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  1. frantastic

    The crazy things people say

    YES - exactly that! It's like we're weird for eating actual food.
  2. frantastic

    The crazy things people say

    You know, I've always said that the secret to looking young is a little bit of pudge. I'm willing to roll the dice though...
  3. frantastic

    What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like

    Deb - that cracked me up. Exactly how large a chicken can you hold in your hand?
  4. frantastic

    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    Oh my goodness - such great ideas for travel-proofing my whole 30 lifestyle...
  5. frantastic

    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    Ann - what kind of containers? I will now have to do this!!
  6. frantastic

    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    When you are on a road trip, sipping a glass of cold silky zucchini soup, sprinkled with shredded chicken and this seems perfectly normal to you. When you travel with your own homemade ghee. When you sit in a restaurant with family, and you're not eating because you just couldn't feel sure about what they put in their food. When you stay up late cooking...all the time!
  7. frantastic

    The crazy things people say

    I can answer that...when did I STOP being crazy?
  8. frantastic

    The crazy things people say

    Actual conversation between myself and two of my close girlfriends. Girl 1: My doctor is making me give up diet sodas. She thinks they may be linked to my migraines. Me: totally worth it - you are basically drinking a can of chemicals and there are a zillion studies that show how bad they are for you. Girl 1: yeah, and I read an article linking diet soda to Alzheimer's. Girl 2: I'd rather get Alzheimer's than give up my diet soda. Girl 1: I'm going to switch the diet soda for crystal lite. That's healthier (I just stopped participating in the conversation)
  9. frantastic

    Help! Akward topic...diarrhea

    I am having an opposite experience, and it's blowing my mind! I have an inflammatory bowel disease...loose stools several times a day are my norm. I'm on day 16 and while I would term myself as constipated (I have no difficulty going, and it's not painful) my stools are hard and kind of rabbit-like, but person-sized (this is the thread for TMI, so I'm jumping in!). And I only go once a day. And not even every day! Is this because my food is less garbage-y and my body is actually USING the fuel I put into it? (kind of like my dog's all-organic food is "low residue"?)