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  1. 15 days later...

    Well, things feel a bit more normal, I guess. I got up at 5, did some mobility with Squeaky and came in to work. Yesterday was a day to make some eggroll bowls for breakfasts this week, wash my hair and pretend that I was excited to get back to work! It's actually a little weird being back, especially since I'm not doing my regular work this week but all is good. I was able to get in about 6K steps for the last few days, including a trip up the driveway so, hopefully, I'll get my strength back pretty quickly. I played carpenter's assistant for a couple of hours on Saturday. My husband built a big worktable in our shed down by the garden so now my head doesn't have to explode every time I open the door. There will be labeled bins and places for all of the tools and no room for piles of junk on the floor because the new lawn tractor has to be able to fit in there along with our 1949 tractor that we use in the garden. This is huge and I was glad to be able to help!

    I'm not sure what's on the menu this week but I have a nice big chicken defrosting. We were able to stock up on meat this weekend and the produce drawer is nice and full. Saturday I cleaned out and rearranged all of the fridges and freezers so they're more organized. 

    I haven't been keeping up with the news and I think I'd like to keep it that way. Less doom and gloom more blue sky and birds. We got a glimpse of a pileated woodpecker yesterday so that was pretty cool; they're so big! We're hoping to get the garden planted either this weekend or next- yaaaay!! It totally depends on the rain and it's still getting pretty cool at night but I think that it's going to warm up this week so I can put all of the plants outside to harden off before planting day.

    Thanks so much for all of the love and support; I can't believe I finally got through it!

  2. Not having a very good day but wanted to say hi. Fever's up and appetite's down but I found some turkey bone broth in the freezer and was able to get it down. Tied of feeling so awful but don't really have a choice; it's just a waiting game but no respiratory symptoms so for that, I'm thankful. Also for the beautiful day and the singing birds. I hope you were able to take some time together to celebrate!

  3. Whoops! I thought your anniversary was tomorrow! Happy Anniversary!! That's such a shame that the steak restaurant tried to offer a service to the community and was poorly treated. That is so NOT what I've been reading. So much human kindness has come out that when you hear something like that, it makes it even worse- kicking someone when they're down. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy yourselves and put this craziness on a back burner for some much-deserved self time. Our theme through Katrina and everything is that as long as we're together, everything's OK.

    My bath felt great! I got one faint whiff of eucalyptus but I could feel it all surround me and soak through me. I do one big braid every night to sleep so I don't wake up in a giant knot and also when I'm lazy or don't want my hair in my face. I wish I could French braid but my hair auto-tangles and I've never been able to do it. Every now and then I'll do two braids, usually when we're camping, for some reason but I do them as close to the back of my head as I can so they don't fall over my shoulders all the time. Fun fact: My husband had to learn how to braid my hair after my accident. It's on that long list of things that you can't do with one hand!

    Fever and cough are about the same but achiness (spellcheck keeps wanting to make this ashiness which I read as ass shines :lol:) is better. I thought that maybe I could do a few things around the house but, after doing one simple thing, I felt like someone had kicked my butt and had to lie down for a nap. Squeaky's doing his part at the far end of the sofa. Everyone needs a napping supervisor. He trilled at me last night like Maybelle used to do all the time- sweet boy. 

    Love and hugs to you and your husband!

  4. Oh, I know all about husband hissy fits! So sorry you had to deal with that on top of everything else. 

    Thanks for your inspiring words. Now I'm looking forward to my tub soak this afternoon. It's weird but I keep expecting to see something new/different when I look in the mirror like this has somehow intrinsically changed me! Maybe this afternoon I will see something different because I'll put on some different lounging attire and re-braid my hair for the first time in a couple of days. ;)

  5. Do NOT beat yourself up over that and be glad that you trusted your instincts about their gangster-ness. (I call people that have that vibe "ax-murderers) I hate to think what they might have done if you had refused to take their bad money. It's kind of like being robbed at gunpoint- just give them your stuff and live to tell the story. How awful! Since it's happened a few times around town is there any security footage that could ID them so the police can be on the lookout?

    Oh, you really did have a shitty day- I'm so sorry. That women should be ashamed of herself for putting others at risk needlessly. There is so much of that that I keep reading and wonder how much could have been avoided if those people weren't so damned selfish. One father locked his kid out of the house after the dumbass went to spring break and wouldn't let him back in. Good for him!

    Enjoy your day off and show yourself some love. I felt so awful yesterday that I didn't do my tub soak. My temp just kept creeping up and up but it's down a whole degree today so I'm back in the low 100's! The bad news is that I've lost my sense of smell. I'm trying not to freak out about it and I'll get on the interwebs and do some research in a bit. My brother found a good article with a timeline for symptoms and it seemed like the temperature increase was still just a symptom, not an indication of worsening disease. The bad respiratory symptoms are the only indications of that.

    Thanks for the pics! The girls are so cute. We have jillions of turkeys around here too but I usually just see hens and hardly ever see toms. The weather is supposed to be fabulous today but you can't tell by looking out of the window right now- all foggy. I think I'm going to splurge on a shower:o. If you can't smell, does aromatherapy work? I know the oils that absorb through my skin with the epsom salts will do their thing but if I can't smell am I wasting a perfectly good soak??

    My husband did the stir fry by himself last night:wub: and I was so very grateful. I liked the teriyaki sauce but that was about when my sense of smell was starting to go away so I found it needed more ginger and garlic. I would get it again but never the mayo. I did the same thing you did- tossed it. Our Hoedown friends are on standby to help us with anything we need but so far, so good! We can probably make it until Monday before the vegetable crisis becomes real. Have you read the sci-fi series by Robert Jordan, The Wheel of Time? She lent me #1 several weeks ago and I like it but I've been rationing it because I don't have the next one. They said they'd drop them in our mailbox for me so yay I have something fun and light to read.

    Be kind to yourself and, yes, big hugs!! XO

  6. Well, I guess I'm in this for a longer haul than I hoped. My temp has crept back up and my body aches have gotten worse but my cough has definitely decreased! Two steps forward and one step back is still one step forward, right? My energy level is terrible; I spent most of yesterday binging Star Trek Next Generation, which is my TV comfort food. I don't have any chest tightness and I've been trying to take nice deep breathes periodically even though it makes me cough. I was thinking about soaking in a hot epsom salt tub later today but I'm not sure if that's OK with a fever or not. Letting a hot shower run on my neck and back felt great so I thought the epsom salts and eucalyptus/lavender soak would be so nice. 

    My appetite hasn't been great but I played with my super mushroom-y soup that I made a while ago and made it a bit more palatable- extra beef/ginger bone broth and coconut milk. I have one more serving of that for lunch today so I'll have warm, creamy goodness to look forward to. I indulged in a slice of real pizza for dinner last night and it was fabulous but I'll leave the rest of it for my husband. Ours only cost $38 but it was huge :P and it's given us a break from having to cook that has been welcome. He'll help me with a stir fry for dinner tonight and that will probably be my big effort for the day. I decided to try one of the Primal Palate sauces, soy-free teriyaki, so it will be easy to throw together. I hope I like it. I hated their mayo.

    I want to hear all of your normal day stuff! I don't have that right now and it's a reminder that this, too, shall pass even though we will be redefining normal for a long time, now. Squeaky has been trying to fill Maybelle's role as my comforter but it's not the same. I got a call from our county health department yesterday and I had been snoozing on the sofa with his big self on my chest. When she asked me if I felt any pressure on my chest, I told her not since the 15 pound cat got off of it! She thought that was funny. He's been sleeping with me and purring all over me so it's been sweet. My husband is never going to be out of quarantine!! I am released from quarantine after being symptom-free for 3 days but his doesn't lift for another 14 days after that!! 

    The sun is out. The sky is blue. Yesterday was drizzly and grey all day long and it kind of made me drizzly and grey, too. It's cold now but the high is supposed to be around 60 so I might be able to go sit in the sun for a little while this afternoon.

    Happy April Fool's Day! The universe got us good this time.

    Hugs and hand sanitizer to you and your husband!!

  7. I hope so. My temp has dropped to just under 100. It's been hanging there and I'm coughing less so I'm taking those as good signs. I'm trying to get plenty of sleep, even if it is broken up and trying not to do much. Thankfully, I have some good books, both real and Kindle. Gabby Bernstein did a workshop on Sunday about anxiety relief and it has some guided meditations. I wasn't up for it then but I think I might listen to that today and I think Brene Brown has something out there too. TN just jumped on the 14-day lockdown- better late than never. It was a "recommendation" prior to this. I'm having mild produce panic! I have plenty of meat, eggs and some canned things like tuna but probably only have about a weeks worth of produce and no fruit- my husband has a major sweet tooth and can really plow through some fruit. I was planning on restocking on my way home from work yesterday but, you know, the best laid plans...

    Take care!


  8. It sounds like you're on top of things! Yes, I start cleaning/cooking and then don't do other types of movement. I know, technically, I'm still moving but it's not the same for my body or my mind. Yoga with supervisors should be a new thing! Way to go on your closet. I have my grandmother's desk and I use it as a jewelry box. It's one of those small ladies desks where the front pulls out to make a writing surface. I had that special cloth to wrap silver pieces in for years so I can organize it and make it nice but Never get around to it. It's probably going to happen this week, though. Because...

    Right now I feel just sick enough not to want to do anything but just well enough to be bored. I've had fever for a couple of days along with a cough so I had to go in yesterday to get tested and, surprise! Positive! :o:(Thankfully they were expediting employee testing so I got my results last night and didn't have to wait a few days for results. We had started isolation procedures anyway then my husband decided it was silly because we've had close contact forever and stopped. When the results came back, we simultaneously decided that maybe it was not so silly. I stayed in our bedroom and bath since it probably has the most cooties and he's moved into my mom's bedroom and is using the downstairs bath. I washed everything that wasn't tied down and have been busily spraying and wiping down all of the handrails and doorknobs. My fever has already started going down and I'm not nearly as achy as I was so it appears that I'll have a pretty mild case unless thing suddenly go south. I think I have much to thank W30 for keeping me healthy and my immune system strong. I'm keeping up the fire cider, echinacea and vitamin D. Yesterday was beautiful so I sat outside for a long time in the sun soaking up some Vit D and reading. I figured being outside with the birds and the sun had to be better than staying cooped up in the house.

    Do you get Melissa's XO/MU newsletter? This morning she did a really good job talking about what her food freedom looks like right now and why. Makes me less tempted to do any hard off-roading right now even though I had a quesadilla for dinner last night. I wasn't very hungry and the only things that appealed to me were creamy, cheesy, wheaty things so I took one of my husbands flour tortillas and went for it. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be but that might be because I saw my test results as I took my first bite!

    Not sure why but I decided to weigh myself yesterday. I kept thinking that my weight felt pretty stable but I really wanted to confirm it since I totally fell off the movement wagon. It was exactly what it was before our Louisiana trip so it made me feel good that I was right. It was also motivating but right now my only job is to listen to my body and recover. I can't go back to work until Monday, at the earliest, so I hope I'll feel well enough in a couple of days to start some gentle movement. 

    Send out some good vibes for John Prine: he's in ICU on a ventilator- it makes my heart hurt.

    Peace, love and wellness to you and your hubby.



  9. I heard this twice yesterday so I figured it was my message from the universe so i thought I'd share it with you. I'm glad I listened.


    When you can't find the light
    That got you through the cloudy days
    When the stars ain't shinin' bright
    You feel like you've lost you're way
    When the candlelight of home
    Burns so very far away
    Well, you got to let your soul shine
    Just like my daddy used to say
    He used to say soulshine
    It's better than sunshine
    It's better than moonshine
    Damn sure better than rain
    Hey, now people don't mind
    We all feel this way sometimes
    You gotta let your soul shine, shine till the break of day
    I grew up thinkin' I had it made
    Gonna make it on my own
    Life can take the strongest man
    Make him feel so alone
    Now sometimes I feel a cold wind
    Blowin' through my achin' bones
    I think back to what my daddy said
    He said "boy, in this darkness before the dawn"
    Let your soul shine
    It's better than sunshine
    It's better than moonshine
    Damn sure better than rain
    Yeah, now people don't mind
    We all get this way sometimes
    You've got to let your soul shine, shine till the break of day
    Sometimes a man can feel this emptiness
    Like a woman has robbed him of his very soul
    A woman too, God knows, she can feel like this
    And when your world seems cold, you got to let your spirit take control
    Let your soul shine
    It's better than sunshine
    It's better than moonshine
    Damn sure better than rain
    Lord now people don't mind
    We all feel this way sometimes
    Gotta let your soul shine, shine till the break of day
    Oh, it's better than sunshine
    It's better than moonshine
    Damn sure better than rain
    Yeah, now people don't mind
    We all feel this way sometimes
    You've got to let your soul shine, shine till the break of day
    Songwriters: Warren Haynes
  10. I think we'll have to wait and see what the new normal is. In my head it's a place where everyone is kinder, gentler, less selfish and more tolerant. Can we just go with that?

    So, what was the barn kitty decision? That pic of Fiver and Hazel was so cute! I was awake early and the house was dark and I opened up IG and was greeted by cuteness! And a double rainbow! We've had all of the rain and none of the bows but it's actually going to give us a break for a couple of days with nice temperatures, too, before it goes back to rain. I was going to post a poem I came across but realized I don't know how. Doh! I'm such a dork! 

    Are things still crazy at the store? I haven't been anywhere except to work and back so I'm not sure what grocery shelves and such look like right now. I'll need gas tomorrow so I'll probably run into Costco after I finish pumping gas. Except for one big bag of broccoli, I've made a pretty good dent in most of our produce. Sunday was much like Saturday and I cooked myself to a frazzle. I guess with all of this happening all over the world, my cooking mind/spirit went all over the world, too. I made some harissa and two different kinds of kimchi! I've had those on my to-do list for ever and I was worried that the daikons had gone bad but they were fine. I cleared some room in my fridge and in my brain now that it's not hanging over my head any more. All of my ferments are bubbling all over the place right now. Thankfully I had put the jars on a sheet pan so the mess is contained.

    I'm recovering from a bout of stomach weirdness/upset/pain/distress from yesterday. I'm not sure what happened but I'm glad it's backing down. I ate a stuffed baked potato for dinner Monday night. Was it the dairy? The potato? I have no idea but I'm going to be very careful about what I eat. So, no movement, not very good sleep and I'm feeling blown up like a balloon!

    I know I told you about making Butter Chicken with my Mom on one of her visits but I don't remember if I cited the source of my recipe. The chef's name was Floyd Cardoz and I found out this morning that he just passed away from covid. He was so talented and such a kind soul. It's such a loss. I know many people have died and many more will but he's the first person that I know. I will have to make Butter Chicken in his memory soon.

  11. I don't know hanging out with a broom could be good, too! :lol: It finally stopped raining here for a minute so I've actually seen some real live birds. Lots of cardinals doing their springtime thing. Joy! 

    I've worked myself to exhaustion today but that's a good thing. Sometimes I just have to DO. It's my coping mechanism. I have a small chuck roast in the smoker so I'm looking forward to seeing how it comes out. I want to treat it like pulled pork just to do something a little different. I finally got the spinach artichoke soup made and it was a little underwhelming. It tastes like a good, green chicken soup but no artichoke flavor to speak of. At least it was super easy. I also made the broccoli chicken casserole but just took it out of the oven and haven't tasted it yet. The best thing I did was get a new ferment started. Cabbage, fresh horseradish and beets with a big handful of fresh dill-Yuuum. It took three tries to get the right amount to fill the jar but I finally did it and now my little lactobacillus buddies can do their thing. 

    I had to run out to the store for eggs and some oil for mayo this morning and got the last bottle of anything they had that had echinacea in it. It was combined with vitamin C so I figured that would be a good immunity booster to add to my fire cider and elderberries. I was a little more congested during the night than usual last night and incorporated that into my dreams. I dreamed that I tested positive and had to be quarantined but didn't have enough oil to maintain our mayo supply and was running out of eggs. W30 dreams taken to a new level! Like that's the most important thing in the world, right??! 

    Staying away from the news has been good and taking care of the things in my fridge that needed attention has been good for me, too. 

    Oh my gosh! There's some weird blue stuff up in the sky! It's pretty chilly out but that's so nice to see. Sometimes it's the little things.


  12. I am in a little lab that is off to the side of a slightly larger lab that has no one in it except my coworker that went to Mexico and he's only here for a few minutes and is even more careful about wiping down and washing his hands than I am. Most everyone else in our little area is quarantined (one entire lab since last Friday but I don't have contact with them), working from home or working staggered shifts to maintain distancing so I feel pretty secure here and not like I'm taking unnecessary risks. I work with too much protected health information to bring it home and I have to have several different things running at the same time on my computer so I have two fairly large monitors to accommodate all of that. I'd go nuts trying to do it on my little Mac book! My only worry is that my liquid nitrogen supply not get interrupted or I'll lose all of my samples- all 30,000 of them!

    I saw a pic of a T-shirt a couple of days ago and I thought of your husband. It was something about social distancing being business as usual for introverts. I want to help the small business around here as well. We made several donations after the tornadoes so we may do some more but I'd rather just try to do business with small local businesses. Like you, I'm a little hesitant to eat food prepared by someone else. 

    I have been movement snack-less lately-_- I usually try to take a walk down the loooong hall that leads to the hospital or I'll do some pushups aginst the edge of a table or some balance movements for a few minutes, squats, stretches, that sort of thing. I've managed to move every morning this week before work but I haven't incorporated it back into my work day. That's next, I guess!

  13. We only have 1 confirmed case in our county but we're only 2 miles outside of Davidson county where Nashville is and it has over 100 cases now and rising quickly so the sh!t is definitely start to hit the fan. When I'm at work and sitting in front of a computer all day, I check our local news, LA local news and national news waaaay too often but when I'm home I don't look at it at all. Squeaky had been a big snuggle bunny at night and makes sure he's right up against my head almost all night. My husband's employer finally allowed them to work from home all of the time instead of 2 days/week so that's a relief. He's not taking it nearly as seriously as I am, though. In fact, he decided it was a good idea to go to our local hangout for a couple of beers yesterday afternoon. Yeah, my head exploded! I told him that by doing that, he exposed me without my consent and that wasn't OK. I was hugely pissed. There are so many factors that you can't control, why would you intentionally do something so high-risk?? :angry::angry::angry: And your husband? 

    I've read so much lately that I can't remember where I saw this but it was a discussion about the silver lining in all of this might be that it breaks down all of the divisiveness that is so rampant now. Everyone is equally vulnerable and it doesn't matter if you're rich or brown or a girl or a PhD and the only way through it is through unity. I don't know if it's because everyone was already in "help our community" mode from the tornadoes or what but everyone I've encountered here has been awesome and helpful. I think people are trying to grasp any little tidbit of information that gives them hope and that's probably what they're looking for from you. My Hoedown friend that has RA sent me a message thanking me and all of the healthcare worker on the frontlines. It made me tear up for sure and I've been worried about her because she's immunosuppressed. I love the Brene Brown quote! It's what we all need. 

    We will get through this and, hopefully, come out of it in a better place. Now, I have to go get all of the parsley out of my teeth from my tabbouleh that I had for lunch!


  14. I heard about CA being on lockdown this morning and thought about you first thing. I know y'all have to keep functioning but maybe it will be a little less hectic for you? We had  50% increase in confirmed cases here so I guess it's starting to ramp up. Everything changes by the minute it seems and I have to stop myself from obsessively checking the news and stats- memories of Katrina. Take care XO

    Brene Brown-

     Open hearts. Clean hands. 

  15. We aren't quite as far outside of town as you are but we generally stay pretty well stocked up, too. For me, part of it is how/how much we cook and part of it is just because! Running to the store to grab an ingredient isn't practical so I keep a well-stocked pantry. I've noticed that the contents of my pantry has definitely shift since W30 entered my life- more nuts, lots more herbs/spices/spice blends, a small amount of pasta and rice for my husband and lots of healthy fats. I would normally have several cans of tomato products but we made them ourselves last summer! After our trip to Louisiana, I'm super stocked up on dried beans and I was able to get a nice amount of meat last weekend. The only things I'm short on are the oil I use for mayo (crisis!) and running a little lower than I would like on TP. I've started using my Kula cloth at home so that will extend our TP supply. I got it for camping/hiking but it's great for The Great Corona-Chaos TP Shortage, too! If you've never heard of them, you should check them out: https://kulacloth.com/ and, not surprisingly, it's a woman-owned company. 

    I'll send you my buffalo chicken recipe when I get home. It came out pretty good for a first try. I added a little blue cheese to it but it would be just as good without it. I also used 1/2 cup of my fermented sriracha which is REALLY hot. A normal person would probably use 1/3 cup Franks's or Texas Pete's. This is the next one I want to try: https://www.paleorunningmomma.com/paleo-chicken-broccoli-rice-casserole-whole30/I managed to get falafels made instead of the soup or the casserole. I realized my bag of riced cauli was looking a little sad so I figured that would be a good way to use it up before it turned to brown mush. As I started making it I realized that it was a x4 recipe if I used the whole bag so I made 22 falafels!! Letting someone else rice the cauli made it so much easier; I just had to grind almonds then stir it all together. Now I have a big container of them in the freezer. That Persian spiced soup has come in handier than I thought. My husband started with a little bit of a toothache Tuesday night and he is having an emergency root canal right this minute. 

    16 hours ago, LadyLisbette said:

    This is a marathon, not a sprint

    In so many ways! Self care is high on the priority list right now but, I know in your case, time is short. I don't know if you're interested but Katy Bowman has a very generous 3-month offer on her virtual studio videos. I sent you an IG message with the info. (Or at least I tried to- not sure if I was successful!) I am hopeful that the continuous rain here will become less continuous so everyone here can spend some time outside with the birds. The temperature has risen so quickly that everything is covered in condensation. the parking garage looks like something out of a creepy movie! Now if we could have a bit of blue sky to cheer everyone up.

    Keep on chopping; it does a body (and mind) good!

    It's our job to share our calm rather than join their chaos.- Women of Impact


  16. My vote is to do both! I think I've put on a smidge of weight as well and I am just not going to dwell on it. I am slowly getting back into my pre-anxiety routines and know that if we follow the plan, the pieces will fall back into place. I finally got out of my head and started my mobility in the mornings. It's only been 20 minutes but I showed up- and so did Squeaky! Right now, I'm counting that as a victory. I still have that feeling of reinventing myself this year as I go barreling towards that big birthday in July and I am holding fast to the idea that you can reinvent yourself at any age and get rid of the things that no longer serve you well. I wish my hair was either lighter or darker so I could let the silver flag fly even though I don't have very much but it just turns more of a dingy, mousy color than it already is. I console myself with the thought that I'm only doing highlights so the chemicals don't touch my skin and I do it very rarely. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

    I definitely think of obesity as a risk factor. Between the increased inflammation and the link to hypertension and diabetes, how could it not increase risk? Glad you were able to resupply your rubbing alcohol. I'm really happy with my Four Thieves hand sanitizer and I think "frenziedly" is a very appropriate word for right now. I'm doing a better job of keeping calm and am actually sleeping well, which helps. Back to the chicken and egg thing again! Am I keeping calm because I'm sleeping well or sleeping well because I'm keeping calm? And I've been dreaming the last couple of nights, too. Sunday morning when I woke up I had to tell my husband that he couldn't put vegetables down the toilet! What the heck was that dream about?! 

    I made a buffalo chicken/spaghetti squash casserole last night and it was really (HOT!) good. That spaghetti squash has been sitting on the counter staring at me for about three weeks so I finally got it cooked and enjoyed it way more than I thought I would; it's generally not my fave but I want to like it more. Tonight is going to be a chicken and broccoli casserole or spinach artichoke soup. Maybe I'll get ambitious and do both. Maybe. 


  17. You have so much more to deal with that I do. Trying to keep business as usual but still be able to calm peoples' fears takes a toll; no wonder you're tired at the end of the day! I've done a little off-roading as well but it was intentional (pizza on pi day) except for the handmade caramels I impulsively grabbed on my way out of the farm store and totally enjoyed. I even shared some with my husband but didn't get many because I knew portion control would be an issue.  My co-worker got back from Mexico yesterday and is at work today but is spending all of his time in another lab so I keep wiping down the doorknobs and trying to stay somewhat isolated in my little room. His wife was told to self-quarantine by her employer but Vanderbilt didn't have Mexico on their list so he came to work. Thankfully, he's as concerned about spreading it as he is about getting sick. 

    I hope you get a chance to do some grocery shopping and that the shelves aren't too empty. I found the produce section was fully stocked and just fine but frozen pizza, mac-n-cheese and all of the boxed food-like substances were depleted. Meats were pretty picked over but I managed to score a couple of chickens as they were unloading the truck and I've already cooked them and picked the meat so it's ready to turn into a casserole or three. I only got one soup done but it's a winner! MJ's Persian-Spiced Winter Vegetable Soup is amazing and my husband agrees- I'm shocked! I'm going to make a small batch of taboulleh tonight and maybe some faux-lafels to go with it because I have a bag of riced cauli that needs to get used up. I'm trying to turn all of this craziness into something productive and try to get all of the produce I have cooked up into stuff I can restock my freezer with.

    We decided to skip the party Saturday night so we had a nice quiet evening with a bowl of soup and another episode of the jazz documentary. I had to convince my mom not to go play mah jongg with her lady friends today and she cancelled a guitar practice with a friend because she had just come back from somewhere overseas. She's 82 so she's in that group of high-risk patients. She eats really well and doesn't have any comorbidities so she's in good shape but I still worry about her. There aren't a lot of cases here so people are being a bit too casual about it, I think, and my brother and his wife are totally unconcerned and not doing a thing to minimize contact with anybody- and he's an MD!! I know regular rubbing alcohol is impossible to get right now but do ya'll have the ability to order reagent alcohol? We get 99% regent-grade alcohol by the gallon so you might be able to make some hand sanitizer. By the time you add the aloe to it, it's 70% alcohol which is what's needed to effectively kill the yuckies.

    You stay well as well! And on as even a keel as is possible. Rest. Breathe.

  18. Feeling a bit off kilter! I get the behind-the-scenes info because we are a major medical facility even though I'm no longer on the clinical side of things so I'm trying to walk that fine line between being smart and prepared but not going bonkers. Thankfully both of my lab-mates are out so I have all of the space to myself but one of them is in Mexico and I doubt he will self-quarantine when he gets back so that's a little concerning. The hospital has really tightened down access for visitors and they must all be screened before entering but they are doing a great job of keeping us all informed about what they are doing and why. We have our first confirmed patient at the medical center and there are several in this county and a couple of nearby counties. The test for the infection is up and running here but it takes about 4 hours to run. They're running 24/7 but max throughput is about 1000/day and, of course, supply chain issues are abundant as I'm sure you know.

    We were due for a regular grocery run so I decided we shouldn't wait until the weekend and went yesterday afternoon. I was shocked at how many empty shelves there were! The giant refrigerated bin full of chicken at Costco had a couple of packs of wings in it and nothing else! We got a fair amount of stuff but I'm thinking I should have stocked up on some extra frozen and non-perishable stuff even though we really don't eat hardly any canned foods. I ordered extra cat food today and my husband ordered some extra refills on a couple of his meds since China is threatening to cut off supplies. I'm thinking that the farmers' market won't be as heavily impacted so I'll head there in the AM for my usual eggs/cream/meat run.

    I talked to my Hoedown/Pickin'Party friends yesterday and we decided to go ahead with a small get together we planned for tomorrow night. I thought she might want to cancel because she is immune suppressed (RA) but she's fine with it being a small group and just being smart about distancing and touching. I've been drinking my Fire Cider, trying to get enough rest and eating well as well as (almost) obsessively washing my hands. I made a hand sanitizer with thieves oil and extra lemon EO and like it. I'm not a big germophobe so it's not something I typically have around and now you can't buy any much less buy some without crappy ingredients so this just has alcohol, aloe, a little glycerine and the oils to make a final concentration of 70% alcohol, which is what they recommend.

    I think I'm going to go on a soup-making binge this weekend. MJ's email inspired me and it's a great way to get some fresh vegetables into a form that I can freeze. SO weird prepping for something that doesn't involve a power outage!! Anyway, on the crazy cat front, I busted Bossman peeing in my seed starting mix this morning!! :oI had it in an ice chest that has no lid because it was the right size to be able to mix it all up in without making a mess but then I needed the leftover mix to dry out so I could store it. He went outside (to take care of kitty business, I thought) then I went downstairs to feed him and I turned around and he was inside the ice chest taking a massive kitty pee! He pees in human quantities; I don't know how he holds that much!

    I guess your drug store is much like the hospital- patient care oriented so you can't really close down when they need you the most so take care!

  19. Turd soccer! How fun!:lol: Ours skipped that game, thankfully! So funny!

    It sounds like you have a reasonable, not overambitious garden plan for this spring. For the first time in a couple of years, I managed to get seeds started last week. It's a little later than I would have liked because I didn't think they'd survive on their own if I started them before our trip but everything is germinating pretty quickly. We're increasing the spacing between plants this year so there will be 12 plants/row instead of 17. They get so enormous that it turns into a tomato jungle so we'll experiment with this and hopefully we'll be able to maneuver through them a little easier this year. Theoretically, it should decrease diseases because of increased air flow between plants. Now if I can figure out how to keep the deer from munching on my okra, beets and chard we might actually have some variety!

    I made curried broccoli soup to go with my scotch eggs and they are both really hitting the spot right now. I also made a big pot of mixed greens yesterday (carrot tops, pea shoots, collards, frilly purple mustard and turnips) so that did me in for cook-up. Your soup sounds so good. I brought back a bunch of beans from LA and can't wait to get some of them cooked. Do you like the giant limas?  I think that's what I'm going to make first; we both love them. 

    I'm still dragging a bit and haven't gotten my movement act back together yet. My meals have been pretty good except for a jalapeno/cheddar sourdough bread faceplant Saturday afternoon. I bought it for my husband but now realize that it's definitely a food with no brakes for me. Hopefully he finished it off with his breakfast this morning. The time change isn't helping either. Apparently my clock didn't like it when I reset it yesterday- and I know I did it- because it was back to the old time this morning so we both overslept. I have to say that it felt really good, though so maybe my clock's on to something!

    I love that Spooky's grave site filling in with native plants. I miss my little girl but Squeaky's been lovey-dovey and very sweet, sleeping up by my head but not waking me up all night long. He's re-re-discovered the joys of toilet paper shredding, though. We can't put it on the roller thing any more or he'll turn it into a giant pile on the floor in about two seconds. Then he flops down on it and chews it up, crazy cat!

    It sounds like you have lots of changes going on at work! Hopefully, you will be better off once the dust settles and everyone has time to adjust. Good for you hitting the trail. We intended to do some trail walking this weekend but didn't make it happen. Now it's supposed to rain for something like the next two weeks so bad on us for not taking advantage of the nice weather we had this weekend. Busy week ahead so I'd better get at it.

  20. We are fine! Thanks. Not so much for other parts of town and east of Nashville. We weren't even aware of how serious it was until my husband turned on the news Tuesday morning. There is a very special herb & tea shop that I took my mom to a couple of weeks ago. She loved it so much that we went back again before she left and she bought lots of goodies to gift to friends back home. Their shop was almost completely destroyed- roof and two walls are gone- but the knife shop that I love next door was fine. 

    I feel like I'm in recovery from being really sick and, I guess I kinda was. My sleep is getting better and my gut has definitely settled down but I'm still fighting work-related stress with survivor guilt added to it. I didn't even off-road too badly on our trip but the anxiety mixed with my totally disrupted routine really did a number on me! So many lessons to be learned from all of this!! It's a shame your trip to see your sister got cut short but good for you for taking yourself out of a bad situation. Stopping in the middle of the night to check into a hotel is bad enough without being told, yeah, we have a room but you can't have it! How crazy is that??! We passed a nice, clean mom & pop type of hotel on our way home and wondered who stays at places like that. This one didn't look like anything out of Psycho but still...I would have to make it a major chain at that time of night and, even then, we've run into some crazy situations in major chains, too. 

    If you are what you eat then I'm miscellaneous, almost-going-bad,clean-out-the-refrigerator, mixed vegetables but now I'm turning into burger-y slaw. I fired up the smoker last weekend for a chicken then added ribs and some burgers since we had it going. Last night I baked a second chicken in marinara sauce and sauteed some green beans to go with it. I haven't been terribly imaginative with my meals but they've all been compliant and that's my main requirement right now. I'm having a craving for Scotch eggs so I think I'm going to treat myself and have those for breakfast next week with some curried broccoli soup.

    Everything for my annual renewal finally got approved; there were many changes that had to be made but there are still some major problems that haven't been resolved that are impacting the researchers that use my cells. A petty bureaucrat (that's the nicest thing I can say about her) making illogical rulings on things she doesn't understand because she has all the power. :angry:

    Grace...The Tree of Life...Self Love...Gratitude


  21. Good morning @LadyLisbetteand Happy Sunday!

    Where to begin? I'm finally feeling like myself and have been thinking a lot about everything that's happened since we last "talked". I know you journal and find it rewarding but I never have; I think it goes back to having my trust betrayed as a kid when I did try to keep a diary. I think our thread here is my journal; I know it's public with no expectation of privacy - like anything on the inter web, right? It helps me sort things out and put all of the things spinning around in my head down in complete (usually) sentences plus I have your love and support. Win! Win! 

    I've been a walking, talking, sometimes babbling aphorism lately! No good deed goes unpunished. Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you. Then there's the good old "which came first the chicken or the egg?" 

    My work, which I love, has been a major source of anxiety lately. The short and sweet version of the story is that there's a federally guided regulatory agency that oversees all human research and it reviews all projects yearly. I have been trying to correct some deficiencies in our documentation that I inherited to better reflect our practices and remove some ambiguous wording from our consent form, among other things. I started this process in November so it would be complete before our annual renewal is due this Tuesday and it has gone steadily downhill because of a petty bureaucrat. So I brought all of this anxiety on our trip and found out Saturday morning when I was able to access my work email that it had taken another downhill turn.

    I'm not sure if my anxiety was the chicken or the egg here! I knew I would be off roading on this trip but wanted to keep it reined in to things that were worth it. The ONLY plan I had made was to bring my own road trip food and that worked beautifully but I couldn't really make any other plans because I had no idea when we had to be where for the wedding-related events and wasn't even sure where we were sleeping. Everything started falling apart as soon as we arrived! Dinner was going to be past our usual bedtime but at least we had a bed. I had some gorgeous fried seafood but ate too much too late so that added to stress got my stomach in an uproar. Next up was lack of sleep leading up to the wedding day. We took my husband's grandkids out for beignets to get them out from underfoot and those did not sit well- quite the load of flour and cottonseed oil there! I was careful at the wedding and was able to eat some of the food, but it included a good bit of rice in the form of very good jambalaya. No dinner because by then my brother in law and his wife had had a post wedding fight. That was followed by another terrible night's sleep with gut issues. Sunday wasn't much better- no breakfast and the fight continued. By Sunday evening, the fight had been resolved and everyone was getting along but ate a crazy late dinner again and all I could eat was some salad. In a fit of pique, my brother in law had thrown away the leftover taco meat and shredded chicken from the wedding that I had planned to eat. Back to bed for no sleep and terrible gut then drive for 9 hours in white-out, blinding rain. 

    As miserable as all of that was, there was still much joy. The wedding was beautiful, the weather was fabulous, we went to the farmer's market on Sunday and Louisiana strawberries were just coming in and were delicious. Time spent with my husband's daughter and her kids was great and we're planning a trip to Tampa (they just moved there) this summer. In the middle of the wedding ceremony my husband leaned over and whispered Happy Anniversary to me. In all of my anxiety, I had forgotten that it was our 25 anniversary together! Of course that made me tear up! My dress fit perfectly and my shoe drama had finally been resolved (another long story:blink:) so that made me happy, too.

    The lessons learned- so many of them- all come back to W30 lessons. I had been using CBD, movement, good sleep and good food to keep my anxiety in check and when all of that fell apart, I did too! SO did my anxiety "make" me stop all of the good things I was doing or did stopping them escalate it? All of the above?? A while ago I posted a quote about it not being important that you stopped something but important that you started again. As soon as we got home, I got started putting all of the missing pieces back together again starting with lots of fermented foods to try to get my gut settled down. All I could think of was the gut-brain axis. I added my CBD supplement back in, too. I wasn't sure if it was helping and since it's a bit pricy, I had backed off a little then quit while we were gone. Now I really think it helps. I didn't start moving again until yesterday but I ate really well and compliantly all week. My big gift was that my husband suggested a trail walk yesterday and we went 4 miles on a beautiful day. 

    Thank you so much for the Toko-pa link; I've read it many times since you sent it. I realize that part of my problem last weekend was my inability to draw boundaries. I tried to go with the flow at the expense of everything else and paid the price for it. So many lessons learned but learning how to implement them is still a work in progress.

    How was your trip and how are your little girls?

    Many thanks for your presence in my life and much joy to you! Whee I'm tearing up a bit. I've found myself more emotional that usual this week, too.

  22. I just have a minute but I wanted to wish you safe and happy travels! It's good to hear that your friends are doing well. We just lost a friend very unexpectedly so we'll be going to his funeral service the night before we leave on our trip. 

    The post-concert visit lasted until late Sunday afternoon so it threw me out of whack a bit. The girlfriend is nice but extremely loud and, since she has been a nurse for all of about two years now, she is an expert on everything healthcare. We had a not-very-pretty "discussion." My husband said he was pretty impressed with how I handled it; I was sitting on my hands and biting my tongue. I have to say that I was glad when the visit came to a close but then I decompressed with a couple of adult beverages instead of the long walk/hike I had planned. I've done more off-roading than I feel is good so I need to straighten up my act for a couple of days before we arrive in crazy wedding space. I had a (big) piece of jalapeno-cheddar sour dough bread and I enjoyed it waaay too much. I discovered chocolate raspberry RX bars when I was running errands yesterday and I need to never keep those in the house!

    Many things with kitties are not sustainable but are very adorable!

    Enjoy your trip!

  23. On 1/24/2020 at 9:36 AM, hollysmokes said:

    Life includes both predictable and unpredictable events. The predictable events require us to be adapted, and the unpredictable events require us to be adaptable.

    Erwan Le Corre, The Practice of Natural Movement

    I have to remind myself of this! I am a planner and can only take so many unpredictable events before feeling overwhelmed. The plans for the wedding trip have gotten all screwy because my husband managed to convey to his brother that we weren't coming. It's all worked out now but it's going to be a bit messy (we'll have my husband's grandkids with us Friday night) and the nearby restaurant where we were planning on satisfying all of our LA food cravings has closed. Now I think I'm going to bring even more of my own food just to keep the stress at bay. Part II of the unpredictable events is that my husbands youngest son and his girlfriend are coming to Nashville for a concert TONIGHT and will be staying at our house. We are supposed to have a meal with them some time tomorrow. Translation: whenever they decide to wake up and whenever they decide to eat, I need to produce a meal. My husband will help cook- doing a repeat on the pork tenderloins- but it means putting the day on hold depending on what time everything happens.

    W30 has really gotten me adjusted to regular mealtimes and real meals. I always have trouble with that when my Mom's here and it was even worse when my brother in law was here last spring. They slept so late that it was almost my lunchtime by the time they got up. This time during my Mom's stay, I decided I was going to be me and eat at my (mostly) regular time and everyone else could be them and do what they needed. It was better but we still never ate lunch until 2. As much as we would like to sometimes, we don't ever sleep late. If I make it until 7, it's an event but I'm pretty excited if I sleep until 6! Having guests that sleep until 11 or 12 leaves me hanging and not knowing what to do with them. I'll survive but I was really counting on a quiet weekend to fuel me up for too many people and too much stimulation next weekend. I'm going to focus on breathing and walking.

    OK, rant over. My walk from the dealership to work this morning was great. It's 1.4 miles from there to my desk and I was dressed perfectly. It will be warmer this afternoon but I'll be fine if I don't zip up my big coat. And it will be sunny!! Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty, too. I can't go to the farmer's market because they are starting and finished a big marathon right behind it and all of the roads will be closed. Adapt: I'm going somewhere to walk on Saturday even if it's just the rails to trails! Sunday won't be as beautiful but still nice- right now my definition of nice is no rain- so maybe I can convince my husband to do a short hike with me. I think my mom shamed him! :rolleyes: He asked how far we went and it was the same distance he went with me, 3 miles. Both times I let them make the call for how far they wanted to go. He got bested by an 82 year old lady that's about 10 inches shorter than he is; she did 2 miles the day before, 2 miles the day after and 2.5 the day after that. So there!

    The euphemism for vacuuming at our house is "chasing the cat around the house" ;)Good luck with the houseplants! I don't have much experience because I don't allow myself to have them. I think there is a little niche in one of Dante's circles of hell just for me because of all of the houseplants I've killed! But, in my experience with other kitten-ish behaviors, I think it's gonna be a while! I read about a kitty training device that blows a puff of air when it detects motion. Maybe you could hide one in your plants to discourage inquisitive minds.

    Your trips sounds fun. I had a sailing buddy in NO that was from Palm Springs. She worked at a golf resort and I always thought it was nuts to have a golf resort in the middle of the desert. Another visit to SF for you, too! Are you and your sister close? How nice that you can visit since she can't travel.

    Good for you re-gifting the chocolate. I walked into the administrative office a little while ago to drop papers into the shredding bin and saw a box of donuts on the table. I was able to just turn around and walk out. I want beignets when we are in LA- those are worth it. Dunkin', not so much! That will be the first wheat flour I've had since I started my W30 in November.


  24. Happy Mid-Week to you, too, LadyLisbette! Yay! for your hike and double yay! for your knee!! Isn't it wonderful when the universe gives us just what we need? It sounds like your friend is doing well, too. It's so great that she has so much love and support. I would think that your acupressure would be an amazing help for her healing. And no chemo would be a huge plus.

    Mom is home- barely! Her flight out of here was delayed so she nearly missed her connecting flight but all is good. She's planning to do a W30 soon. We went to the used bookstore that I love and she got one of MU's books. She did my very first W30 with me in 2104 (? I think!) but she hasn't done one since. She's started with some excema on her scalp and wants to break the cocktail-in-the-evening ritual so she's in the planning stage right now. It will all be in the details since she eliminated grains and sugar years ago. I'm not planning on joining her but I'm staying at least 95% compliant right now anyway so I'll be here for support and advice. 

    Kitty TV! That's what we called it when the kids were little and so much fun to watch. It sounds like your girls are right on track for kitty mischief. Squeaky (AKA Bossman right now) is doing well. He weighed himself a couple of days ago (he really did - that was funny) and he's down to 15.3. He's a big, tall boy but he could still stand to lose another pound or so. We've gotten 1.4 inches of rain in the last couple of days and he couldn't go outside to take care of kitty business so my husband found a kitty poop present under his desk this morning. He just doesn't like to use the litter box (the cat, not the husband!:lol:) but will pee in it if the weather is terrible. Can't convince him that it's good for #2, too. 

    I'm seriously on the momentum train! I hope it stays on the rails! Ha! Wrong way to phrase that: I will make sure it stay on the rails. Saying it the other way gives me permission to fail and I'm feeling too good to quit. I really pushed myself hard on my days off and my reward is looser clothes (5 more lbs since I finished my W30) and feeling stronger and more energized. I'm in the process of creating an afternoon routine to compliment my morning routine. I'm trying for variety and want it to be something more active than my morning mobility. My default in case of bad weather, lack of time or motivation is the rowing machine but I'd rather do something outside. I may regret that thought tomorrow morning, though. I need to drop my car off for routine maintenance and I usually just walk to work from the dealership but it's going to be 20 in the morning. I'm going to take some motivation from Katy Bowman and do it anyway! Plus I'll walk back in the afternoon to pick it up so that will probably be my outside movement for the day.

    We cooked enough over the last few days that I don't need to do much cooking. Aren't leftovers great? The pork tenderloin came out really good so we had some of it for dinner last night and there's enough for one more meal. I'll only work 4 days next week then spend all day Friday in the car driving to LA for the wedding. Maybe I'll try to row before we leave since I'll be a captive in a bucket seat for 9 hours. My mom brought me a gorgeous, flowy snakeskin-print skirt and a taupe blouse with big bell sleeves to go with it so I have something new and pretty to wear and it fits- just fits. Shoes are being a struggle and I'm still working on those but I'm excited to have something pretty to wear. 

    Costco alert! They didn't have their organic, compliant turkey breast when I stopped in Tuesday. There wasn't even a place on the shelf where it was supposed to be so I don't know if they were out or if they've stopped carrying it. It would make me so sad if they stopped carrying it. I was planning on bringing some on our road trip so I may need a back-up plan. My husband likes to get out of the car on long trips and get something to eat but I know I'm going to do plenty of off-roading while we're in LA so I want to choose wisely and, in my book, roadside whatever doesn't make the cut. I can eat in the car and I'll just have something to drink while he eats wherever he wants. That makes it easier for him, too because he doesn't have to consider what I will or won't be able to eat. 

    Time to take a quick walk and settle in to eat my big frog of the day! Happy trails. Happy knees.

  25. Happy Monday! I hope your friends and their caretakers are doing well. I know we've talked about it before but most people tend to forget that caretakers need some care, too. I sometimes feel what can best be called survivor guilt when I walk past all of the people at work that are so sick or broken or both. Yeah, I need to drop some poundage and have inner struggles that need work but I am essentially well and don't have to deal with chronic pain or some chronic (or acute!) disease. I know I'm weird but one of the many things I can give thanks for is being able to just go to the bathroom normally and without assistance! A simple thing but not really.

    On 2/7/2020 at 11:50 AM, LadyLisbette said:

    Prevention, prevention, prevention, to the best of our abilities.

    Yep! And I'm getting better at it, I think. I've managed some quiet time every morning while my husband and mom are still asleep to do my peaceful mobility sessions and have had the luxury of stretching (haha) them out to 40-50 minutes. I've also done some kind of more intense movement every afternoon. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you're a lady of leisure and don't have to go to work! Friday I rowed (2 miles in 20 minutes which is really good for me). Saturday I walked our street with my mom, 2 miles plus I included 4 trips up & down the driveway. She's a flatlander (and 82!) so the driveway is a big challenge. Yesterday I took her out to the rails-to-trails trail and we did a 3 mile walk. It was her decision to push herself and she did really well but bonked pretty hard after we got home. I'm definitely feeling slimmer and firmer so yippee and I'm getting in the groove of being stretchy in the AM and doing something more aggressive in the PM. That's a habit I want to cultivate, for sure!

    We've been compliant with our meals and also not doing anything heroic so we have time for other fun things. Today it's pouring down rain all day so we're going bra shopping. Not exactly fun but necessary and one of those things that are good to have done (plus we are both in dire need). There's a really cool herb/tea shop across town that I knew she would love and it's next door to a knife shop. The day after she got here, we dropped off her sad, dull knives to be sharpened then went next door for tea. We had a wonderful time so tomorrow we'll go pick up her knives and have more tea. That will be our last excursion before she leaves on Wednesday. 

    Your pork tenderloin sounds delicious. Thanks for the idea; we need to stop at Costco today so I think I'll pick some up for a quick and easy dinner tonight then plan on a leftover buffet for tomorrow night. Or, if we're too tired after our shopping escapade, vice versa. Gotta have a plan! We have a couple of small craft-type projects to work on and, poof!, her visit will be over. I made a big meatloaf and last night I made a big pot of red beans. Not compliant but very delicious and part of my FFF to add some back in periodically. We've had lots of roasted vegetables and lots of kale and turnip greens- keeping it simple. 

    Mom's up so I guess it's time to sign off! Until later...