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    Gardening, my husband, children & grandson.

About Me

Happily married, mother of 3 - stepmom to 1 and "Mimi" to Hollis.

In 2004 I became a certified personal fitness trainer at a local gym.  I met my amazing husband at that gym and 10 years later we are as much in love as the day we met.

I however gained 90 lbs. since then.  I stopped working at the gym due to poor management - and the gym closed down.  I now work a lot of hours in an office.

I sit 6-8 hours a day...sometimes more.  I tried the whole going to the gym - but it's really not practical for me at this point.

I work from 8 AM to sometimes 7 PM.  In order for me to make it to the gym I would have to get up at 4 AM to be at the gym by 5 - do my workout - go home - shower and get ready to be at work by 8 AM.

By the time I get home from working 9-11 hours a day...after waking up at 4 AM - I am spent.  I eat dinner and go to bed...and I don't get to spend any quality time with my husband. :wacko:

I belived for some time now that weight-loss is 90% nutrition.  I think Whole30 is definitely on to something.
I guess we'll see in 30 days.  :D