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  1. New Whole 30 Anxious

    Thank you Shannon! I've just started today. Had only 4hrs sleep last night so today already is so hard. Don't know if i'm being silly starting when i'm so tired? Or whether i'm just making excuses cos it's hard?? Hard to tell cos i'm just so exhausted. I'll keep going anyway. See sugar etc just gives that nudge to get through the tiredness. I absolutely realise that it's a fools game and if I just muddle along I will come out the other side. It's what happens whilst 'muddling' along that's difficult. Half a day done.
  2. Hi, I have completed 4 Whole 30's up to Oct 2015. I attempted another and managed to only do 11 days after a miscarriage in March 2016. I was feeling very odd and felt I should stop. Never experienced that before. Well it turned out I was pregnant again. We were absolutely over the moon. After 9 years of having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I never once believed I'd be well enough to have another baby. I was 43 too! So not a spring chicken or anything! So here I am August 2017 with an 8 month old girl. I'm still breastfeeding . It's been extremely tough as she still is waking every 3hrs! So over 8 months of broken sleep has left me near broken! I've basically eaten anything that I could see just to keep going! Since Grace has started on solids though the feeding is only at night and early mornings. I've put on 14lbs over my ideal weight for me. 21lbs to be really slim. I've attempted to even stop eating chocolate for a few days and have had the most severe withdrawals with the most horrendous mood swings. Normally I've dealt with it but with this sleep deprivation I've found it too much to take on. But yet i'm unbelievably unhappy with my size. I'm not huge or anything but just feel better lighter. I want to start another one. I'm thinking perhaps that being on here I might get support if i'm having a bad time of it. Something needs to be done. I'm so nervous of becoming ill again. I've the most adorable gift of a baby that we were given and I want to stay healthy for her and of course my older girls. So basically is there anything I can do/eat that will stave off those horrendous mood swings? I actually feel like i'm loosing my mind when I stop bread, chocolate etc after 3 days. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Photo of Grace
  3. Need more carbs

    Perhaps eat what you using to make your soothies first thing with your protein and fat in the mornings??
  4. First Whole 30

    Oh lol! I thought I was going crazy and saw the notification again and just ignored it! Lol How are you all feeling today?
  5. Exhausted on day 15

    Lol lol!! I would eat them only for I detest them with a passion! I have tried as they are such good value for money too! But oh no, they no likey me very much :-) :-) :-) so we have gone out separate ways! I did read quite a bit about the white of the egg causing the issues. The way I look at the white of an egg is like amniotic fluid in the womb. It protects the yolk containing antibodies and a protein (that I cannot remember the name of )that attacks some people. Well I got me a good taste of that tiger blood from yesterday! I vacuumed my couch, washed the floors of all the downstairs, washed walls and doors, did the front sitting room windows, cleaned my car, 3 wash loads, cleaned bathrooms, made dinner, school runs and then crocheted at the end of it all!! Now this is what I was waiting for! That kick, that spark, the motivation to get things sorted. I tend to need to clean when I first get that blood, it's like I'm clean, so is my environment and everything just feels good. Most importantly everything seems to done in a cool calm collected manner. Ah yes, thank the stars above for that feeling at last! :-) :-)
  6. Oh jeepers yes, forgot to congratulate you on your excellent results! You must be chuffed with yourself. Any exam passed or excelled as you have done is downright amazing when you have children! :-)
  7. I was on day 15 yesterday and felt so so so Ill. ( Had been eating eggs which now I know have a reaction to) I just wanted a packet of Jacobs cream crackers, dry, no cheese, no butter, just plain with a can of 7UP. I was nearly crying for the misery caused by my belly! When we were growing up when we had a tummy bug my mum would give me cream crackers and they always worked! So I was very very close of making excuses saying I was ill, that I would start again in a few weeks when I got my strength back. Then took a few minutes, listened to how my brain was trying to play tricks on me and I didn't go and get the cream crackers! I made broccoli instead and felt chuffed I did it. More so today I felt delighted I didn't give in. So now I'm on downward slope day 16. There were will be lots of moments when your brain will try to 'trick' you. Excuses will pop up all over the place, a friend or relative that you haven't seen in ages will call to your home, there's always a party or meeting or something that you hadn't expected, there will always be an excuse if you let it be an excuse. The brain is a bit mean like that I think. :-) But we shall prevail!
  8. Day 1 - weak/headachey

    Get yourself some green tea. My life saver on first whole 30! I drank roughly 6 cups a day for the first week or so, along with water and other teas. You after a meal and you want something sweet? Have tea on your couch, feet up and enjoy every drop. The feeling of 'needing' that something sweet passes very quickly then. Tea is Key! :-) :-)
  9. Exhausted on day 15

    Well, no eggs today!! Only the yolks yesterday! :-) And guess what??? I am feeling half like me again!! Was able to sing and all this morning for our St. Patrick's day Mass here, went out and had dinner too! Tummy has calmed right down, the sneezing and wheezing have completely stopped and most of all my energy levels are way up on yesterday. I would say it will take til about Friday to actually really feel ok again but hey I'm certainly getting there. Even washed the kitchen floor today too! Lol. Far cry from yesterday where I moulded into my couch for the day. No snooze either today. So it really does seem as if I have an issue with eggs, egg whites anyway! I wouldn't have known this though if I wasn't on the whole 30. I'm actually glad now that I know I have issues with eggs. Didn't know this beforehand. Thanks again for help and hopefully I keep Improving. Will update again here on Friday when I hope to have at least a teeny weeny bit of that tiger blood. :-)
  10. First Whole 30

    Hi CarolBuchwald, Yes I have been a member but was quiet for a good while, I couldn't seem to post anything at Christmas time, there was some tech glitch. Until yesterday the same thing happened and I copped on eventually that every time I used a smiley cartoony face thingy it refused to post!! Don't know why I didn't think of this at Christmas time!! My first whole 30 was in August/ September last year and this forum was a great help. Just keep on keeping on! You will get there and the sense of achievement is fab. Good luck and if you are ever having that touch and go moment just log on here! It will keep you keeping on!! :-) :-) :-)
  11. Wow! It looks amazing! Yep def going lol! I stayed in Sneem about 4/5 years ago. It was such a beautiful place, so quiet and you can do the ring of Kerry from there too, go to dingle etc. Sneem itself is a very small village but has a good few pubs and restaurants. Lovely bike rides though and walks too! We went and are blessed with the weather it was gorgeous. :-)
  12. Exhausted on day 15

    It was when you asked me about broccoli in my other two whole 30 s that I started thinking what was so different! Never thinking for a second eggs could be an issue! :-) So thank you for getting that slow train moving! :-) it's apparently very unusual for an adult to experience egg allergy? But I don't know how accurate that is! I looked up some symptoms. Don't have the skin issues, but have the wheezing, sneezing, runny nose and obviously the problems in tummy. So, here is hoping!! :-) :-)
  13. First Whole 30

    That's how I found out about the whole 30 actually, I became Paleo first. But in fairness the real change only occurred when I did the whole 30. However, having those few weeks of being Paleo really did help. Good luck.
  14. 1st day of Whole30

    The way I look it is being ill is harder, not being there in full spirit due to illness is hard, loosing a loved one due to illness is hard. This in my mind has helped me soldier through. It is a challenge, a choice, a positive choice to rid the body of those over processed over addictive foods we have all eaten. No matter what, even if you did not loose one single ounce, the point is that you will feel better from the inside. You will actually feel a fire in your belly, a drive, a motivation that you might have once had as a 7 year old!! It's that good! Patience and time with a positive outlook will see you plough through your whole 30. Don't be scared, there's loads of help here. The best of luck.
  15. Starting Monday, March 16th :)

    Saturday Sunshine that is one of the most important things to do in order to stave off those hunger pangs and temptations that come along with that. I have found drinking a tablespoon of coconut oil in warm water amazing for staving off hunger. After drinking it if someone offered me a chocolate I think I would run as I feel so full. That satiating effect for me lasts such a good long while too. Best of luck to everyone. There is a whole load of support here from very experienced and knowledgeable members.