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  1. I know this product is listed on the W30 approved products page but I have heard some discussion regarding the addition of hyaluronic acid to the collagen supplement. The main question involves the source of the hyaluronic acid: possibly soy and/or wheat derived. I have attempted to contact the company to find the source. They don't "refuse" to disclose if but, after three rounds of repeating myself, they still haven't provided an answer. So, if this is true, and I've read that the issue came to light because people that are sensitive to wheat or soy have reacted to it, why is it still W30 approved? 

    I thought, for sure, that this would have come up but I can't find it in any of my searches so I apologize if I'm repeating a question.

  2. Hi @kirbz! How's it going? I'm thinking about starting another round vs a mini reset and, like you, am going to try to hit 10K steps/day. I know...there's no such thing as try; either do or don't. Yesterday I didn't but it was my jumping off point and I hadn't quite committed. Sounds like a cop-out, huh? Anyway, just wanted to check in and tell you that I love your new avatar and hope all is well.

  3. Me too! I have to ask about the chicken enchilada stuffed peppers! Did you follow a recipe? That sounds so good and i have a fridge full of peppers from our garden right now. Great job staying fueled up during your big hike/climb, too!

  4. Me too; a nice cheddar or jack is fine with me for aged cheese and there's a guy around here that makes really good cheese that we'll get sometimes but then it's easy to over-do it because they're so good. Aside from real-deal Parmesan, the only fancy aged cheese we go for is aged gouda-yuuuum! We had a salami, olive and pickle plate for dinner last night and I passed on the cheese. I just wasn't feeling it and was fine with skipping it so, taking a page out of your book, I decided it wasn't the occasion for it. By fresh cheese I mean things like mozzarrella, queso fresco, burrata, ricotta- not aged at all so they have lots of lactose left in them. I love all of those and make them but not often because they become food without brakes- especially the burrata.

    Since I did a careful and uneventful re-intro last time, I'm not as anxious to repeat it this time so I'll take it one item at a time when the opportunity presents itself- very slow roll. I had a few (very few) peanuts last week and, at my husband's request, I might make some hummus to bring to a party this weekend so that would bring legumes back in. 

    I do better with black and white rules, too! Thank you W30!

  5. Hey @kirbz! Sounds like some pretty good progress on your re-intro philosophy; congrats! I haven't re-intro-ed dairy yet because the opportunity just hasn't really presented itself but I will. I think I'm going to break it up into fresh cheese and aged cheeses just because of the different proteins/sugars involved. I should probably get moving on that before I find myself in a situation! One of my favorite meals in the world is a platter of cheese, cured meats, nuts, fruit, pickles and olives plus it travels well. Nothing like it when you're hiking and camping!

  6. Does chopping vegetables count as an "activity"? ^_^That helps a lot; thanks. It sounds like the app converts the number of steps into miles? What about when you're backpacking? I assume you just don't use it in GPS mode so it keeps a charge? There are so many options that I don't know how I'll ever decide! 

  7. Hi @kirbz I hope all is going well! I'm curious about your watch! I'm on the fence about getting one but I really want to know my distance traveled daily; not just steps since that's so inaccurate, especially with it strapped to your wrist. I noticed when you log your data that you only log steps and not miles. Do you find it to be fairly accurate? I work with someone that said she "walked"  a couple of thousand steps when she was sitting on her sofa watching football, drinking soda and snacking. Since you wear yours all the time, when/how often do you have to charge it? Right now, unless I have my phone on my person (which I rarely do at home) I just get partial information and I'm starting to want more data but (since I am sort of in the data business) bad data is worse than no data so I'm torn.

  8. Hey @kirbzdo you just saute the potatoes in fat until they're done? How long does it take? I have a spiralizer that I have used exactly once- not sure why but I have spiralizer-phobia. I know when I made a hash with potatoes in it, I used to precook the potatoes or use leftovers because it seemed like they took forever to cook and the pan started burning before the potatoes were cooked. My husband would be pretty thrilled if I could figure out how to make him some hash. That was always one of our camping foods, too. I'd pre-make it and put it in a vacuum seal bag then just dump it in a skillet to heat up and brown in our campsite. It was filling, delicious and didn't have to worry about ice chest water seeping into the container.

  9. @Stfnebrown here is a link to Hannah Crum's Kombucha Kamp you might find useful: https://www.kombuchakamp.com/ph-kombucha-alkaline-acid-balance. If you're not into all of the science-y parts, the take-home message is this "...a properly brewed batch of Kombucha(KT) may fall anywhere from 2.5 – 3.5." and "According to the FDA’s guidelines for compliance, foods with a pH of 4.6 and lower have been deemed safe for sale without needing further preservatives: “When the pH of a food is 4.6 or below, spores of C. botulinum will not germinate and grow.” This means that not only is your KT safe from invasion by harmful microbes, but so are you!"

    Happy brewing!