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    Cycling, scuba diving, hiking, writing, singing, music, art, drama, reading, handwork of many kinds, my husband, kids and kid adorable grandys and my angel in a fur suit...Ziggy ;)

About Me

haha...( I've clearly misunderstood for the eleventeenth time how to save this page.......... IF it saves this time...

consider it a miracle, and know that I'm glad to have been a part of this)!


I LOVE the outdoors, sun, water sports, sun, nature, animals, anywhere tropical, sun,  my family, friends, music, my dog...did I mention the sun?!

I also  love chocolate, and have believed I couldn't live without my comfort food. This belief is a pain, and I've put it aside and been healthy and active for years, only to pick it up again.... blah!

" I'm not as far away as I 'think' I am... but not as close as I wish I were"... to achieving my healthy weight and fitness goals!


I've been blissfully married for nearly 31 years... near perfection... ha! No, but seriously, he's the best date I've ever had, he's managed to survive me thus far... so "if it ain't broke.. don't fix it"...I love supporting him in his ventures weather they be business or pleasure, and he is my biggest cheerleader and support! We are good together :).

I've been blessed with four awesome kids who I consider my best friends and greatest teachers! They continue to blow me away with their hearts, their love and their passion for what they are all doing on planet earth.

My oldest child/ son flew away home in December of 06. It's been a ROAD! And I am glad to be where I am on the path of grieving than on day one!... inexplicable! I miss him every day- he wants me to be happy.. he's around, and I am striving to Celebrate Life... all of it- the trials and the good times, have lead me to a deeper, kinder, softer place.


My three living kids.. daughter and two sons have chosen wonderful mates and are living the dream baby! Especially my daughter who is raising my three grandbabies along side "the best son in law ever"... These kids are a riot, and the loves of my life! (she on the other hand- is so glad school started  ;) ... livin the dream!).

Our daughters in law are awesome... each their own person... and I'm loving the journey of growing to love them.


My Golden Retriever; Ziggy, is my "angel in a fur suit"..... and he is completely unaware that he 'IS in fact, a DOG'!...... oopsy... what can I say? I "could" buy another dog after burying our first Golden boy Hunter- a year after our son.... so, He was the lucky guy, and is truly my buddy and comfort when daddy's gone!


O.K. honestly- I'm freaked that at age 54 I'm getting a knee replacement, and am almost twice the woman I was when I moved into the house I've lived in for 18 years!  "Diet" is the F word to me, and I just GET to have this experience be one of 'embracing, healing and transforming' instead of sacrifice and losing....


My mindset has been whacked about food for a while...seriously?  I married a guy who literally eats PERFECTLY, and has the same waist size he did when we were married. He seriously LOVES healthy food... and NEVER eats white flour, or sugar... he is a "fart in a hot skillet"... his mom's words!   We used to own women's health spas, and I taught three classes a day, I've been a weight lifting, "get my endorphins and cardio up every day" kind of girl... and I've been " back away from me and give me EVERY OUNCE of Chocolate you have NOW".. kind of gal... I have definitely tried to fill my void as I've yearned for my son with 'comfort, destructive foods'. I have an active family, active friends and am married to an active man! I MISS my Bike, the ocean, race walking with Zig! I miss wearing whatever I feel like wearing and not feeling self conscious about it. I've NEVER been obsessed by my weight or 'eating right'... but this inactivity with ZERO Exercise- has created the biggest cellulite ranch on my thighs! OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!

Nuff said!

I saw a dear friend that I haven't seen in about a year.. and he has had a serious weight loss and healthy glow take him over!!! We chatted for a while, he sent me to this sight and Here I AM!!!!


Balance will be my key, a vision that is my own, realistic and honest, a mindset that is about my health more than the size of my pants will be key in my success. I've DONE this... I've always said... If I just keep the grains and legumes down and stay away from sugar predominantly, drink water lots and lots of water... the weight just melts off of me. Great system!... I'm so happy it's organized in one place and that you are all here in this journey for yourselves.  I hope as I am on this path, I will not only accomplish my goals, but support those of you that might resonate with me... to accomplish yours! 

I'm glad to have this program available.... am heading out to grab the book today and will start Sept. 1st, 2014!

looking forward to meeting you!