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    Plate Size

    Please forgive the technicality of this question, but I'm a accountant (aka OCD numbers person) and a serial calorie counter before my Whole30. I'm stil stressing about what size my plate should be. When we say plate do we mean a standard 9" dinner plate, 10" restaurant plate or super sized 12" plate that most US houses have? Or, does it even matter? Am I just being hyper? Thanks!
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm having knee surgery on Monday. I'm incredibly active, so it's a little depressing to be out of comission for a little while, but it will all be for the best in the end. I'm wondering if I need to make any modifications to my Whole30 (Day 7 right now) in regards to amounts of food to eat or portion sizes or types of foods in regards to the fact I will be (1) having surgery and (2) going from super active to super sedentary. Thanks!