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  1. Roussa57

    Starting July 1 - Anyone want to join me?

    Goodmorning! I wish everyone lots of succes. It will be an extra challenge for me because I want to combine this with a repair program for my leaky gut. So eggs tomatoes spinach are also off my list. What is on the menu today? Since i just finished a three day course with my hubbie I do not have anything prepared. I will do that today. But in my freezer I found a compliant meal salmon with greens.
  2. Roussa57

    Starting July 1 - Anyone want to join me?

    Hi, love to join you! I did a whole30 in 2014 and loved it. I am looking forward to do it again and stay on a lowcarb food pattern. My biggest problem with leaving carbs out is charley horse cramps. But I think I am solving that problem since I found out that I have a shortage of some minerals. I am 62 yrs old and love cooking. My husband supports me. Since I have a three week period with lots of work starting july 22nd he will have to cook all the meals. Looking forward to a healthier life , loosing weight and sleep a little better. Nice to have a support group!