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    Puritan's Pride Glucomannan

    I've been trying to search the forum boards but can't find any posts regarding Glucomannan. Is it compliant? According to the ingredients list it contains Glucomannan (Konjac Root), Vegetable Cellulose, Gelatin, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate Does anyone know if these ingredients are all compliant? Thanks
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    Puritan's Pride Glucomannan

    I'm usually hungry and read through a few articles online that glucomannan helps keep you full because it expands in the tummy so I thought it would be a good idea so I don't have to snack inbetween or over eat my portions during my meal time. But I think I'll put it into hold you are right it does break the spirit of the program didn't think of it from that perspective.
  3. Let me start with myself. As of before July 2014 I never knew or heard about the Whole30 or even Paleo. (I actually had to google Paleo to know what it means). So here's how I learnt about it: last month I was on sparkpeople (which I love even though don't agree with anymore) then I came across a members blog stating she's on Whole30 day 19. That's when I decided to google it and learnt about the Whole30. My first impression was nah this is not for me I RARELY eat meat/chicken/fish there's noway I would eat them everyday for thirty consecutive days. Then a month later (August 18th) I wasn't feeling very well which is somewhat usual for me and I never knew what food caused me to feel that way so I randomly opened up Whole30 again and decided there is no such thing as this is not for me and to go ahead and try it. If what it claims is true then I'll feel so much better and if it does not then at least I've tried because I deserve it. So I went ahead and started it on August 19th, today is my day 10 and to be honest I love it so far! In these past 10 days I haven't felt sick sometimes hungry but never sick or lethargic. Actually I haven't even felt what the timeline described I felt good from the start the only side effect was I couldn't run as much or as long anymore but as of today it got much better and my legs didn't feel so heavy anymore (I increased my fruit intake to be honest so that might have been a reason) but I also saw many other members said it got better in time when your body starts to adapt. It's only day 10 but I can already say I've been enlightened even once I complete my first Whole30 I plan to stick to Paleo lifestyle. So I was curious how did the rest of you learn about it? And when you did how long did it actually take you to decide to implement it?
  4. This is my first whole30 and I'm only on day 4 however my runs haven't been easy the last 4 days after reading a few posts I realized many people recommended starchy veggies such as sweet potatoes. So I'm thinking of adding potatoes to dinner but can I eat it with the skin? I love the skin but can't remember where I once read that the skin isn't healthy and should be removed before eating the potato. So for those who eat white/ or sweet potatoes during your whole30 do you peel the skin or keep it? And is it a rule to not eat the skin or it's fine to eat it? Thanks in advance!
  5. I loved reading these comments and the article up there you're all right I think it's because this is my first whole30 and first time eating out I wasn't aware of how hard it would be to get things right. I actually first went to another restaurant and left because there was nothing on the menu I could order then for this one I thought if I omitted the dressing and didn't eat the chicken it'd be compliant but I was totally wrong. Lesson learnt never again unless I make sure beforehand 100% that it is compliant and they could offer that not just say so because after 15 days of hardwork it felt a waste and I was totally disappointed afterwards. But since it was my mistake I officially started over today and today is my day one. I said I'd do a whole30 and I'm not gonna let one slip mess it up for me I'll just start over and 30 days from now I'd be glad I did it the right compliant way! What's an extra 15 days anyway?
  6. So yesterday was my friends birthday took her out for dinner at chilis and decided beforehand that I'm not going to slip. I ordered a chicken salad and specifically told the waiter to not add any dressing to the salad other than lemon. However after he got the salad I realized there's corn and beans and the chicken was breaded. So I did not eat the chicken I did not eat the corn or beans (Hopefully didn't eat any accidentally) I just ate the lettuce and tomatoes however while eating it I noticed that it did definitely did have dressing over it and I'm not sure what the dressing was or what the ingredients were. Since I do not know what the ingredients were in the dressing I'm confused now. Are salad dressings usually compliant? Or do they most likely contain soy/ or whatsoever? I'm not a fan of dressings so I do not even know what they're made up of. I'm on day 16 today not sure whether I should call it day 1 again or continue and call it day 16? Never knew eating out would be so hard! I thought I couldn't go wrong with a salad and no dressing. Lesson definitely learnt!
  7. Just to be specific I had ordered: The Southwestern cobb salad. The ingredients listed under it were: Boneless crispy chicken with corn relish, crispy beef bacon, diced eggs, mixed cheeses and fresh pico de gallo. Served with our avocado-ranch dressing. I specifically asked them to remove the cheese and put no dressing (I forgot to remove the corn but did not eat it pushed it on a side). I basically just ate lettuce and tomatoes but not sure what was the dressing on them?
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    Homemade nut butters

    What is the recipe for the coconut one?
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    September 2nd - Start Day!

    Hang in there it gets much easier! I'm on day 15 of my first whole30 and I feel much better now and much more energetic! First week was definitely hard but after that it becomes much easier.
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    Congrats on Baby9!

    I know this is super late but congrats! Also I couldn't help but notice he was born on the same month that this program was first released! Such a cute coincidence
  11. Which day are you on now? I'm still on day 7. I wonder when it'll start improving! Update us how your future runs go and when you start feeling better.
  12. I'm so glad I found this I thought it was only me! Today I ended up walking around instead of my usual morning run because my legs were in pain and super heavy. My morning runs are like my me-time I usually really enjoy them so it sucks but I'm gonna hang in there and add some starchy veggies as some of you suggested. Can't wait until I start adapting and can actually complete my runs without feeling exhausted.