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  1. Pre and Post-workouts for Vegetarians?

    Thank you! Also, is there a point to eating both a post workout and a breakfast or can I simply count my post workout as my breakfast? It seems like so much food to eat both in a short period of time.
  2. I am on day 18 and I'm still feeling an afternoon slump and it makes working out unbearable. I would like to start getting up early and working out in the morning when I have the most energy, but I'm not sure what to eat. I read in some other forum topics that eggs are not ideal for pre and post because of their fat content. I will also be running off to work directly afterward. Hard boiled eggs and some veggies tend to be a staple for my fast breakfasts on the way to work. Is there another good protein source for pre and post workouts for vegetarians?
  3. Almond Milk

    I couldn't find a compliant almond milk, but some whole food stores carry compliant flaxmilk! (sorry I don't remember the brand, but the box is purple....) For any vegetarians that may be here, it's a good source of Omega 3s!
  4. Day 17 symptoms

    Well I don't know if it was two dress sizes as they were different brands (and one was junior (sz9) one was woman (sz4) if that makes a difference...) and it seemed almost two good to be true, but it was at least one dress size (8-6 probably). And I'm eating at least 1500-1600 calories a day. Should I be increasing that still?? You may be right though, I don't eat many starchy vegetables - mainly brussels sprouts, edamame, kale and spinach (with a few extras here and there, but those are my staples). I will try that. Thank you.
  5. Day 17 symptoms

    So I'm on day 17 and I'm not feeling any of the benefits, in fact I'm feeling worse than before the W30. I'm EXTREMELY tired - everyday and I'm starting to even feel irritable at everything. I'm very unhappy in general (I am usually pretty happy-go-lucky), my skin acne is getting worse and no tiger blood to be found anywhere. It's very discouraging because I feel frail and weak and I haven't been able to workout. Is this normal around this stage? I'm starting to feel more unhealthy than before starting this and I'm doubting if I should keep going. The only upside that keeps me going is that I've lost a dress size or two. I've always eaten pretty clean even before the W30 so it's not even that dramatic of a change for me. I am following the vegetarian W30 plan and I'm careful enough to get enough food and calories.
  6. Hungry Veg Seeks Healthy Snacks

    Right there with ya - veggie no cook. Some of my favorite no-cook snacks/meal sides are dipping celery or carrots in homemade guac (which I don't count as cooking, just smashing a bunch of yummy stuff in a bowl ) - this one keeps me full for ages apples/celery and almond butter hard boiled eggs If you are alright with making scrambled eggs, adding an approved olive oil mayo or homemade mayo or some avocado on top really helps you stay satiated Roasted veggies as mentioned by chick256 is really simple too - you don't really do anything other than cut veggies, slather them in olive oil, maybe add some garlic salt or other seasonings and let them sit in an oven for 30min to an hour at 400deg depending on what you're making. I don't even stir mine every 15 and they turn out delicious. If you make a big batch, that's enough to give you food for a few days! Although I know making shakes are a little controversial on the Whole30, whey, hemp or pea protien powder is approved. I like to blend mine with water, avocado and cinnamon. You dont taste the avocado and it keeps you full all morning! Good luck!
  7. I looked it up and it just says it's a paleo cook book, would you happen to know if it's vegetarian-friendly?
  8. day 9, feeling suddenly faint

    You may want to think about asking your doctor. I had this problem before I started the Whole 30 - dizzyness when I would get up too fast or if it was too hot (so bad that my vision would go hazy or completely black!) - and my doctor ran some tests and found out I was anemic. Now, my problem was that I am a vegetarian and had stopped eating my regular vegetables as I temporarily moved in with my family and didn't want to take up their fridge space with all my veggies so I wasn't getting the iron I thought I was. If you're a vegetarian, it's a likely problem. Even if you're not, it could happen. Check out You could also have low blood pressure as I was told by the first doctor I went to for this problem. Increasing your salt intake will definitely help! I now add salt to most things and i feel much better (along with adding in iron rich veggies again) I was also told that increasing your coffee intake will help as well, but as I am not a coffee drinker, I can't tell you from experience if it did. Good luck!
  9. Vegetarian recipes?

    Oh what a relief that I can still have my almond butter! However, I couldn't find a single one that didn't say 2g of sugar on the label, but no sugar was listed in the ingredients list. Just almonds and palm fruit oil. Could the sugar simply be from the palm oil? Is this still acceptable? Also, would anyone know of any full recipes for meals? I'm in a rut with food and don't think I'm eating enough. I feel very tired and I feel as if I may actually be gaining weight.
  10. I am very happy to have found your post! I am on day 11 and I'm starting to feel the exact same symptoms! I now realize that I am probably not eating enough either as my "food diary" seems to be very similar to yours. I look forward to following this post. However, I also have a question of my own. I am not very creative and can't seem to find foods that aren't the same day in and day out and feel that if I just eat the same things, I am not reaping the benefits of a variety of foods. Does any one know of any acutal recipes instead of simple suggestions? I'd like to start exploring, but can't seem to find any foods to branch out into as I feel the OP might as well. Thank you
  11. Vegetarian recipes?

    I am on day 11 and have been a vegetarian for 7 years now. Once I was accidentally fed meat and became violently ill, so I'm sticking to my vegetarian lifestyle. However, I'm having trouble on this Whole 30 as it eliminates most of what I eat regularly - rice, dairy, the occasional bread, and a lot of beans and nuts/nut butters for protein. Now on the Whole30, I do have a pea protein powder every morning with 20g, but as I have very little expeirence cooking, tofu night was a disaster. I don't know what else to include for protein sources other than lots and lots of eggs. (I wouldn't be surprised if I start clucking by say 30.) I also despise squahes, sweet potatoes and yams so I feel very limited and I'm afraid I may not be eating enough or getting enough veggies and protein as I am still very tired and it's already day 11. Does anyone have a list of recipes, or a website with Whole30 approved recipes for vegetarians? Maybe a tasty way to cook squahes or tofu? I'd like to make sure I am eating enough and gettin enough nutrients.