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  1. Thanks Tom! This is all really helpful information. I guess the part in the book "eat three meals a day, and don't snack in between if you can help it" left me feeling guilty/incapable. As in, i SHOULD Be able to eat three meals a day with no snacks and that's it. Thanks again!
  2. I love this! Thanks for the motivation :-) You are right about my small - frequent meals. Since I work out at the 7pm class, I struggle with what is the best time for "dinner". I do my pre-WO and post-WO snacks accordingly, but dinner i guess has to be 5pm, at work.
  3. I'm going to try to make this brief and to - the - point, for everyone's benefit :-) I'm 5'4, 149lb, about 21% body fat. Quick summary of my issues/goals pre-Whole30 (I'm only on day 5), eating issues: 1) constantly hungry 2) constantly hungry 3) insane sugar cravings, over-indulgance 4) NIGHT bingeing <-- huge issue! energy issues: 1) constant fatigue -- actually have a diagnosed "idiopathic hypersomnia" meaning im super tired and they don't know why) 2) major 3pm crashes 3)insane morning fatigue I've read It Starts with Food and am confident that the Whole30 can help me with the above mentioned issues. This, however, is not about that... This is about trying to balance how much i'm eating, with my energy crashes/hunger, with my muscle gain from working out. Here's more pre-question verbose explanations of myself...: () I've been doing CrossFit or ~2 years (love it), but have gained more muscle mass than I'd like. My goal has always been to tone, not grow. Yes i understand the way that muscle mass works, etc. I don't want to give up crossfit, but am less happy with my body than when I was eating low fat cottage cheese/turkey wraps, and hitting the normal-person gym. In response to this, I am doing two things. 1) Cutting weight, increasing reps. and oh well if that doesn't follow the WOD. 2) Looking at how I eat. I've been eating about 75% clean for 2 years.. I just eat a LOT, and feel hungry often... OH, and that other 25%? Ya. Candy bar every day-ish. sugar addicted. Of course my muscles were growing.. because I was feeding them! Here's my question.. really: While my body is adjusting to being fat-adapted (how long does this take?) Will i expect to see weight GAIN? I'm eating a lot more proteins and fats than I'm used to, in an effort to curb my hunger. But I'm afraid that this will lead to more muscle mass, even if I am not lifting as heavy as I used to. I'd like to be able to eat only 3 meals a day but, on day 5 of Whole30, here is what I'm experiencing: 7:00am meal1 - 4 eggs, 3/4 avocado, bell peppers 11:30am meal2 - 1.5 portions protein, 2 cups veggies, 2 portions fat (coconut flakes or cashews yum) 2:00pm HUNGER - small meal - small protein, small veggies, small fats 4:00pm HUNGER, hating being hungry, hating life 4:30pm meal3 - 1.5 portions protein, 2 cups veggies, 2 portions fat 7:30pm hunger, small protein, small fats And lots of cups of tea in between to try and curb hunger. Here's my question part 2... really: So I know the philosophy is if you're hungry, eat more. However how do I balance this with trying to get my body to NOT need food every 2 hours, and also with me fears of gaining more muscle mass in the gym. Thanks in advance