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  1. LaurenDulin

    Red Mill Coconut Flour

    Thanks Everyone! I passed on the almond flour, as my local store didn't have it in stock and went with Coconut Flour instead. Looking forward to breaded chicken and finding other fun ways to use it!
  2. LaurenDulin

    Red Mill Coconut Flour

    Hi! I'm new to Whole30, but I love to cook and am really excited about making my own Whole30 creations. However, I have never used Almond Flour before and was wondering if I could just simply swap it out for flour in any receipe OR if it was more for certain specific foods. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks! Lauren
  3. LaurenDulin

    Yogurt Confusion

    I'm currently doing the regular plan, but have been considering switching to the vegetarian option if I continue with the program longer then 30 days. Thank you for clearifing about looking at the ingredients lists versus nutritional facts! Very helpful. Thanks!
  4. LaurenDulin

    Vegan Restaurant Options

    Hi All - I'm new to Whole 30, but even after just a few days I'm feeling great. My challenege is that I take clients out to dinner as an essential part of the job, it is usually 2 - 3 dinners a week that I'm out. Due to this, I need to get creative not only about the restaurants I choose but my food choices. I was wondering if I was to choose a vegan option but add in a protein for dinner if that would be complient? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  5. LaurenDulin

    Yogurt Confusion

    Hey! I've been looking for a yogurt that would fit into the plan as well. This one looks good, but it has a lot of sugar when you look at the nutritional ingrediants. Is it still compliant?