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  1. Are there any fellow Kiwi members? Are you struggling to source some Whole30 food in our little country? I definitely am - especially NOT being in a major city. Any websites, health food stores that you know of that supply some compliant food - including sugar-free bacon which I haven't found yet - can be shared here
  2. nessa

    August 1st Group Thread

    Hi I'm Vanessa, I live in New Zealand with my husband and 6 year old son. My husband works in an office all day - sitting, staring at a computer screen. I am a stay at home mum even though my 6 year old is at school all day! I take care of the home and cooking while my two boys are busy with their lives. I decided to join Whole30 because my husband and I had bad eating habits and even though I don't have any major health issues, my husband started to get some and rely on medication and he's only 32! His office job wasn't helping him get any healthier and he was depending more on fast food to just survive the day - just a vicious cycle. Our 6 year old was the healthier eater in the house - not eating anything sweet or drinking anything other than water and had discipline my husband and I didn't have. Unfortunately, I'm now starting to see some signs that he is picking up some bad habits from us and seeing food in an unhealthy way and I wanted to completely change the way we ALL see food. Thankfully when I explained the program to my husband, he was happy (an overstatement) to join in with me and for us to be each other's support. Our son will, unknowingly, be on the same program bar some exceptions for him (sandwiches for school lunches etc) but we want to not only incorporate some much needed healthy food into our eating but also learn some much needed willpower and discipline. Our challenges will be: * A lack of variety of health food alternatives e.g. coconut aminos and other hard to come by ingredients that are not easily sourced on this side of the world without paying an arm and a leg. * Cost - Vegetables and meat (organic or not) are expensive in NZ and being winter here, our options for vegetables are limited anyway. Also, my husband gets paid monthly - so trying to budget enough to cover for vegetables that will last the entire month will be difficult. Meal planning is great before the month starts (which we have) but if the recipes we try at the beginning of the month need to change because it doesn't work for us (we want to ENJOY what we eat or we won't survive), flexibility in the meal plan is needed which is difficult to plan for a month in advance. * I don't enjoy cooking. Both my husband and I are not good at cooking. We can follow recipes but our finished product is always not just right so we always depend on our go-to recipes which are few and very unhealthy. Our fear is that it will happen in our Whole30 month and we will fail at the amazing recipes we've added to our meal plan and will resort back to our go-to recipes and justify our reasons. Our goals for our first Whole30 are: 1) Don't spend 2 months worth of food budget in 1 month. Stick to our budget - with a SMALL leeway just in case. 2) Lower or hopefully get rid of all our health ailments we have so our medicine cabinet isn't full of prescriptions. 3) Get better sleeping habits! We are always tired because we sleep late, wake early and never catch up. Only our son gets his full 12 hours sleep a night. I look forward to coming on here with like-minded people like you all! Good luck to us all