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    DurhamDoesPaleo reacted to Elenianne in Compliant Packaged Hash Browns?   
    Cascadian Farms is a good choice. It's just frozen potato shreds. 
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    DurhamDoesPaleo reacted to ShannonM816 in Compliant Packaged Hash Browns?   
    If you end up making your own, you might be able to dice the potatoes small instead of grating them. You might need to adjust the cooking time a little. Or borrow a food processor from someone?
    I haven't ever found pre shredded potatoes that are compliant.
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    DurhamDoesPaleo got a reaction from aprilb in Compliant Packaged Hash Browns?   
    Anyone aware of a compliant pre-packaged frozen shredded hash brown? I have a great omelette recipe that I used pre-Whole 30 with hash browns and smoked salmon, but everything I find has dextrose in it (Ore-Ida, Giant Eagle, etc.). I would super prefer not to break out the knuckle-grater!