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  1. I'm counting my blessings as well. One afternoon I walked out of our building with one of the physician scientists that specializes in breast cancer and I just casually asked her how she was doing. She replied that she was terrific because she wasn't one of our patients and I've always remembered that. There are so many things that can go wrong with our bodies and minds that it's a miracle that any of us make it as long as we do. So many things to be thankful for! I'm feeling a bit puffy & bloated today from a little splurge on happy hour wine yesterday but, this too shall pass! Yummm
  2. I have been so busy and the days are flying by! I'm so glad I finally have a minute to check in and maybe take a breath or two. How are the babies? I, too, am feeling a little lightening up and it's feeling good. I had an almost overwhelming craving for buttered noodles for dinner Monday night but I managed to distract myself for a while with some blueberries and chores then had perfectly grilled chicken and broccoli with ranch dressing instead. I made some cauli tortillas Sunday so I could have an actual taco for dinner so that was a nice bit of variety. They're a bit of a pain to make
  3. Chalk up one successful, compliant frog cook-up! There are more in my future, for sure, though! I had to tell someone yesterday that her frog was smaller than some of the others and was going to have to wait. Spring is prematurely springing here, too. The daffodils are about 6 inches high and everybody's worried that they'll freeze and die if we get real winter weather. So far the forecast is cold but pretty reasonable (highs in the mid 40's and lows around freezing) so maybe we'll get lucky. This weekend might be seed starting time but I'm wondering if I should wait until after our trip
  4. Life includes both predictable and unpredictable events. The predictable events require us to be adapted, and the unpredictable events require us to be adaptable. Erwan Le Corre, The Practice of Natural Movement
  5. Congratulations on some Tigerblood and hopefully it helped you navigate your unexpectedly long day! It sounds like you have a good plan for working on your knee, too. I am feeling the benefit of all of my movement as well. I have shown up for my morning routine for the last two weeks (M-F) and I added in a KB video every afternoon except yesterday when I decided to spend a bit of time on the rowing machine. I didn't try to do anything heroic but I rowed 1.33 miles in 15 minutes and was happy with that. The scale said that I've only given one pound back to the universe but I feel slimmer and st
  6. How nice that you were able to create nice places to journal! I love the idea of moving to your orange chair for dream journaling; it seems so fitting. I've gone back through some of our earlier posts when I was looking for a link or something and it's kinda weird but interesting: Did I write that??! Thanks for tip about the hibiscus tea crime scene clean-up! I can SO see me doing that. I make my own tooth powder instead of buying expensive chemical-free toothpaste and I knocked the open container onto the floor Sunday night. It looked like an explosion in a flour factory but smelled mint
  7. I would order Breakfast a la Lisbette! It sounds delicious and it's also a major NSV that you were able to figure out what was causing your gastric distress. The reward for that is getting to enjoy your creamy delicious cafe au lait. It's funny, we had a version of your breakfast for lunch yesterday- smoked poblano sausages with coleslaw so it was spicy and creamy. I'm planning on having the leftovers for a quick lunch before people show up for game time. Thanks for the IG mini tutorial; I found your message. I forget that the IG app has features that aren't on my laptop. I need to think
  8. It sounds like the main theme is showing up: in our communications, our intentions, our self love, all of it! I'm working on it; just being mindful of it is a big step. I struggle to communicate my needs/wants so that's a biggie that I need to show up for- today! Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for the holistic psychologist link. OK, I have to confess that I am unskilled in the ways of social media. I created an IG account so I could follow people I was interested in but have never learned how to actually use it. I tried to find what you sent me but didn't see it so I just cut and pas
  9. Well, another day of KATT so I decided it was better to not say anything until I could say something nice and keep reminding myself that, this too, shall pass! I showed up for myself yesterday in spite of interruptions and managed 30 minutes of glorious peace and quiet this morning. I have had this discussion with my husband before and we were watching something one night (I can't for the life of me remember what!) that mentioned how meditative a movement practice can be and he asked me if I did that. I told him I did and that was why it was important to me not to be interrupted and to have qu
  10. Annnd...not such good sleep last night. Can't win 'em all and I know it's a process so I need to appreciate my victories and not dwell on the less-than-good nights. I managed not to snack yesterday and did an hour of Katy Bowman "how to squat" while my husband was stuck at the DMV so I had a good day. Squeaky "helped" me improve my squat by taking up the entire pillow I was using as a bolster. He also talked to me a lot and made me rub on his head every time I stretched. Funny? Yes. Efficient? Not so much! I need to do some extra work on strength, too. I did some weights yesterday and tod
  11. The chicken and mushrooms looks delicious. My husband is mushroom-averse and only eats white meat but I think I might make a pan of that for me the next time I get one of those big packs of thighs from Costco. Or maybe I'll do what you did and use a whole chicken so I can have the dark meat and ALL of the mushrooms! I made a Costco gas + produce stop yesterday on my way home so it was nice to have dinner plus all of my work food all ready to go. I didn't have to do anything except vacuum up Asian beetles-ugh- they look like lady bugs but aren't! Your Waldorf salad sounds good too; I've been c
  12. Happy Monday! We had almost 2 inches of rain- AGAIN! The water coming down the hill sounded like a river but all is well, even if it is rather soggy. Thankfully, we didn't have to go anywhere during the deluge and it was over by the time we needed to head into town for the show. The show was great!! We had some friends come by to watch the football games yesterday and that was fun, too. It was a last minute decision so our goal was to have something to snack on that didn't involve going to the grocery. I made MJ's spiced nuts and Michelle Tam's Asian meatballs. One person brought a nice
  13. Thanks for the support and encouragement; I really appreciate it. I think I'm making really good progress breaking my mindless glass(es) of wine in the afternoon but remember Melissa addressing that habit and suggesting that substituting another beverage in its place may not actually be breaking the habit. I'm being mindful about it, though, and don't feel like I'm just substituting. When I have my pretty, sparkling glass of whatever, I'm not having it as a mechanism to not have something else but, like you said, even that is better than keeping up the old bad habit. All in all, I'm feel
  14. So glad to hear that you found your journal. I hate when I do things like that; a friend of mine used to call it "self-created drama"! Ugh, our propane company did that to us a couple of years ago and we ran out on Thanksgiving day so no hot water to do dishes. Thankfully, we were able to find another company that's doing a really good job and they've even moved into the tech age and have an online presence and everything! The other company would (literally) pin our bill to the side of our garage door when they remembered to leave us one at all. Then they wouldn't refill because we hadn't paid
  15. Since I got home at noon with frozen chuck roasts and wanted to serve the chili Saturday night, I was rushing to get this batch done so I used the pressure cooker. I cooked the beans (20 minutes!) while I was browning the meat then put the meat and sauce in the pressure cooker then added the beans back in at the very end. It should have taken about 30 minutes to cook the meat but it wasn't getting tender. After 30 minutes +10+10+15+ another 10, it was FINALLY tender enough to shred. I like for some of it to stay in tender chunks and some to shred up to catch all of the juice. I've done 3-pound
  16. Hopefully, by now, all of that kitty love has you feeling better! You had a kale fiasco and I missed it!? What happened? Lima bean soup sounds wonderful. I love limas even the big giant ones when they're cooked well and not all dried up inside. I've always had limas cooked with something meaty and smoky but one day a co-worker in Louisiana brought some to a potluck that had shrimp in them. I thought that was so weird and had to really force myself to try them but, oh man, were those delicious! I tried a new bean this weekend, Rio Zape beans from Rancho Gordo. I went to the farm store at
  17. It was heavenly! So sorry you're under the weather; hopefully it will clear up quickly. I love having soup when my throat's sore- even sipping on bone broth feels so soothing and healing. My allergy appointment went pretty much as I expected. I'm not really allergic to anything, just a slight reaction to cat & dog so it's essentially environmental sensitivities: humidity, barometric pressure, weather extremes, scents and irritants. I've been trying one of the steroid sprays so they want me to increase that and add an antihistamine spray- apparently they have a synergistic effect
  18. Our NY/anniversary plans changed due to procrastination but it wound up being a good thing! We waited too long to get reservations at the restaurant we wanted and I couldn't find anything else that appealed to me or wasn't booked up. I defrosted a beautiful grass-fed NY strip and we picked up some really nice shrimp and a bottle of champagne. After dinner we watched the third episode of the jazz documentary. It was quiet and peaceful and perfect! Yesterday we went to a friend's birthday party and that was really nice, too. I ate a little before we headed over there but had a couple of ribs tha
  19. Oh, yeah! We know all about thunder paws. It sounds like a herd of elephants running through the house. My husband said that when he was in the basement he couldn't tell if it's me or cats coming down the stairs. Now that Maybelle isn't here for Squeaky to chase, it's a lot quieter, though. Squeaky is a sucker for citrus! if I peel an orange, he'll grab my hand with his paw and start licking the juice/oil off and he'll sniff very closely if I have a citrus EO on. Other than that he doesn't seem to care but I know some of the oils, like peppermint, are toxic to cats so I try not to pet him if I
  20. Ugh, I'd rather have someone hula-hooping outside of my window than a drone! That is definitely creepy. Thankfully, we've never had that problem and we don't have curtains either. I had to hang a long, thick curtain in the stairs to help dampen the echo in the living room and I hung a sheer in the bathroom window that overlooks the stairs to the front door but, other than that, we're open to the world. Someone would have to use binoculars or a telescope (or a drone) to get a look into the house and I figure they deserve what they get at that point! We're pretty rural out here and most people
  21. Good morning @LadyLisbette! How was your hike? I managed to squeeze in four laps down the driveway and around the house- about 30 minutes worth- yesterday afternoon. I told my husband I was going out to unenthusiastically (spellcheck doesn't think that's a word) walk the driveway but by the time I finished I was pretty happy about it. I managed to do some hanging on each lap behind the house for some variety and was glad I got in some outside time before it goes to raining for the weekend. I've really been feeling what you said about reinventing yourself every so often and that seems to
  22. Hey @Jim4884 glad to hear you've been doing well. Hopefully your flare-ups will recede as quickly as they appeared!
  23. It really was merry and bright! Now, back to reality! Not that's that's a bad thing but it is definitely a thing today. I got up before my husband every day this long weekend and totally enjoyed the quietude before it was time to get things done. We had a pretty peaceful day yesterday. Brunch was nice but not much I wanted to eat. I had couple of small bites of ribs before realizing that even if I scraped the sauce off of them, they were sugar bombs. Thankfully, about half of the little piece I took was bone. I mostly ate my deviled eggs, some fruit and some almonds. I was almost tempted to tr
  24. Thanks! I felt like I was floundering about a bit yesterday without the rules, especially when I went into a Whole Foods-type store and wanted EVERYTHING, but I managed to (mostly) maintain. My breakfast and dinner were compliant but I splurged a little at lunch. I was running around town and grabbed a dark chocolate almond Primal Kitchen collagen bar (honey & monk fruit but only 2 g worth of added sugar so it's not much) paired with a Waterloo coconut sparkling water then I picked up a little piece of country pate (dairy & bourbon) when I stopped at the butcher shop and ate that with
  25. My party was also super fun! It was a long day and I'm super tired but it was a terrific night. As always, I tried to do too much but I thought I was going to have some help from my husband who wound up not lifting a finger to help until it was time to load the car . After all of the fuss about the the kale (I found more at Whole Food so now I have a ton of kale defrosted) I ran out of time and energy and didn't make the creamed kale. Oh well! More for me . Aside from the kale drama, I had horseradish drama, too, which is probably not a common event in most people's lives. I now have enough fr