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  1. Snarky Puppy tonight!! Woohoo! The opening act looks interesting, too: House of Waters, a three piece with percussion, a six-string bass and a hammered dulcimer(!!!). I have dinner planned and almost ready to go- chicken enchilada-stuffed peppers based off of a paleurunningmama recipe that kirbz mentioned. I was hoping that Spooky would be in a good enough place so you could go to Jazz Fest so I'm glad to hear it! I've been a bit all over the place with food, too. I've been mostly compliant but made some delicious succotash with the last of the summer corn and fresh limas and had to have
  2. Me too! I have to ask about the chicken enchilada stuffed peppers! Did you follow a recipe? That sounds so good and i have a fridge full of peppers from our garden right now. Great job staying fueled up during your big hike/climb, too!
  3. OK, what happened to this week??!! I've been crazy busy at work and taking it a little easier at home but this week just went by in a blur. I've cooked a little, read a little and moved a little. I'm sleeping better but it's hard to tell sometimes because of a large black cat that thinks the middle of the night is cuddle time and time to wash my face It's so odd that he's so clingy at night and in the morning when I'm trying to stretch but then he's Mr. Independence the rest of the time. How was that jazz documentary? It sounds like so much fun. We're off to see The Mavericks tonight so
  4. Ahhh having some extra cushion on my knees felt mahvelous this morning. I was very closely supervised by a very bossy big cat so I think I did it right, too! Child's pose is one of the poses that I use to work on my messed up shoulder but having a 17-lb cat lying on your arms while you do it makes it even more interesting. I am trying not to take on any new projects either and have been working on tying up the loose ends on some old ones so I don't have that feeling of something always hanging over my head. It's all small stuff but it seems like there's a ton of it. So yesterday evening
  5. Mark Knopfler was a-mazing and, of course, he has an incredibly talented bunch of musicians (10!) with him. They dimmed the lights between songs and switched out instruments so it was a surprise every time to see who was playing what. He commented that he "only" plays one instrument but the other guys in the band play 49! Lots of different stringed instruments and, the most unusual, Uilleann (Irish) Pipes. Very cool and worth getting to bed way later than usual but I slept really well so don't feel terrible. We live close to a busy road, too, but it's easy to ignore and it's not visibly i
  6. It sounds like you were much more successful that I was about adding some fun time and not using the extra day to just do more work. We did manage to venture out every day and, since the weather was nice, took the motorcycle instead of 4 wheels. We tried a new (to us) spot on Saturday and had a great bunless burger while people and dog watching- fun! Then we went home and hung out on the deck until way past dark. It was a beautiful night! So I guess we weren't all work and no play but it was still more work than play! The tomatoes are gone We ripped them out Saturday morning, pulled out all o
  7. Somebody might be able to get that cobweb from the roof but it's not me! Three stories high and our roof has a 45% pitch. Those windows are a mess anyway from all of the construction last fall so I just need to bite the bullet and get window washers out to work their magic. Our house is grey like the color of weathered wood and the doors are barn red. We still haven't repainted the deck but it will be the color the house was supposed to be which is just a slightly darker shade of grey. That treated wood has to sit for a minimum of six months before you can paint it and by then it was too hot t
  8. Future tripping- that's my MO! Not a good thing. Drinking for kitties is a big deal so maybe it means she's feeling better. Are you still giving her some CBD? I got some CBD treats for my big boy yesterday. He's a bit gimpy on his back, left leg and I'm hoping it will help. He's not usually very picky but I was worried he'd turn up his nose at them. The other ingredients in them are really good and he wolfed them down but they're pretty pricey. If they give him any benefit I'm good with that, though. I'm trying a new tincture to help with sleep so that's a work in progress. When I picked up th
  9. What fun! It sounds like y'all had a wonderful weekend. Good for you plus another one coming up! A stay-cation with some short hikes sounds grand. We don't have any specific plans for the weekend except that we don't want to turn it into a three day work-ourselves-to-death marathon. It looks like we're going to have great weather, though. Highs around 90 and lows in the upper 60's so that will be great. I'm envisioning lots of deck time (that starts with cleaning the tree debris off of it). I'm trying to get a lot done in the evenings so we feel like we have some breathing room over the weeken
  10. Monday update: No on the relish and the duck sausage. Yes on the smoker- enough salmon to go with my scrambled eggs w coconut aminos (YUM, by the way) and Lebanese spice blend. Not sure if I'm crazy about the chipotles in adobo but they're done, too. Hubs got the kitchen and main hallway vacuumed and mopped so that's a start on the floors. Didn't get in the garden except to pick and do a little weeding but it's been raining and that will make it easier to pull out the 4-foot stakes that are holding the tomato cages in place. Made it to the farmer's market and got a great deal on some meat
  11. You too! Here's something funny: My to-do list this weekend: make the relish I didn't get to this week and the duck sausage I didn't get to last week, smoke some jalapenos to make chipotles in adobo sauce and since I have the smoker going, throw in a salmon filet, braise/sous vide a beef roast, farmer's market to pick up meat and get some fresh corn to freeze at my hubbie's request, do something with tomatoes & peppers, tear at least one row of tomatoes out and maybe all of them, put the closet back together, finish putting up a light fixture in the basement, and MUST mop the flo
  12. Hahaha! Poop nightmare! Not sure why but that phrase got me chuckling. I'm with you on the upset stomach thing. It only happens to me at work and after lunch but not every day. I've never been able to track it down to a particular food or dish- very frustrating. I've kept a food log and sometimes I think it's a little too much added fat, or (horror!) tomatoes but then it's not repeatable. Maybe I have a sensitivity to work! Maybe I should quit and just tend my garden and kitchen. I think our mortgage company might have something to say about that. I haven't tried coconut aminos on scrambled e
  13. I work in healthcare; you can't ruin my appetite with poop and E coli stories! I'd be careful, for sure. I definitely think that it's possible to be exposed to various infectious organisms and not get sick or get less sick. A healthy immune system is your best friend!! Still, minimizing exposure would be wise. I'm surprised the local health department hasn't stepped in. Canning salsa is SO labor intensive! I did a batch with 7 lbs of tomatoes, about 10 cups, and split it in half so I could do a taste-test of lime juice vs red wine vinegar. While I was working on that I also scrambled egg
  14. I knew you had tree work planned but didn't realize the chaos had started. You're making so much headway on defining your outside space; that's so exciting. I hear you on those spinning plates! I'm trying to keep the cooking as simple as possible right now. We managed a 2-pound batch of "hamburger helper" this weekend so I'll get a bunch of mileage out of that. I use it as a catch-all for whatever produce I have that needs to get used up so it wound up being sort of chili relleno-ish. There were some bell peppers from the garden that were either crazy-shaped and not stuff-able or had bobos on
  15. And the waves of tomatoes keep coming! I brought a dozen big ones to work to give away but that's just a drop in the bucket. We canned 15 pints of marinara sauce last night and got about 20 cups of roasted tomatoes, onions and garlic into the freezer the night before. I roasted them a little slower than I usually do so all of the extra liquid would evaporate and they came out really sweet- kinda raisin-y so I'm thinking that might make a nice winter-time salsa. We had reached the point where all of the refrigerators were jam-packed so we had to finish all of the projects that were in the works
  16. No tub soak and no sausage but killed it on everything else. I didn't get to the salsa experiment yet either but I have a plan and all of the ingredients so that's on the agenda for this week. The weekend was a blur of all things tomato! I think the tomatoes are winning. We are seriously tired and I made the mistake of looking closely at the pepper plants and they are going crazy, too. Saturday was a 12 hour day of tomato processing, eggplant cooking and miscellaneous house stuff. The closet is even patched and painted! I never left the house and still managed over 12,000 steps! Yesterday was
  17. Success on the to-do list yesterday afternoon! The beef ribs were deee-licious and a nice reward for getting down in the garden in the heat. I slow-roasted the tomatoes, onions and garlic and it made the house smell amazing. I can only do three sheetpans-ful at a time so it's not quick but it's mostly hands-off so not too bad. I have the last of my gyro meat for lunch today so that is sad. Since I now have access to reasonably priced lamb, I think that's one of the things I'd like to keep in the freezer for emergencies. I'll probably regret this at some point this weekend but I'm pla
  18. Spunky Spooky! Yeah! It sounds like you're on a roll! Nothing like some productivity to give you a boost, right? What a great idea to have a diffuser running to promote you aromatherapy products! The lavender/rosemary/sweet orange is my new favorite combination, thanks to you. I love putting it in my unscented lotion as a change from my usual grapefruit. I'm so sorry you had a parallel closet disaster. What a mess but it sounds like your husband found a good solution. Our closet isn't very big so I think we're going to stick with the wire shelves that were already there even though
  19. Ugh, greasy mess. I've used a grill pan before; is your stove-top grill similar? I wasn't crazy about it because it just didn't cook very evenly and was awful to scrub clean but nothing as messy as that! Not that I haven't had my share of greasy, splattery messes though. That's why I hate browning meat for braises and love serious eats idea about browning it in large chunks then cutting it up smaller to braise. When I make beef bone broth I feel like I get every pot, pan and surface in the kitchen greasy and have to really be in the mood to just tackle the clean-up afterwards. This weeken
  20. Sort, clean, organize and socialize- sounds like a nice day. I love sitting around the fire pit! The one we got came with a grill to put on top. It sounds good but, in practicality, not so much. You have to get a big, thick bed of coals to be able to cook on it. That takes quite a while but it was fun the two times we did it. I'd rather just sit and be mesmerized by the flames and flames aren't so great for cooking! My hang-out bar is right outside of the kitchen door over the flagstone and on my way to the compost bin- multitasking! Me, too! I've done 20 minutes the last two days. I'
  21. Ode To The Tomato! Love it. Hmmm, Spooky might not be too crazy about the nail caps. I found this: https://nationalcatgroomers.com/nail-cap-myths/ and it sounds like you have to trim their nails first then glue the little caps on. I would be bleeding if I tried that with my boy! That pic was my little white-whiskered girl. They're both black- little girl and big boy. We didn't plan it that way; they just came into our lives. Now that I've learned that black kitties are harder to adopt out, I'll always favor them. I added a few more minutes to my mobility work this morning. I'm hopin
  22. And life goes on... I spent my quiet day working on a double batch egg roll bowl, a triple batch of laundry detergent, cleaned off the deck- billions of tiny acorns and debris from all of the storms we've had, tended to some of my fermenty friends and picked up after my girl. That was hard. The battle of the fruit flies continues but I think we're starting to get ahead of their breeding program. I don't think I mentioned it but we've been inundated with fruit flies. The first round started under the basement sink and I finally discovered a leaky drain pipe that was attracting them.
  23. Oh! Thank you so much for the poppy seeds; they arrived on my birthday! I can't wait to plant them but I want to chose their location carefully. From what I've read, I have a couple of months to decide. I have NOT heard of Suzanne Simard or Peter Wohlleben. I read an interview with her while I ate my breakfast this morning. Her research is fascinating and actually mirrors much of what biodynamics says about the connection of everything to everything. Mycorrhiza are the bomb! One of the best demos at the biodynamic conferences is when they pull up a plant and examine the roots. Are they nice a
  24. No you're not! I should have explained better! It's a fermenty thing. You can cut up green tomatoes and ferment them exactly like you would do Kosher dill pickles- brine, garlic, dill and a few peppercorns. I made a small batch last year and they got devoured at Hoedown. It's hard to find something to do with green tomatoes besides frying them and we had lots of them knocked off of the plants after a storm blew through and knocked everything over. I made a great relish one year with them and some variety of bell pepper that was pale green, green olives white balsamic vinegar and olive oil. It
  25. I'm with you on that vicious cycle of not sleeping well! It's been awful. Last night I was so desperate for a good night's sleep that I took one of my husband's sleeping pills. We had a crazy-productive weekend that wore me out and being sleep deprived on top of that left me feeling awful. It also led to some "I'm too tired to care" food decisions. I feel much better today and can bask in the glory of all of the work we did this weekend. Tomatoes! Billions and billions of tomatoes! We got our first tomato sauce cook-up going- 16 quarts before they cooked down and run through the food mill! Aft