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    Taurine supplement

    How much meat or seafood does it take to equal a supplement that would actually have any physiological rather than psychological confirmation bias effect? How much insulin does the associated protein trigger?
  2. Sleeve

    "Aqueous Natural Smoke"

    Liquid smoke can be produced two ways, chemically and distilled. Distilled smoke is made like like perfume essence, hot evaporation chamber, arched chimney, cooled condensation chamber. Natural is an abused food label, so we can't conclude that natural means no chemical processes are used. Wild Planet has also had some transparency gripes about using Vietnamese farmed sardines but labeling them Pacific. FDA requires them to put aqueous natural smoke on the ingredient list to call them smoked sardines without actually smoking them. So you can presume ethics even though they falsely represent Vietnamese fish, or call them and ask how the smoke is made. My instinct tells me it is just as likely to be compliant as it is to contain nitrates.
  3. Sleeve

    Martinelli's sparkling cider

    Nope. Fruit juices and concentrates are only acceptable in small quantities used directly in cooking. To balance the sugar hit, fruit needs to come with its own fiber and/or other foods it flavors.
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    Yeast extract

    Nutritional Yeast, filed under "N" at Answer: yes
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    Plate Size

    We have large plates with a big rim. The center part that isn't raised and slanted is about 7 inches, This allows me to make a satisfying looking pile of things on what looks like a big plate but is actually sensible portions. It triggers the response "I'm going to enjoy all this." And the later response, "I ate all that and I'm full, shut up leptin." The wide open spaces of a 12 inch plate could cause other responses for some people, even if you make highly satisfying foods.