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  1. I just spoke to my doctor over the phone. He didn't seem worried at this time. I am to go back in 3 months for another blood test and then they will determine if there is anything possible going on. He did some math and told me based on the current formula that clinics use, that I have a 1.5% risk of heart disease in the next 10 years. Up from 0.8%. So, at this time, I probably have a greater chance of dying while crossing the street. I will keep up my vegetable intake and see how it is in 3 months. If it keeps going up, then I'll start worrying.
  2. Will do. I spoke to my father to see if he was ever diagnosed with familial hypercholesterolemia, but he said no and that his cholesterol levels recently were fine. I speak to my doctor today, and will post anything he says of what's to come next. We seem to be in a weird in-between age with old and new theories on cholesterol measurements. It's confusing.
  3. @Tom, Thank your for the links and the shared experience. I am always looking for homework. I have read that it's up to the body to determine the cholesterol level. What's strange is that a year ago, it was in the normal range: Cholesterol, Total <200 mg/dL: 199 Triglyceride, Ser/Plas <150 mg/dL: 38 HDL Cholesterol >40 mg/dL: 76 LDL (Calculated) <130 mg/dL: 115 I'll be talking to my doctor in the next day or 2, and will post what he has to say.
  4. Thank you very much for the reply and advice. I did purchase fish oil, but wasn't taking that amount. I have heard of taking large doses before so I think I'll give that a shot as well.
  5. Hi there, I decided to get a blood test after my Whole30, and saw my LDL is high. It wasn't high in my last blood test 2 years ago. I have a feeling I didn't eat enough vegetables during the program, and ate a little too much of the cheap cuts of meat. I have increased my vegetable intake in the last couple days, and have been switching to more fish, lean cuts, and organ meats. Think that might help? Previously, I had been loosely following The Primal Blueprint protocol. It was working well, but many here probably know how it goes... and once you feel good, you can get lazy, which is what I did. I slipped a few times, and my health dropped, which is why I decided to try Whole30 in order to get back on track. It's very important now that I follow a health plan militantly, as I am now fighting a rheumatic arthritis that is spreading out. I am trying to find out how much I can do with diet and lifestyle before I have to succumb to medication. Thank you. My test results for my lipid panel are below. Cholesterol, Total (<200 mg/dL): 294 Triglyceride, Ser/Plas (<150 mg/dL): 62 HDL Cholesterol (>40 mg/dL): 83 LDL (Calculated) (<130 mg/dL): 199 This result is suggestive of familial hypercholesterolemia, an inherited disorder. Additional studies, including genetic testing, may be indicated. Cholesterol/HDL Ratio (<5 ratio): 3.5 Non-HDL Chol, Calc (<160 mg/dL): 211 LDL/HDL Ratio (<3 ratio): 2.4
  6. Thanks. I did discover they have an unflavored version so I'll order that next. On that note, is stevia a problem other than psychological? I don't have a sweet tooth, and didn't need to lose weight or reprogram my cravings in that sense, so while I understand the need for it's elimination for some, I wonder if it's really a problem in the case of it being in a medical supplement like this, or if it is more in regards to sweetened drinks and snacks. But, I have finished the whole30 and it really helped me zero in further as to what may be causing the flareups I've been having. I'll probably do it again every 6 months or so.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I just finished a 2-month round of physical therapy, and luckily I have leaned that much of the pain that is preventing me from doing some of the activities I love is in the tendons. The physical therapist has been doing some excruciating massages that, while they felt as painful as the original dislocations during the massage, really increased my mobility and reduced my pain. I am also attending yoga at least once a week, and when the class is focused on knees, I am noticing a good difference there, so I am paying attention to those moves, and hopefully can find time in my schedule to increase the frequency that I can attend. I am currently on week 3 of Whole30 and I feel "good". I am refraining from anything that can potentially aggravate (aside from my assigned physical therapy exercises which involve a lot of trial-and-error), but I think if I remain careful and slow on the recovery, I will hopefully be back where I'd like to be. It did take 30 years to get to the state I was in, so I'm not expecting any immediate changes. When I get back on the bike, it'll just be for a couple miles, and I won't add more than a half mile to a mile per ride until I know what my limit is. I should get on the bone broth soon, hopefully this weekend--I have a shelf in my freezer full of Bison knuckle and marrow bones ready to simmer away I am also taking a supplement my doctor prescribed me called Arthroben, which is basically collagen peptides. It works well on the osteoarthritis, and prevents me from having to take NSAID's. I don't know if it is whole30 approved, but it's doctor-ordered, and he went with this supplement because I don't like drugs and chemicals, so I am guessing it's ok. Thanks again. -Court
  8. I've had a patellar realignment surgery on my right knee already. Currently, my doctor wants to exhaust all other options before another surgery due to the amount of wear and scar tissue -- basically any future surgeries will be destructive, and I'm too young for a replacement (I'd need another in the future if I had one at this time). My current doctor has been extremely supportive of my dietary and lifestyle adjustments. He is a sports surgeon at Stanford Hospital so I don't think I could be in better hands. Much of my pain is in the tendons and a result of referred pain, so I am still convinced that there are many things I can do short of surgery. I just need to find out what those are.
  9. Hello, It's nice to meet you. My name is Court, I am a 42 year-old male, and am new to Whole30. I have been following the program for a week now. I have been enjoying it on many levels, and having been pretty heavy towards the Paleo side of eating, the transition wasn't difficult at all. I am enjoying the more leveled energy and clearer mind that I have been given this week as a result of paying much more attention to what I am taking in. The main reason I have decided to try this plan is because of a pair of degenerating knees that are a result of injury and abuse over the last few decades. and I initially dislocated my right knee at age 12. Repeated dislocations forced me to get a major surgery while I was still growing in order to prevent any more. While the surgery did strengthen and align my knee better, it also was destructive. I chose not to get the same surgery on my left, and because of that, I experience a different type of wear that is known as patellar femoral syndrome. At age 40, I came down with a new crippling type of pain in my knees that turned out to be a new set of goodies in there: Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition Disease (also known as Chondrocalcinosis or "pseudogout"), and a meniscus tear in my left knee. All in all, my MRIs show a real party going on: Chondrocalcinosis Patellar Tendinitis Full-thickness cartilage loss Meniscus tear & cyst Bone Marrow Edema Fissuring of trochlea Bakers cyst I am writing to this forum to ask if anyone has any experience with their diet to help a really worn-out pair of knees. Whole30 attracted me due to the arthritis and tendinitis testimonials. Switching to a Paleo-focused diet has reduced my flare-ups from a crippling level to just a painful/annoying level. I follow a strict regimen of physical therapy exercises and yoga. But if there is anything I can do take it further, I'd love to know. My dream is to be able to ride my bike again. Thank you -Court