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  1. #SeptemberWhole30

    Thanks, everyone, for your kind words!! I made it through Day 5 without quitting - hooray! I ate a compliant dinner as soon as I got home. Then, I put on my PJs, finished the last few pages of a library book, and turned in early. Today is definitely better. I am still a little tired but not nearly as exhausted as I have been the previous 5 days. Also, the severe crankiness passed, thank goodness. I suspect there will be more challenges over the next 24 days, but I am so glad I didn't give up yesterday.
  2. #SeptemberWhole30

    Like NoneOtherThanAmy, today is proving to be a challenging one. I want to quit, I really want to quit. I am so very, very tired and cranky pants does not even come close to describing how touchy I am today. I want to throat punch everyone for everything but also for nothing. I am trying to remind myself that I only have to make it through two more hours of work before I can go home and enjoy making Slow Cooker Meaty Marinara Sauce that Kelly from @thenourishinghome recently shared on Whole30 Recipes IG page, but to be honest, I know I will be too tired to cook anything tonight. I guess it's a good thing I have a few leftovers from yesterday because I will likely be in bed by 6pm - no joke. Grr, why can't I get out of this funk today? Did I mention, I really want to quit?
  3. February 9th

    Like my first W30 in July '14, I definitely felt the fatigue associated with the Hangover phase on days 2-3, but yesterday was much better. I am worried about tonight, as I had made plans to grab dinner with a friend I have not seen in months, but because I was distracted by a family emergency last night, I failed to engage in the process of choosing a restaurant. My friend selected an Italian restaurant and has already made a reservation. I have reviewed the menu and I think the house salad (minus the cheese) fits the criteria because the dressing is red wine vinegar and olive oil. Also, the (stupidly named) Diet Chicken appears safe, as it is a grilled chicken breast with tomatoes, spinach, garlic, and olive oil. I know I will have to ask a few more questions about each item when I arrive, but I think I will be OK. I do not want to mess up because I am already seeing some non-scale victories, the most exciting of which is that my work trousers fit much better, especially through the waist, hip, and back areas.
  4. February 9th

    Hi, my name is Halley (rhymes with Sally). I just read the newest blog article, "Your Whole30: What if the Second Time Isn't So Charmed", and I couldn't agree more. I did my first W30 in July 2014, and had amazing results: 7.5 lbs gone, my "skinny" clothes were falling off me because my stomach, waist, & hips slimmed right up, energy through the roof, sleeping without medication, and no acne. SInce then, I have stayed mostly compliant but after the holidays, I wanted to do another W30. I started on January 1 and made it about 3 weeks before I quit. Like the article said, the newness was gone and since I had failed to set any specific goals, I reached a point where I just didn't care. In the few weeks since then, I've started over a few times, but only made it a day or two before quitting again. After reading today's article, I was motivated to finally crush this second W30 so I came here, signed up for an account, and found this February 9th group for support (thank goodness I had a compliant breakfast this morning!). I have enough time to complete a Whole35 and the 12-day reintroduction (they say it's only 10 days, but it's really 12 if you go back to W30 for 2 days after reintroducing the fourth food group - gluten grains) before my birthday on March 28. I think that's the best birthday present I can give myself this year.