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    Day 11, and still here and still happy!    I have been noticeably more energetic today, and calm. Lovely! 
    Fried eggs for meal 1, couldn't face any veg.
    2 - we were really busy lifting the old tiles off the kitchen floor and cooking up a dust storm..... so lunch was a snack of a scotch egg and a handful of cherry tomatoes with a dollop of good mayo
    Meal 3 is in the oven; a sort of meatloaf with minced beef, grated courgette and grated sweet potato all mushed together with some salt and pepper, I'll serve that with stir fried Brussels sprouts. I've some leek and potato soup  for a starter, just to get some more veg in, not because I'm hungry!  
    Tomorrow me and hubby are having a day out with friends who's joy in life is finding coffee shops who sell buttered toasted teacakes, then finishing off a walk at an ice-cream parlour.  I'm going to have to have my extra strong head on!
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    cheeseplease66 reacted to chrissie in Day 7, first whole30.   
    Day 10!   Early this morning at work at there was a tiny resurgence of craving... wanting to eat just because I could; but only for butter, then cheese.... I was otherwise not tempted by sandwiches and biscuits lurking in the staff fridge, I am amazed.   While I was staring in the staff fridge wanting something compliant to materialise (I had eaten my packed meal) I had a sneaky ''I don't have to do this'' thought!  But quickly quashed it, I WANT to do this, so I can say I have actually stuck out something connected with modifying my diet..... and improving my health!!!!     Then after my nap, I checked the time-line and found day 10 can be a quit day.  Well I'm not struggling so there is no need to quit is there. That is just laziness!    I don't feel as bright and shiny happy as I did on day 7, but I have just done two night shifts and I know I am a bit sleep deprived.  No hunger now, and I've just had today's meal 1 - 2 fried eggs, not a whiff of a veg, sorry to me... (got to remember I am only accountable to me myself and I)!.  I'll make up at supper when I am going to make meat patties, and have 3 veg with that.   Perhaps not template perfect, but sooooo much better than my pre W30 food choices!!!!
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    Day 9!
    Feeling ok, and learning what I can and cannot do..... I'm finding veggies with breakfast hard - other than traditional tomato or mushroom my stomach revolts at the thought of anything else, so it is egg, bacon (no sugars) mushroom tomato in any combo!   That fills me to lunch, so that's ok.   I have found I'm to the timeline with a bit of gastric disturbance (politely put!) I'm glad it's a sign things are working.  I have found I don't like sauerkraut no matter how good it might be for me!  I'm going off coffee and really wanting just tea or water, has that happened to anyone else?     Today is my second night duty, and I am not needing to eat all night, which is brilliant!  I feel a bit smug as my colleagues feed on crisps and donuts and junk all night and at the moment I don't feel like snatching it out of their hands!   I do feel a bit disgusted at some of the things I used to eat pre W30 (pie sandwich anyone?)   And how long it has taken me to see the light.    I'm still not interested by any other healthy eating books, my body tells me this is so right.   Who knows, maybe I'll start exercising next (other than full time nursing, disabled hubby, home with 2 gardens to care for and 3 young grandchildren.....)!!!
    So today; 2 large eggs fried off in coconut oil and with tomatoes.   Soon I'm going to have some roast chicken with a little fried chorizo, kale carrots and celariac , dressed in some ghee.    To work I am taking a huge salad, with good mayo, left over chicken, hard boiled egg and an orange and a few nuts for if I get peckish early morning.  I think this is ok?    
    Take care all, x
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    I'm happy for you, too!   I didn't tell my relatives for the same reasons....they'll come to you when they see your radiant health.
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    cheeseplease66 reacted to chrissie in Day 7, first whole30.   
    Hello to anyone reading this!   I can't believe I'm here, seven days in and ok!   I was anxious about starting this programme - a life-long member diet clubs and still overweight and unfit, and always rebelling against their rules; subconsciously I think I realised there was something wrong with their restrictions on some foods, but it's ok to buy their manufactured fake food!   I don't even know how I came across the whole30, but I am so pleased I did, it makes so much sense.  
    I'm 60, live in England and work full time nights, I know my health was sub optimal but I didn't realise how much my food choices were having an impact on me.  and I am a nurse, so really should have known better!  
    I started cutting down on wheat and sugar as soon as I got into reading the book 'It starts with food', so perhaps that is why I haven't had any horrendous withdrawal symptoms, yet ! 
    What I have learned is I can eat vegetables without horrid gut problems - because I am not having the wheat and sugar.   I lived off bread, pasta, crisps and potatoes, because anything else caused pain, bloating and other very undesirable effects.   Whenever I tried to get healthy by adding veg, I soon opted back out because it was too uncomfortable (and a couple of embarrassing moments too).  No fun at all.   Yet, by removing all the processed stuff I can even eat cauliflower.... that used to really gripe me, so it's wonderful!  (OK, I'm having to have it without cheese for a few weeks, but it's worth it!)
    I have also learned that I enjoy really simple meals, and at the moment, I don't need any involved recipes... perhaps that will change as the days go on. But to eat roasts or grills with buttered (sorry, ''ghee'd'') veg, without guilt, measuring or pointing.... I feel Normal!  
    Sorry if this is a bit of a waffle, but I know my family would be bored by my excitement and rolling their eyes (I've fallen off more dietary wagons than most) so I am posting this to share my enthusiasm!  I've never lasted 7 days at anything before without tweaking it, or cheating a little bit...  I feel well, and I have a list of meals written that I am looking forwards to having.   I love the forum, there is so much to learn, and so much support.  
    I've even been able to walk past all the magazines offering instant weight loss, instant health etc.. by following their eating plan, so I'm saving money to spend on simple good food.   I'm happy today!  I hope other readers can be happy too.   X
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    cheeseplease66 reacted to b.c. in Corn   
    mokiki - try shucking and freezing a few ears just in case.  this is how my family always had "fresh" corn from our garden all year long.
    Incidentally, I've found I'm quite sensitive to corn now... couldn't rule that out before the Whole30 though.
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    cheeseplease66 reacted to mokiki in Corn   
    Thanks all for the brutal honesty! I'm on Day 11... hopefully there will still be plenty of corn on Day 31 so I can enjoy some as my first reintroduction
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    cheeseplease66 reacted to WahooMama in Compliant Homemade coffee creamers/almond milk?   
    When you say "Blending is necessary"...does that mean you blend the coconut oil and ghee together first and THEN mix it into your coffee?  I'm sorry if I'm being anal on the details, but tomorrow is Day 1 for me and I'm an avid coffee drinker...with sugar and sweetened creamer.  I know for a fact I don't normally like the taste of "coffee" but am addicted to a warm cup of my coffee flavored milk and sugar every morning!  Really, this is the only thing that makes me nervous to give up!