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  1. mokiki

    Low weight picky eater (8yo boy)

    I'm on Day 4 as well! I don't have kids myself, but my boyfriend has a 6 (almost 7)-year-old son who is with us half the time. We're not going to have him 100% on the plan, since he wouldn't be on it at his mother's house, but I'm going to do my best to hold strong in having him only eat what we eat for dinners, or any other meal that we all sit down and eat together! He's very, very picky, and although eats mostly sugar- and grain- or dairy-filled foods, he doesn't eat much of it, so is a tad underweight. Whenever he sees anything new, he downright refuses to try it. Tears are usually involved, and if he DOES like something that we convince him to try, he pitches another fit, because he doesn't like that we were right and he was wrong He is slowly getting better and has started to like new foods as we continue to introduce them to him, especially thanks to the vegetable garden! He loves trying the zucchini that he helped grow (he won't eat much, but he'll try it). Another method that has been helpful is that he isn't allowed to have seconds of anything unless he cleans his WHOLE plate. So, at breakfast, if he wants more bacon but has barely touched his scrambled eggs (which I've started adding sautéed veggies to), the answer is no. This gets him motivated to eat more on his plate, balancing his diet (and he usually won't want the extra bacon after he's eaten his eggs)! I also tell him all of the benefits to each healthy food ("these carrots will help you see the baseball better when you're batting!"), and that helps a bit. Tonight is the first night we'll have him since starting the Whole30, so I'm easing him into it with a familiar recipe - BBQ Chicken. I considered giving him his usual sugary BBQ sauce, but instead I'm going to use my compliant recipe, and use a little less spice in his version. Hopefully it goes well!
  2. Wow! You look amazing! Congrats! I'd love to know what kind of exercise routine you were doing. I'm looking for results like yours!
  3. The chicken/sweet potato suggestion is a great one. I'm training for a half in the fall as well (I'm on Day 22 of W30) and am running about 20 miles/week. I typically have a hard boiled egg and coffee preWO and some sort of protein (usually what's leftover from dinner) with a sweet potato postWO. Remember that this is in addition to the 3 meals you should be eating! Your body is adjusting to burning fat rather than sugar during your workouts, so some fatigue is definitely normal. Cut back on the intensity of your workouts if you need to until your energy comes back -- which it will! I experienced the same issue around Day 10-15 but I'm cruising now. Hang in there!
  4. mokiki


    Thanks all for the brutal honesty! I'm on Day 11... hopefully there will still be plenty of corn on Day 31 so I can enjoy some as my first reintroduction
  5. mokiki


    I know that corn is considered a grain for the W30 and is therefore out, but does this include fresh, local sweet corn? Fresh corn and tomatoes are probably my favorite foods of summer, so now that our farmers markets are flooding with corn, I'm having trouble justifying skipping it, considering I have such a short window to enjoy it. Would eating an ear mean that I'd have to start from Day 1 (it honestly may be worth it)?