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  1. DeniseP962

    Older women following Whole30

    I am 59 doing my first Whole30. I started August 1. I don't weigh myself anymore so I don't know what I was when I started but something is definitely changing. I have had a mild headache for a couple of days which I am attributing to detox. But in general I feel fairly good. Maybe a bit tired but again, detox. My elimination (don't mean to be gross) is where I am noticing something happening. I hope it means I am getting rid of fat but after only 7 days, I am not sure that I should be noticing that already. My appetite has also changed. I am satisfied on much less food and I am learning when my body is really hungry as opposed to just having the bad habit of grazing all day. I am getting to the point of being satisfied much more quickly and then I stop eating. That part I like!! I hope I lose some weight but I also want to just get rid of toxic foods and go paleo. I am trying to focus on the other health benefits and not weight. I think the other benefits will lead to weight loss as will stabilizing the blood sugars. Even after I am done, the only thing I may reintroduce is some cultured dairy. The rest I can live without. My issue is regular exercise. I always start out good but get bored with exercise pretty quickly -- although I do love walking outside. But for women our age, we may have to be a bit more patient to see the weight loss. My one piece of advice, stay off the scale! I was one of those people who weighed myself every day and I am telling you, you will make yourself nutZ! Go by how you feel and how your clothes fit. I actually have on a pair of shorts right now that I have not worn in years since I could not get them on so I will take that any day.
  2. DeniseP962

    Coffee & coconut milk... yuck

    I actually don't mind coconut milk in my coffee. I ordered organic coconut cream just for Whole30 and I hope to make it a permanent change. I do bullet proof coffee just about every day. I am good with dairy, it doesn't bother me. But I am also getting into cultured foods so when I am done, I want to start making my own kefir. I think it is OK to add that back after we are done with this right?
  3. DeniseP962

    August 1st Group Thread

    My name is Denise Passero and I am joining Whole30 because I am very much interested in improving my gut and eating more paleo style and I think this will get me there. I want to be off grains and sugar although I hardly eat much of either anymore anyway. I have been weaning myself for a couple of weeks now in preparation for this challenge. I bought the book, "It Starts With Food" and am reading it (almost done) to help me prepare for this. I plan to start August 1. I am basically going to eat Whole30 approved foods as opposed to following a "menu" or "meal" plan. I have been working toward starting for a few weeks now -- shopping for the right foods and removing the unapproved foods from the house and I am ready to get going. I even finished my last homemade frozen greek yogurt pop today. I love to cook and I eat veggies regularly. I usually cook a lot of veggies for dinner and then scramble up the left overs for breakfast the next day. Love the idea of the good fats. I will eat anything for breakfast, not just the typical breakfast foods. I ordered coconut cream for my coffee so I would have it in the house to start. I was working on finishing up the dairy cream so I would not have it in the house. I even ordered a Fitbit to help me remember to keep moving during the day. So I think I am ready to go and I am looking forward to the results. Obviously, I hope I lose some weight but I really interested in getting to a healthier lifestyle and sticking to it. So here I am!!! Denise
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    Glad I found this topic since I just made my first batch. I thought it was good but I just wanted to be sure. Thanks everyone.