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  1. Oh...pretty Whole30 minus the small things like small amounts of sugar in bacon and that type of thing. I have a pretty severe dairy intolerance. I can eat it, but then I feel like 1000 knives are stabbing me.
  2. Unfortunately, I don't have the option of not eating between between meals. I eat a pretty large breakfast I would say 1. 3 eggs omelette with 3 pieces compliant bacon and a bunch of veggies. But I'm still hungry or sick or exhausted two hours later. My meals are definitely on par with the size that I ate while I did my actual Whole30 and were able to hold me over easily for 5-6 hours (and actually I prefer that). But pregnancy is a whole different bag of crazy. Plus, my snack problem is this. 1. It really needs to be something cold and 2. It really needs to not be something that doesn't require silverware as I really need to snack on it while I'm seeing clients. So I know it's a tall order, but if anyone can help me with ideas in this area, I would be extremely grateful. I'm stumped. Today I was just was a zombie from 2-5 and then was thankful my husband made food because otherwise I just would have gone to sleep without eating dinner. It was that bad.
  3. I should note that I'm not counting calories... I just used that term to say I'm not eating enough food as evidenced by my complete drop in energy.
  4. Hey everyone, I really need some ideas on snacks. I'm 15 weeks pregnant and my doctor wants me to follow a Whole30ish eating plan for the remainder of my pregnancy due to the fact that eating this way is the only thing that keeps my histamine reactions at bay. I am currently struggling with getting enough calories and I know I need to eat between meals (I'm basically a zombie by 2pm). But my issue is that I'm at work all day and need to pack something both portable and easy to eat (I don't have a lot of time for eating when it's not lunch because I'm a mental health therapist and am seeing back to back clients all day.) But unfortunately I have some limitations. 1. I'm allergic to all nuts 2. I can't just eat fruit or veggies because they cause me morning sickness if I eat them alone, I need to pair protein with any carb I'm eating. Does anyone have any good ideas? Oh and also I hate hard boiled eggs.
  5. Oh girl. I'm five weeks pregnant and have never experienced food aversions to meat and veggies like I'm feeling right now. I have celiac disease so I am basically focusing on staying gluten/dairy free till I get through this bout of morning (afternoon, night) sickness and then I will try to go back to paleo eating. But every evening I am able to get a spinach/blueberry/coconut milk smoothie down and that's about all I can do. Seriously, do the best you can right now but stay away from the stuff that's really going to cause you problems. I'm also eating a lot of gluten free toast and cereals because that's all I can keep down right now.
  6. Does anyone have any tips for making myself like hard boiled eggs? During my first Whole 30 (August of 2013), I went from spending 31 years hating regular cooked eggs (texture, taste, everything) to eating (and loving) eggs almost every morning for the last 17 months. Now that I am doing my second Whole 30, I want to figure out how to like hard boiled eggs. I have the same problem, I don't like the taste, texture, smell, etc. But I really need some easy protein available. When I made myself like cooked eggs during my Whole 30, I had to scramble them over potatoes for about the first 15 days to get used to the taste, then one day was able to just eat them. Does anyone have any suggestions for a similar type of thing for hard boiled eggs?
  7. So, not being able to get the full breath of air was the reason I did the Whole 30 in the first place. During my Whole 30, I had no naturally, I assumed it was caused by food. But for the life of me, I could not figure out what the food was that was causing it. I am 100% gluten free and have been for years because of Celiac Disease and am about 98% Dairy free (only on super really amazing special occasions) neither of those were the culprit. I had this problem for over a year and it even caused a heart murmer to develop (which my cardiologist said was just a flow murmer and not to be concerned about). When I developed the heart murmer, I figured I at least had to do something about my anxiety and started taking Natural Calm. When I started consistently taking Natural Calm every day (I take 1/2 Tbsp in the morning and 1.5 at night), I noticed that not only had my anxiety had subsided...but the deep breath problem that I had every hour of the day for over a year subsided. I HONESTLY still can't believe that the whole mess was caused but anxiety. My theory on not having it during my Whole 30 is that my anxiety is managed pretty well with the Whole 30 way of eating. But I'll still take Natural Calm even if I'm eating 100% Whole 30. That stuff helps me sleep like I've never slept before...which is also good for anxiety. Hope that helps.
  8. I know this sounds really basic. But I had serious problems with constipation during my second Whole 30 and couldn't figure out what was going on. I even went to the doctor about it. They suggested upping my water intake to 120-150 ounces of water a day. I scoffed at this because 1. I thought I already drank that and 2. I couldn't imagine that water was the problem. Needless to say, I made sure that I drank 150 ounces of water every day. I measured and counted and learned that 1. I was probably only getting 60 ounces a day. before 2. The constipation problems got solved. So before you try all kinds of crazy things, I would measure your water intake and make sure you are getting enough. The doctor said that when you up your vegetable intake, it just doesn't digest as well unless you up your water intake as well. I eat pretty healthy most of the time when not doing a Whole 30 so I assumed that I wasn't really upping my vegetable intake much. It turned out that I was upping it enough to cause constipation problems.
  9. CassieS

    Why I quit the whole30 program

    I thought I would reply after reading your post. 1. Because I really hope you try a Whole 30 again and 2. Because I think you are making a good choice to quit right now. I completed my first Whole 30 in September and found out that this is the optimal way for me to eat. So much so that I really want to get to an emotional place where I feel like I can eat like this all the time. I wanted to speak to your post for two reasons. 1. The second time I did a Whole 30, my eating disorder came back full force, and I needed to quit on day 5. For me, the second Whole 30 added MORE stress to my life, not less...which is what it sounds like this is doing for you. I also wanted to encourage you to try again when you feel like you have all the emotional energy to put into it. BUT if you feel like you can't have coconut or nuts..don't! If I am eating in a Whole 30 lifestyle and I start eating nuts, I have a "might as well have a snickers bar moment." Why? Because nuts make me feel like complete and utter crap. I don't feel healthier, I feel like all my health is being stripped from me...and then I think "I might as well eat what I want." So, I really hope that you try a Whole 30 again, when you are ready..because it is amazing experience. That being said, I applaud you for understanding your mind and body.
  10. I have a pretty hefty dairy intolerance and I can't handle, at all. I found that not eating ghee doesn't really bother me that much because coconut oil is fine for my recipes. But I'm just letting you know, it is possible..and if you are finding that it is bothering you, it's really not worth it.
  11. CassieS

    The Sugar Sads

    I am on day 1 of my second Whole 30 and I want sugar!!!! I must have addicted myself to it pretty bad over the last couple of months (finished my last one in September). I wonder what that is about. I would give anything to sit and put a bunch of chocolate mindlessly in my mouth. Seriously, this is ridiculous.
  12. CassieS

    Has anyone experienced this?

    Thanks everyone for support on this. I made a decision to do a second Whole 30 starting tomorrow and forego the wine next week (because it really is delicious wine, but frankly, that restaurant is only 20 minutes away and I can have that wine anytime.) I would much rather enjoy the company of My coworkers and be present in my life..rather than counting the seconds until I can get my next sugar fix.
  13. CassieS

    Has anyone experienced this?

    Thanks for the idea of putting sugar in the same spot in my brain as gluten. It took me a while to get off gluten as well..but once I truly made the decision, you couldn't pay me to eat a chocolate glazed donut because of how sick it would make me. Sugar makes me almost mentally sick. I go from being a normal, productive human being, to a complete waste of space..just thinking about when I can get my next sugar "fix."
  14. I am struggling with how to manage a particular situation. First, I finished my Whole 30 in September and never felt better. I had been experiencing acid reflux and severe breathing problems and the Whole 30 completely got rid of that. You also should know that I was diagnosed with Celiac disease years ago and have been 100% gluten free for four years so that is not an issue. But this is what I have been experiencing since September and it happened again this weekend. Every time I give myself an inch...I seem to take a mile..or a marathon apparently. It seems that when I eat even a little sugar, it becomes a four day sugar fest that I have to dig myself out of with a spoon. Then I am back to eating 100% healthy but have to go through the sugar withdrawals again every time. It happened this weekend, I only was going to eat one piece of this delicious gluten free apple crisp I made for Thanksgiving..and then it turned into chips and cherry mash and gluten free pizza..all weekend long. I seem to really be struggling with just letting myself have one "special" glass of wine or one piece of a dessert I only get once a year. I learned during my Whole 30 that this is the optimal way for me to eat in order to feel my best. But I still want to enjoy something every now and then. I just can't seem to do it without losing control for about four days. For instance, I plan on eating this way for a while. I don't have any major special occasions coming up and even planning on bringing healthy food to my girl's night on Friday. But on December 12 is my work party, where my work pays for us to drink the most fabulous red wine I have ever had in my life. I don't have a huge problem with overindulging on alcohol, but even one glass makes me want SUGAR!. I fear that if I have one glass of the delicious wine, then I will try to eat some candy later that evening..and it will turn into a weekend sugar fest. Does anyone have any thoughts or tips? Should I just start another Whole 30 now? I really wanted to wait until after the holidays so I could indulge in things like delicious red wine. My problem seems to be the inability to handle it.
  15. I got on here just because I am sooo excited about how amazing this process is going and it is only day 14 for me. I decided to do the Whole 30 because even four years after going entirely gluten free (I have Celiac Disease), my stomach was getting horribly upset three to four times a week and I couldn't explain it. Then about three weeks before I started the Whole 30, I had debilitating GERD and difficulty taking deep breaths. I was burping every 10 seconds and couldn't even get through a session (I'm a therapist), without burping repeatedly. My doctor just gave me medication and told me to raise my bed up. I didn't think this was the solution at all so I only took the medication one time. During these 14 days of my Whole 30, I have not had any problems with GERD or any problems taking deep breaths. I also haven't had my stomach get upset at all. But that is not even compared to the amazement that I have in my sugar cravings being gone and having a healthy relationship with food. I can't believe that all this has occurred in two weeks. Two years ago, I set out to lose 180 lbs. I did lose 100 lbs of that but then couldn't get any further. I had a sweet tooth I just couldn't say no to. Even though I trained for a marathon, I actually gained weight because I liked candy. I have been known to have an entire big bag of M&M's and a huge container of Hot Tamale candy's all at once. Candy and sweets are my binge foods and I can't say no them. Cut to two weeks into the Whole 30 and if you offered me a sweet right now, I wouldn't even be tempted. There was one time (on day 9) where I really really wanted a Reece's Peanut Butter cup and my boyfriend had to talk me out of it. But that is it. In fact, I currently have peanut butter and chocolate chips in my cupboard and they aren't even tempting. I look at them in awe because I never would have believed that I would desire healthy food over unhealthy food. I'm already making plans to only add a few things back in once the Whole 30 is over because I have felt so balanced and amazing and haven't been bored with my food at all. This is truly how I want to live my life. I am a happier and more productive human being. Oh did I also mention that my pants are so loose they won't even stay up anymore? Incredible. All this time I was seeking weight loss, instead, I should have just been seeking health.