness, lol! But I resisted and I find the cravings getting less as each day passes and I fine-tune my eating. 
    I can tell this is flushing out the bad stuff from my body though - my rings are feeling looser, my body looks a bit deflated with no puffiness/bloating, and I feel different on the inside. All good!!
    We've almost got a whole week down - way to go, y'all!
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    Are you feeling any better C_Cezeaux? Hopefully with extra veggies, and chicken broth you will get better quickly.  Well we made it to Saturday and i really need to prep tomorrow because I am eating the same things all the time and getting bored.  Thanks for the recipe links BeckyB because I will try them tomorrow.
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    I knew this moment would come - whole 30 day 1 without alcohol - and it's touch and go!  I went for a walk, and now I'm going to make some tea and watch TV.  It's really something how having drinks at the end of the day can become such a knee jerk habit.  I know I can do it, this isn't my first Whole 30, but I will admit not having alcohol is hands down the toughest part for me.  
    Anyone else?
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    BeckyB reacted to emilynnwhite in It's wine o'clock, what are you doing besides drinking?   
    I quit drinking 4 months ago and long before I quit drinking I had the mentality that "oh, I can't quit drinking this month because I have (insert excuse here)" and I finally just realized that life was going to go on regardless and if I wanted to make the change then I would just have to commit - what's worked for me around the drinking part is getting creative with mocktails - I love to use a fancy glass and muddle some fruit together and add some club soda and garnish it, it makes me feel like I'm part of the social scene without the toxicity. I hope this helps! 
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    A lot of people find that doing something relaxing/self-care helps. So if you're used to having that wine while sitting and catching your breath, still take that time for you to sit, do nothing or maybe call a friend or something else that feels indulgent/gives you permission to NOT be doing something productive.
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    BeckyB reacted to Ann in It's wine o'clock, what are you doing besides drinking?   
    Hi Becky,
    Same!  It's sure a tough habit to kick.  My daughter is also doing a Dryuary, which will help, and my neighbors, who I have drinks with fairly regularly (we're on a trivia team at the local pub).  
    Since better sleep is high on my list of NSV's I'm looking for, I plan to turn in earlier than my normal for the next 30 days.  Maybe a longer bedtime routine, including some nice self-care (i.e., face mask, bubble bath, pedicure - not all on the same night !).  And yes, herbal tea or Pellegrino with a slice of lime or cucumber are my go-to alternatives to wine.   
    We got this.  Cheers ---- wait no ... I guess, just have a good night!  
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    Hi @Ann and @BeckyB...yep! It is remarkable how a routine and habit can take you by surprise when you stop. Cocktail right about now...typical evening. I repeat in my head "I do not want what I do not have...I do not want what I do not have..."--sometimes it even works! 
    And I am going to say cheers to you both: maybe the 30 days of cheers with a fizzy water and double lime can spawn a new routine and habit....!
    Until tomorrow...
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    BeckyB reacted to 50andstillhere in It's wine o'clock, what are you doing besides drinking?   
    I think it is hard to go out with friends and not have a glass of wine- which is what I will be doing tonight. Nobody in the group cares , but I enjoy the vino.  I guess tea will do!
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    BeckyB got a reaction from CrazyCow in Jan 1 is Lucky #13!   
    Wow 13?  That's incredible.  Good for you!  2020 is going to be a tranformative year for me in several ways, and I decided a W30 was a great way to start it off on a positive note.  The fact that we are now in a new decade has really made me think, and I have a list of things to accomplish before another decade gets away from me.  
    Good luck girls!
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    BeckyB got a reaction from CrazyCow in Food for Lucky 13!   
    Looks great, I think I'll just follow what you do, that ok?  So be sure to post everything!!!  
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    BeckyB reacted to CrazyCow in Jan 1 is Lucky #13!   
    Here we go...lucky number 13 for Whole30s since 2013. I'm ready and excited to make this one the best yet. I may have a husband and college daughter joining in as well, or I may not. Either way they will join in the food prep aspect, and will no doubt be supportive as well. 
    2 things I LOVE about Whole30:
    reconnecting with food
    I get out of the habit of healthy food prep, and then I get out of the habit of food prep at all...and then the less healthy choices run rampant. I love remembering that I really ENJOY food prep and finding new recipes (or rediscovering old ones I forgot about). I post to pinterest throughout, too and it's fun looking through past boards etc.
    feeling invincible
    There comes a point in each W30 I've done where I find myself thinking I can do a bunch of pushups, right there and then. I hate pushups. I mean, seething, hot hatred of those awful things. But W30 EVERY time short circuits me to where I'm like "yeah I can do that. Yeah let's do that right now." It's weird, and it doesn't happen at the same time for me in the W30, but it does, invariably, happen. It makes me giggle--which is probably alarming to those around me at the time 
    2 things I am challenged by in Whole30:
    I've done this. Do I really have to do ALL of this?
    That's a conversation I've had with myself over a number of subsequent W30s...sometimes multiple times throughout the 30 days. I don't expect that to happen this time, but I need to be aware of it. I don't get to skip steps or rules just because I've been here before.
    I'm missing out.
    This is a hard pill to swallow. I have to be honest about it though; I DO feel like I'm missing out...and often. It's a feeling that passes quickly, but I'm just going to acknowledge it right here to start. I expect to have those flashes.
    I'm also looking at this W30 as the jump off for an exploration in 2020 into the facets of Whole9:
    Nutrition (Whole30 and beyond) Sleep (errr...what's that?) Healthy movement (more please) Fun & Play (let's finally make some time for this) Stress Management (looking for some balance) Socialization (connections and connecting in new ways) Natural Environment (surrounded by mountains and the ocean currently...take advantage of this!) Personal Growth (and now for something completely different...) Temperance (learn what it actually means to be "moderately immoderate"...) I'm looking forward to this added side of what Whole30 is about for me this time.
    Now let's do this!
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    BeckyB reacted to 50andstillhere in Fifth timer, starting Jan 1!   
    Hi Ann and Becky, this is Lynn. I, too, have done a few whole 30's but i am in need of a clean slate. I have arthritis in my hands, which is getting worse with the foods that i eat.  The hard thing is giving up dairy and wine, but since my gut is getting bigger and bigger, I am motivated.  I look forward to encouragement from everyone.  I am not even prepped and Becky is doing so well with her prep.  Tomorrow I am off to Whole foods to get ready for this.
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    BeckyB reacted to C_Cezeaux in Fifth timer, starting Jan 1!   
    Hi! I'm also a repeat, my last W30 didn't go so well, the group I was in turned out to be focused on fast weight loss instead of healing and I ended up dropping out. I've had some successful runs, though and I know I need to reset my system again.
    My focus will be on once again slaying the sugar dragon, better sleep, less shedding and sneezing, and the return to my optimistic, more energetic self I know is still in here.  I also want to lose weight, but the NSV are the main priorities for me at the moment.
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    BeckyB got a reaction from Ann in Fifth timer, starting Jan 1!   
    Hi Ann, I've also done a few W30's, and have always felt amazing during and after.  I think my last one was 2 years ago.  Since then I have put on enough weight that I do think I'm at my heaviest e_v_e_r.   My main downfall calorie-wise is alcohol.  It's nothing for me to have a cocktail, and then several glasses of wine at night.  It's a crutch, I battle with depression (drug addict 38 yr old daughter), and it's a daily struggle to keep it all going.  BUT!  Most days I'm good, and I'm excited to start the new year and a new Whole 30.
    Yes, we got this!