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  1. SpunkyBug

    Approved crunchy/dry snacks?

    I will confess that I am the type of person Tom was referring to. I loved chips and other dry/crunchy/crispy foods. Before Whole30, I always had to have a bag of potato chips with a sandwich. Eating something soft without something crunchy just didn't seem right -- my family probably embedded this preference in my brain (we also had to end every meal with something sweet, but that's another story). I could also eat a whole large bag of chips for dinner if there wasn't anything else in the house or I didn't feel like cooking, Before I discovered the Whole30, I switched to buying the chips that make you think you are eating healthier -- the ones made from lentils, veggies, sweet potatoes, popped corn, kale, etc. Having these around resulted in mindless eating. During my first Whole30 I swapped in nuts to add crunch to my lunches (a particular weak spot for me), but I found them easy to overeat and rough on my stomach. So, I switched to eating an apple with lunch every day (plenty of veggies in addition to the apple, of course). I didn't used to like apples (it was a texture thing with the skin), and now I eat one almost every day, skin and all! They are not dry like chips, but they seem to fulfill that need to have something go crunch between your teeth.
  2. SpunkyBug

    Wine cravings.

    Have you read this yet? http://whole30.com/2016/06/wine-after-work/
  3. SpunkyBug

    Orange juice

    I used to loooove orange juice. I drank a glass of it every morning for probably 25 years! When I did my first Whole30 I switched to eating a whole orange with my breakfast. That was fine, but I eventually switched to a banana instead. I'm pleased to say I don't miss the orange juice at all. Without all the extra sugar and sweeteners in your diet, your taste buds eventually change.