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  1. Attending a picnic

    I would take something that I don't normally like or crave. For me, that is anything chocolate, Ive never been a fan. That way you aren't tempted.
  2. Fresh Market vs. Whole Foods vs. Publix

    I have found that Fresh Market is a very deceiving place, they are more upscale grocery rather than healthy grocery. its been disappointing on multiple trips when driving by and I think..."oh, that might have..." oh well, they are very pretty and place nice music.
  3. Positive pregnancy test!!

    congratulations!!! the ultimate result!
  4. Crabcakes

    I saw a Maryland crab cake recipe once that was jumbo lump crab but used claw crab as the "filler" yummm
  5. Construction Worker lunches needed

    true story...a couple years ago, I was @ Disney's Animal Kingdom, lounging in the sun while watching the kids play in the t-rex playground/dig site. I watched a guy pull up nearby, take a large tupperware mixing bowl with a lid out from the bottom of his kid's stroller, and literally eat soup right out of it with a spoon...I instantly assumed he was in on a Whole30 lol... if he's hungry, he'll make it work. I just wonder how the conversation went with the security guard @ the bag check
  6. Day 30 Results

    thank you for sharing your experience, gives me a lot to consider, Congratulations!
  7. 30 Days and Feeling Great

  8. Bunny :)

    Congratulations!!!! What wonderful progress! Prepping for my Whole30 in September, my first in a while. You are certainly an inspiration that is it all worth it! I remember that triumphant high on day 31, lol.
  9. I'M DONE! :o)

    Congratulations!!! Lots of great results for you and family!
  10. I did it!

  11. Washington DC on the Whole 30

    I've eaten @ Busboys and Poets and Founding Farmers (never while on a Whole30) but have had great experiences with the level of service and knowledge of the staff at both restaurants- great food memories at both!

    Hi! This is my 2nd Whole30 and I am psyched and attempting to do a Whole60 so I can be ready for a big family vacation in March. I love to cook, am moderately active and felt great the last time I did this. I think I got off track before because I didn't plan well enough and agonized over what to eat at every meal. This time around, I have all of my lunches and dinners planned out for the next month, so now I don't really have to think about it. I'm really excited and really looking forward to what this month has to bring.
  13. Horseradish?

    Check in the refrigerated section of the seafood department, that is where I always buy my horseradish, or at a farmers market
  14. I don't want much...

    Oh, I don't know, I've bought frozen limas from the grocery store before, but they are so so much better fresh,
  15. I'm on day 12 of my whole30, doing well with abstaining from non-compliant foods, I honestly do not want: creamer in my coffee, cupcakes, pancakes or any other kind of cakes, candy, cookies, BBQ sauce or pasta...but what I do want, what is so hard to resist right now...Fordhook Lima Beans, fresh at every farm stand and market I go to! Any other August I would be hard pressed to find ONE farmer selling them, this year, they are haunting me!!!!!