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  1. Whole30 Starting November 17th

    Hi everyone! Anyone else finish their whole30? Hope whether you did or didn't, you gained something valuable from the experience. Feel free to post your reflections here as I'm sure we could all benefit from them. As for myself, I lost 2 pounds (not huge but I think I know why)- I think I let myself go a bit too crazy with the nuts and coconut milk in my coffee. Husband finished the whole30 too and I'm so proud of him, and he lost 4 pounds (didn't have much to lose to begin with), but he has a bit more room for liberty with nuts and coconut milk and I think I let him sway me to an amount that was probably too much. But that's okay, it's all a learning experience! I still feel so much better, much less tummy troubles and headaches and skin issues and an overall higher energy throughout the day. Thinking about doing another one in January (post honeymoon) and eliminating nuts/coconut milk from that one. We'll see! Now the challenge is not to go "done with whole30" crazy and eat whatever I want! Defeats the purpose!
  2. Whole30 Starting November 17th

    I'm still here! Anyone else? We are almost there!
  3. Whole30 Starting November 17th

    Hi everyone! Been quiet around here the past few days- how is everyone doing? How is everyone feeling? I am feeling pretty good.. and hungry, right now! Waiting for husband to get home for a late night dinner (zucchini noodles and WF2 cincinnati chili.. yum!). Not having much of a problem sticking to the food template- the only time I've been truly tempted is on thanksgiving when my family got me a flourless chocolate birthday cake from my favorite bakery for my birthday.. it said "happy birthday Julia" and everything... I was surprised they did because they all know we are doing a whole30 now but it was sweet of them, regardless. Sadly had to say no thank you to that and all of the other yummy looking desserts and stuck to fruit.. and really was okay with it. I quickly left the kitchen after the desserts were put out and we played a really fun game as a family that was very distracting so that when the game was over and it was time to go home, I realized I hadn't been thinking about the desserts at all, which is definitely not like me (shows you why I need this program). Started my 2 week free trial at Corepower Yoga yesterday- really enjoying it so far! Did an intermediate yoga class yesterday which I was surprisingly sore from today, and a really intense spin class today- feels good to be working out hard again and really feeling lovely and spent when it's all done. I know I'm going to be even more sore tomorrow and I'm kind of looking forward to it! Food today: B: Sauteed carrots and cauliflower with chicken sausage, 1/2 apple, coffee with coconut milk L: 2 salmon cakes, sugar snap peas, homemade tarter sauce, 1/2 bottle kombucha S (pre workout): 1/2 apple, pumpkin seeds D: zucchini noodles with cincinnati chilli Man.. I eat well! Hope you are all doing well and staying on track! You know where to come if you need help!
  4. Whole30 Starting November 17th

    Hi everyone, Hope those of you with "lead legs" figure out the right food combo to help you out with your exercise! I'm definitely thinking following the whole30 advice of protein and starchy veg either before or after should help you! I have been on track with eating... not so much with exercise. I honestly think I am bored, but having been a 5-6 times a week exerciser for the past 8 years, this is definitely the first and hardest time I have fallen off the wagon with exercising, averaging 1-2 times a week currently. Not sure why that is or how to remotivate myself... Part of it is probably boredom, part of it was craziness with wedding planning, and part of it is a hectic work schedule. But i've always been SO good at regular exercising- maybe I'm burnt out? I'm thinking of doing a trial at a corepower yoga studio by me.. hoping something new will help! Food wise, I've been doing well, despite a plethora of temptation this weekend. Saturday was my birthday, so it was very hard not to have something sweet to celebrate- I settled with some homemade applesauce. Sunday we had brunch with husband's parents to celebrate birthdays again, and there was cake and bagels and all kinds of goodies and I totally resisted. Last night we had slow cooker stew which was delicious, but not enough veggies because I was still a bit hungry after my bowl. Had some pecans and carrots and was satisfied (but I think I overdid it on the pecans, so need to aim for more veggies from the start tonight). Husband continues to whine every night.. I told him not to do it if it's driving him this crazy but now he's determined.. just says he will whine along the way Hope you are all feeling good!
  5. Whole30 Starting November 17th

    Lorelle- Welcome to Whole30 and this group! Hope you get out of it as much as your son does. Susan- way to go on finding a breakfast that satisfied you until lunch. How did post-dinner go? 9pm is when my munchies show up, too, so that's when I've been taking myself to bed. Welcome stravajunkie! I'll be interested to hear how whole30 affects your workouts and cycling. Sarah- how did you feel after such a big breakfast? How long were you satisfied for? I found avocado was a great satiator for me, but I think I overdid it on the avocado last whole30 and I kind of need a break from it, now. Using coconut milk, coconut oil, and ghee for my healthy fats. Day 3 is going well so far. The hardest parts of my day are always between lunch and dinner, around 5-6pm, and after dinner. After dinner has been easier as long as I go to bed once the munchies hit. Between lunch and dinner is a bit harder, but I feel like I need to eat something, I try to keep it protein and small. Husband is still struggling without sweetener in his coffee and without his late night snack... He is also upset because this whole30 is over Thanksgiving. I'm almost at the point of telling him not to do it if it's really making him this upset and to do a whole30 starting in January... On the plus side, we are bringing a compliant green bean casserole, cranberries, zucchini pesto rollups, and fruit to thanksgiving so there will be plenty of eat with the turkey!
  6. Whole30 Starting November 17th

    Hey everyone! Welcome Sarah! I hope you have a great experience. Susan and ppnelson- definitely sounds like both of you might not be eating enough. If you have the right portions you should be able to go between meals without snacks, unless you are active or working out. Try posting some sample meals- maybe we can help. Are you sticking to the whole30 template in terms of amounts of veggies, protein and healthy fat at each meal? Day 2 is good so far. Husband is definitely having a harder time than I am- he complained all the way to bed last night about not having his nightly apple and peanut butter and dark chocolate, and is now a bit whiny about not putting any sweetener in his coffee (he's a starbucks mocha kind of guy). Trying to be supportive but might just have to tell him to man up! We are off to run- check in later! Ps- the short rib recipe came out amazingggg
  7. Whole30 Starting November 17th

    Nordicgiraffe- I have a lot of the same issues with my relationship with food. I have been in therapy for over a year tackling that and similar depression issues, but the going is slow (and honestly I haven't been to see her since August.. eek!). Having my husband on board has been incredibly helpful- he has the best way of reminding me that I'll feel sick if I eat that cheese or whatever without making me resent him. And your meals sound delicious! Welcome, Kayla! Hope you find some answers through this journey. I have been gluten free (although I tested negative for celiac) for about a year. And, I've slowly transformed most of my family into gluten free people, too. Not surprisingly, they realized how amazing they feel without it and how crappy they feel when they eat it. My brother still eats things with gluten somewhat often, but at least now he acknowledges it's the culprit that makes him feel like doodoo. Welcome back, Nini! My sweet cravings are also totally psychological and habitual. But that doesn't make them much easier to overcome. My meals today have been sauteed acorn squash and celery root with compliant chicken sausage and an egg for breakfast, then shepherds pie and roasted green beans from Well-Fed (best lunch I have had in months! so yummy!) and have Nom Nom Paleo's korean short ribs in the slow cooker for when I get home. Haven't made that recipe before so hoping it comes out well! If you have any favorite recipes, feel free to share Today has been a good day so far, but as it's nearing 5pm I can feel that I'm going to be hungry soon.. determined not to snack between meals so must make it until I'm home at 7:30. Hope you're all having great days too!
  8. Whole30 Starting November 17th

    Welcome to day 1, everyone! I hope you're all feeling great and eating well and not going through withdrawal symptoms. Sounds like everyone has good reasons for being here- for me, what I learned the most from my first Whole30 is exactly how sensitive I am to dairy (already knew about soy and gluten), how important a good sleep schedule is, and how I actually don't need to snack when I eat sufficiently at meal times. The hardest part was probably not snacking at night since that was an evening ritual for my husband and me- I handled that problem by going to bed when he would go get a snack. No snacking and earlier bed time, win win! Now, he is doing whole30 with me so no nighttime snacks for him either- which means earlier bed times for both of us, most likely. What I find the most important is PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! It is so much easier when you have a plan in place for what you will eat every meal of the week, and planning strategies when faced with a dinner out. My husband is already a bit nervous because this whole30 falls on a football game/tailgating with friends, my birthday brunch, and thanksgiving but he is determined to give it his best regardless. Nordicgiraffe and jillchambo- what do you think has been holding you back in having success with a whole30? What seems to happen each time you try that throws you off? Maybe if you can isolate a few factors and plan for them, you can stop some problems before they even start. Kudos for trying again! Eating post whole30 is definitely my challenge- I fell off the wagon with the stress of wedding planning and, stepping on the scale this morning, gained back the 4 pounds I lost. So.. I'm back! My plan after this whole30 is to stay on plan except for very special occasions. Looking forward to hearing from you all!
  9. Hi everyone! I am starting my 2nd Whole30 on November 17th- I did one in August and loved my results. Unfortunately, with the stress of wedding planning (I got married this past weekend), I fell back into a lot of not-so-great habits. I've remained gluten and grain free for the most part, but I have added a bit too much dairy back as well as some added sugars/desserts in the form of dark chocolate (and some gluten free wedding cake). I'm looking forward to using this Whole30 not only for food/habit issues, but also to reset my exercise, which has kind of fallen to the wayside the past few months, as well as my sleep schedule (I do so much better on 8 hours a night.. but who doesn't, right?). The best part is I have convinced my husband (I can say that now!) to join me in this Whole30 so we will really be feeling good for our honeymoon in December. So if anyone else is starting November 17th and wants to support each other through this journey, jump on here! I also have type 1 diabetes, by the way, so am looking to get my blood sugars back on track, as well. Talk to you soon!
  10. Thanks for your advice, everyone! I ended up mentioning it to my boss today and she was so happy I had. As I suspected, they chose that restaurant because of the gluten free options, not realizing that I can't eat soy or dairy either, so they absolutely want to change it to something with more options for me and are very happy I said something.
  11. Thanks for the thoughts. My boss is the only one who is a vegetarian, and she is really flexible about where we go to eat. We also work in a city with tons of amazing restaurant options, so I'm sure it wasn't that she would have a hard time finding something somewhere else. I think the whole point was that they offer gluten free options, which was so sweet of her (and there is another GF person in the office, too), but at the same time that makes me think that if the whole point was to choose a restaurant that has options for me, but there really aren't any, that I should mention it to her? I really don't want to have to order something with dairy, grains, or legumes, and risk feeling sick afterwards when that could have been avoided. I keep going back and forth about saying something or just staying quiet and enjoying the shower regardless of food options.
  12. Hi everyone, Looking for a little advice here. I completed my first whole30 last week, with great successes. I am taking a few weeks "off" (but not really- I had a gluten free cake tasting for my wedding over the weekend and am having some dark chocolate. That's about it) and am planning on doing another one starting next week up until my wedding in November. Speaking of my wedding.. I work for a private speech therapy clinic with 2 amazing bosses that treat us like family. I have worked there for a year and there are only 10 of us on staff. My bosses are hosting a bridal shower for me next week, they just planned it this week, and I got the invitation today. Turns out, they planned it at a local vegetarian restaurant and there are basically no options for me. They know I'm gluten and soy free as I have been for several years, but I'm not one to talk about the whole30 unless asked so nobody knows I'm also not eating dairy, gf grains, legumes, etc. The only thing I might be able to eat is guacamole with crudite, and a plain greens salad with olive oil and vinegar. My dilemma is whether or not to speak to my bosses and tell them the situation, or just eat what I can and be grateful. I really don't want to seem demanding or impossible and ungrateful, but at the same time I know if I planned a shower and turns out the guest of honor couldn't eat anything and didn't tell me, I would have wished she had so I could find a better restaurant option. Not sure what to do and would really appreciate your thoughts!