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    JenninTenn reacted to ragbaby in Why is my Whole 30 making me feel depressed?   
    I'm on day 22. There is no tiger blood, sleep is not reliably great although I'm working on the best sleep hygene possible. I don't feel much different to before W30 apart from my very bleak mood. I'm about the same size but possibly lost an inch around the waist.
    Depression started in week 1 when I was really missing a social life - I can't go out with my heavy drinking friends and not drink - it's really boring to be around drunk people when you are sober. I don't get a great deal of time when I can leave the house because I'm a single parent and childcare is limited so I haven't been out for a night with adults for over 3 weeks. I attributed my very low mood to a resentment that I couldn't have what I wanted and a bitterness at feeling isolated so I rode it out.
    Isolation isn't making me happy but is that the only thing that is making everything seem so much like hard work? Is it possible that I'm missing out on something I was eating before that was making me happier?
    Before W30 I was primal, with alcohol. I had sugar of any sort very rarely, wheat once or twice a month, pulses once or twice a month. I had butter daily but cheese once or twice a week. I ate pretty clean, cooked most everything. I'm menopausal and I use half a cup of soya milk a day to add oestragen. I've experimented without it and it's not worth the hot flushes or mood swings. I take 5htp for sleep now, not sure if it makes any difference, hard to tell.

    Any ideas much appreciated. If I google Whole 30 and depression I get success stories. I don't feel like this is a success.