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  1. Ha ha ha - I've posted in this thread before, but this month it was just crazy. I have PCOS and I'm on the 24-day BCP that has left me with a minimal period for the last few years. A day of spotting, really. No cramps, no PMDD. This month, only a week into my 30, it was insane. I haven't bled this much in years. And the accompanying cramping was crazy! My totally random though? Cutting out soy means I'm not getting the phytoestrogens. But who knows. It's not a source of worry right now - although if it's going to continue like this (and I consider "like this" to be th
  2. Oh hey! I'm just finishing up consuming our first batch. Second batch is in F1. Adding a little blueberry and some ginger when we get to F2. Last batch we did one plain, one with a little ginger, and one with some bing cherry. All were pretty delish.
  3. Had my annual gyno visit today. Doc completely unconcerned with mid cycle spotting, told me that if it bothered me and/or there was cramping that I should talk to her and we would change my hormonal BC. For reference, I'm on Minastrin - a 24-day BCP recommended for women who have PCOS. Previously I had been having 1-3 periods a year, each lasting about a day or two. Last six months (unrelated to diet, since there were no changes until January) I've been having one every month. And since I started on the 30, I've been spotting mid-cycle and my periods have been longer. Doctor was ve
  4. Thanks, Cindy. Helps to know that someone else with PCOS who is on BCP had the spotting issue as well.
  5. Yeah, didn't think this could possibly happen to me. I have PCOS and have been on hormonal birth control to regulate the symptoms since before contraception was something I was thinking about. That's 26 years total (yes, I know that's not optimal but there are a lot of issues involved, including not being able to find a doctor to do a tubal ligation because I didn't have kids. I was told repeatedly "you'll change your mind", as if I couldn't live with the consequences of my own choices. But that's another story entirely). I've been on the 24-day pill since it was invented - about a decade.