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    hollysmokes reacted to LadyLisbette in Psyching Up For a December Whole 30 Graduates   
    Do you do one braid or two? I think braids are so pretty. Mostly I wear them when I hike, but am about to do some experimenting. Do you wear / have you ever worn French braids? I'd like to learn that soon so I can show my stripes in different ways to help get me through the awkward 2 years of gray grow-out I am looking at. It's interesting to me about your inclination towards looking in the mirror with expectation of seeing change. That feels really understandable to me, though I can't find words or rationale for it. I think it might be a deeply intuitive thing, and though I can't relate precisely to your current challenge, something in me says, "yes, that makes sense." Transformation has to be happening, and you are feeling it, so sensitively. The curiosity of it is a sign of Heart chi, and that encourages me with a measure of joy!
    Did you have your bath? How did it feel? How is your fever and cough today? How is your hubby? Yesterday I forgot my phone at home, but today I will bring it, and look forward to your news. My new epsom salt bath gel is eucalyptus/spearmint, on second look. I took my bath last night but was too distracted and mentally hectic to really relax and follow my breath, although I did feel more relaxed afterwards, so that is something, and I'll take it, gladly.
    Today is our 5th wedding anniversary! I'm not sure if we will celebrate tonight or tomorrow when we have more time, and our 1.5 day of weekend...I made lemon garlic chicken last night that can be re-heated tonight, or we might treat ourselves to take out from the steak house in town that is offering specials for take out. It's been controversial up there because they advertised on FB and people came from up to an hour away, and only 20% of them tipped, causing a lot of hurt and FB drama. Playing it by ear like everything else these days.
    Love and hugs to you!
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    I heard this twice yesterday so I figured it was my message from the universe so i thought I'd share it with you. I'm glad I listened.
    Soulshine The Allman Brothers Band   When you can't find the light
    That got you through the cloudy days
    When the stars ain't shinin' bright
    You feel like you've lost you're way
    When the candlelight of home
    Burns so very far away
    Well, you got to let your soul shine
    Just like my daddy used to say
    He used to say soulshine
    It's better than sunshine
    It's better than moonshine
    Damn sure better than rain
    Hey, now people don't mind
    We all feel this way sometimes
    You gotta let your soul shine, shine till the break of day
    I grew up thinkin' I had it made
    Gonna make it on my own
    Life can take the strongest man
    Make him feel so alone
    Now sometimes I feel a cold wind
    Blowin' through my achin' bones
    I think back to what my daddy said
    He said "boy, in this darkness before the dawn"
    Let your soul shine
    It's better than sunshine
    It's better than moonshine
    Damn sure better than rain
    Yeah, now people don't mind
    We all get this way sometimes
    You've got to let your soul shine, shine till the break of day
    Sometimes a man can feel this emptiness
    Like a woman has robbed him of his very soul
    A woman too, God knows, she can feel like this
    And when your world seems cold, you got to let your spirit take control
    Let your soul shine
    It's better than sunshine
    It's better than moonshine
    Damn sure better than rain
    Lord now people don't mind
    We all feel this way sometimes
    Gotta let your soul shine, shine till the break of day
    Oh, it's better than sunshine
    It's better than moonshine
    Damn sure better than rain
    Yeah, now people don't mind
    We all feel this way sometimes
    You've got to let your soul shine, shine till the break of day   Songwriters: Warren Haynes
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    hollysmokes reacted to BabyBear in Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020   
    It’s Day 14, two weeks compliant and that is saying something!
    7:55 rise and shine. Lots and lots to do today.  Got everyone up and started food prep.  1st up sweet potato mini quiche.  I scored some sausage at Sprouts that is compliant, and it’s got a kick.  I hope I can handle the heat!
    The mini quiche turned out lovely!  

    9:30 M1: 1.5 eggs and about 6oz sausage and 1/3c pineapple.
    I had about 1.5 eggs left over and 1/3 of the sausage so I tossed the two in a hot pan and made me a sausage scramble.  Oh I wish I had had some Lettuce left because that would have been great as a wrap.  I finished off the pineapple with it. Yum!  Now to rush off to the boys cooking class.  I have to remember no taste testing the apple pie or quiche they are making.  
    And they plopped a piece of ice cream and pie down in front of me! So I fed most of it to the baby and when he was done… I grabbed the plate and spoon, picked it up took a long whiff as my eyes rolled back into my head I tossed it in the trash. That’s how we tame the inner two year old saying I want it! I want it! I want it!  Not today sweetheart, it just doesn’t match up with your current long term goals darling.  There will be apple pie in your future, just not today so sit your butt down and drink some water.  And so I did.  
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    hollysmokes reacted to BabyBear in Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020   
    This is resonated with my soul this morning after my morning quiet time. 
    They say the bravest thing is for an addict to take the first steps to recovery.  Food is my drug of choice, and I am neck deep in the struggle of recovery.  
    This journey is so much more than just what I choose to put in my mouth!  80% of the struggle is mental/emotional junk I must overcome, and no one but me can do it for me.  
    It is Day 12 and I am resolute today and in this moment to change my mindset and my desires towards food and health.  I am better than I was, but not as well as I could be.  The struggle is slow and long, but temporary.  I am changing.  This is my metamorphosis.

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    hollysmokes got a reaction from Jim4884 in Psyching Up For a December Whole 30 Graduates   
    It really was merry and bright! Now, back to reality! Not that's that's a bad thing but it is definitely a thing today. I got up before my husband every day this long weekend and totally enjoyed the quietude before it was time to get things done. We had a pretty peaceful day yesterday. Brunch was nice but not much I wanted to eat. I had couple of small bites of ribs before realizing that even if I scraped the sauce off of them, they were sugar bombs. Thankfully, about half of the little piece I took was bone. I mostly ate my deviled eggs, some fruit and some almonds. I was almost tempted to try a friend's family recipe mandarin orange cake but when she said it was a doctored up box mix frosted in cool whip, that made it really easy to pass up. We came home, munched on a bunch of almonds and watched a movie while our little pork roast cooked. It came out great but the lobster wound up being a little under done and we had to give it a short, gentle nuking. It was good but not great but I'd do it again with some adjustments. I managed to put breakfasts and lunches together using leftovers so I was able to clean out the fridge a bit while I was at it. That's about all of the housework that's been done for the last few days, too! Keeping the kitchen from descending into chaos was about all I could keep up with.
    We were able to take advantage of the fabulous weather and went for a little hike on Christmas eve. It was so nice then we came home and had scallops and green beans for dinner. My husband requested teriyaki-ish for the green beans but he realized that teriyaki sauce is, essentially, syrup. It's nice that he's become more aware of what's in the food he eats but he still eats it no matter what. Freezer to the rescue! I remembered that I had some of Michelle Tam's all-purpose stir fry sauce freezen so I just reduced it and added it to the green beans with some toasted almond slices (his idea again!). It was really good but a little too salty because I over-reduced it- oops but have to remember that!
    Nothing like a sharp talon on your nose or lip in the middle of the night, huh? I had to put a spare pillow on my night table when Squeaky was younger to keep him off of it because he loved to chew on my glasses. The other thing he liked to chew on was the power cord for my computer. I had to replace it twice and Apple is pretty proud of those so I opted for a knock-off brand the second time, thinking that I'd probably have to get another one eventually but he's lost interest now that he's an old fart. He still likes to attack the toilet paper and grocery tote bags and boxes are all his if they're on the floor. 
    Have you seen the Ken Burns documentary about jazz? That was the background for our scallop dinner- really nice. I think we'll take it easy tonight, watch another episode and have leftover pork roast and roasted vegetables for dinner. 
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    13 is my favorite number. When I was little, my grandparents lived overseas and my grandmother brought be a charm bracelet from Thailand. One of the charms was a little key with a tiny tag that had the number thirteen on it. She said it was the key to happiness and that was my lucky number. So it is!
    Holy cow it has gone by in the blink of an eye but it also seems like it's been my whole life and everything else before that is so distant. My husband's niece is getting married on 2/20/2020 so we are going to LA for the celebration. It's right outside of New Orleans so we should escape most of the Mardi Gras madness- yep, that's Mardi Gras weekend but it's also our 25th anniversary together so it will be special. It's a big year for us; we both have significant birthdays this year, too.
    Right now I have my eye on the prize: a FIVE-day weekend next weekend! Cannot wait! So far, I don't have plans other than the party Saturday night and I don't have a to-do list either but I'm sure that will change. Yesterday I tried to get all grocery shopping done to carry me through Christmas even though I'm sure I've forgotten a thing or two. It took TWO trips to the farmer's market because I was so busy thinking about holiday stuff, I forgot to buy eggs, of all things! I struck up a great conversation with one of the vendors and his wife as I was buying their beautiful daikon radishes and Napa cabbage to make kimchi so that was really fun- now I just have to make it. I managed to get the two ferments started that I wanted to work on and that pretty much kicked my butt for the day! I now have a gallon jar of purple and white daikons fermenting so they should turn a beautiful color and I got a gallon jar of saueruben (spiralized turnips) started that my husband said looked like a bowl full of albino worms- thanks, honey!
    I have some ground turkey, leftover pieces of turnip and the last of my gigantic kohlrabi to make my breakfast hash (or casserole- I haven't decided yet) for the week and I picked up a pound of ground lamb to make gyro burgers for lunches. I'd like to take it easy and get some reading time today so I'll see how that goes.
    Yoga with kitties and happy hooping!
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    hollysmokes got a reaction from LadyLisbette in Psyching Up For a December Whole 30 Graduates   
    I'm so excited for you! It sounds like it was meant to be; just the way it should be. Have a wonderful birthday XO
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    hollysmokes reacted to kirbz in Kirbz's Whole30 Log   
    Thanks @hollysmokes, that's very kind of you. It's been very difficult but it was most definitely for the best and I know things will be better. For now, I'm focusing more on me and health and fitness are once again going to be a very big part of that! Today is now Day 2. I should finish just in time to indulge in Thanksgiving goodness! LOL. I hope all is well for you! 
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    hollysmokes got a reaction from LadyLisbette in Psyching Up For a December Whole 30 Graduates   
    Crazy, crazy day and I just have a second. I wasn't sure when you were heading to MJF and wanted to wish you happy travels and wonderful music. I'll have to dig it out but, somewhere I have a great quote from Tim O'Brien about the power of art. Gotta fly! 
    Be safe and enjoy!
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    hollysmokes reacted to EllieHH in Life Post Whole 30 - Struggling with Weight Gain and Normalcy   
    This IS what you have to learn for yourself - and reprogram what "indulgence" looks/feels like.  
    As far as dealing with your social life, I have found it totally acceptable to my friends for me to say "yeah, I'm not willing to risk this (dramatic hands sliding down the new bod) for that".  It gets a laugh because of the dramatic hands slide  and is a good reminder to yourself - and moves past the topic.  Your friends have seen that you look and feel better and they will get it and move on.  I also found new things to drink socially - sparkling water with lime and a splash of your chosen poison may be better because it's so close to sparkling water that you can have one and then go back to just plain sparkling water with citrus without feeling self-sacrificing or looking like you are "switching" to your friends and causing a stir (if this bothers you).  
    Every day is a new day to make better choices - don't let yesterday's bad ones define today's (sort of like the rest of life, huh?)
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    Yaaay! I'm so happy for you!  We slept in our house the very first night (in sleeping bags in front of the fireplace) but couldn't do anything else because all of our stuff was still on its way from NO. Now that the drama is over, the (fun) work begins. Think of all of the movement you'll be getting.  So much newness! It's a good thing you have those golden cuffs! I love being able to resist temptation and it's even better when it's not even tempting, yes? Still working on that part. There's a little local store that I stop in fairly regularly on my way home from work and I got into a routine of "rewarding" myself with a bar or a piece of cheese or a piece of local chocolate-y candy and I still find myself looking for my snack when I'm there. I've managed to restrain myself but I pouted about it. I have to stop there today so no pouting; I'll just rely on the golden cuffs. 
    Drinking more water had been helping me a lot as well. That was one of my goals this past W30 that I kept forgetting to mention. I'm better about it at work than I am at home so I really have to remind myself on the weekends. 
    I hope that piece of stained glass will fit when you have envisioned it; I love stained glass, too. So many decisions to make. I looked at some bedding sites lately, too, even though I'm kidding myself; there's no way my husband will ever part with our tempurpedic. I've ditched my pillow and would love to "downgrade" our bed to something more minimalistic and definitely chemical free but I don't see it happening. We have a platform bed but it's raised; not flush on the ground with storage. I would never get another one because it's just another place that has to be cleaned and it's a pain to really get under there to get the dust bunnies and fur balls. It would be fine if it was ON the ground or if the space was occupied by drawers but it was a freebie when we bought our bed so it is what it is.
    On the wine & sulfite front, I picked up a small box of organic red yesterday that said it had no detectable sulfites in it. After I got home with it, I realized it wasn't a regular box wine; it has a screw cap. Once exposed to air, it will go bad pretty quickly and it's the equivalent of two bottles so now I don't want to open it. I guess I could transfer it to a bottle so I can use my little vacuum pump on it to keep it fresh a little longer but that's really more wine than I want open at one time. Depending on what happens this weekend, it looks like we might be having a Superbowl party so maybe I'll save it for that. I'm not a football fan and am even less of a fan since they interjected all of the political stuff into a ridiculous game where adult men get paid an exorbitant amount of money to chase after a stupid ball. Anyway, rant over and we kinda got drafted into it but that's OK. I'll enjoy the company and ignore the marketing and absurdities. The good part is that I can make snacks and other food that's compliant.
    We cooked a chuck roast in the sous vide apparatus and it was unbelievable! I was thinking about doing it for the (possible) party but don't really want to serve a meal or sandwiches. It came out amazingly tender, juicy and pink- more steak-like than roast-like so I'm pretty excited about being able to take one of the cheaper cuts of meat and make it into something amazing. In meat smoking circles, some people treat it like brisket and, at about half the price, that's pretty awesome. I'm thinking about turning one into corned beef. If I then smoke it, it's pastrami and that sounds pretty good, too. 
    I'm heading to my favorite gigantic used book store this afternoon in search of more Earthsea books but first I have to get through computer upgrades/migrations at work. Gotta pay to play!
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    The "belly of January"; I love it! I do feel like I'm in a life renewal cycle right now; I have had a few quiet days of reading and just being on the hill so that has been good. I finally got into Ursula K LeGuin's Earthsea series, so thank you again for reminding me of her. I just realized that it's been almost a year since she died and we had that conversation about her. I started the last book of the trilogy last night so I need to head to my trusty used book store for the rest of them. I was laughing that the paperback originally sold for $1.75 and I paid almost $7 for it- worth every penny!
    I have some aloe vera gel coming with my shea butter and have a couple of different lotion recipes that I want to try. One of them uses a special plant-derived wax that helps with the emulsion so, hopefully, that will keep the aloe and oils as one. Does the pectin act in the same manner? I've never used it for anything besides jellies/jams. Yes, I do get my citric acid from Vitacost but I may switch to a different one that is non-GMO (plus the one I get from them is out of stock- like many of the items I get  ). Purple bath! As much as I love purple (my toes are painted purple right now), that may not be my favorite color for bath water! I probably won't add any oils to my lotion; my husband likes it unscented. I usually put a couple of drops of EO in my hand when I use it so I can change it up with my mood but my go-to is grapefruit and I just got a big bottle of it on sale!
    Yes, I'm realizing that as well and have been trying to divide and conquer instead of working myself to death on a single day. I hate when I get happy with the broth! I sometimes pull out the "juice" and cook it down in a separate pot when I've done that. Your pot of curry and the brocc soup recipe that @kirbz mentioned is making me think of soup so I might work on that this afternoon- cauli, broccoli, chicken, curry & coconut milk. I have to have something chewable in my soups! I wound up smoking two chickens Sunday because they were on the small side so that had been nice to have in the fridge- instant dinner last night. The bones are going to make some delicious stock, too.
    I'd be glad to share the Moroccan Chicken recipe! Here it is:
    6 green onions, chopped
    1 teaspoon garlic, pureed
    1 teaspoon ground coriander seeds
    2 tablespoons chopped parsey
    1 teaspoon salt
    1 1/2 teaspoons paprika
    1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
    1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin
    1/4 cup butter (or ghee), softened
    Process the first eight ingredients. Add butter and process to make a paste. Rub generously on chicken and let marinate at least one hour. Grill.
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    @LadyLisbette sometime learning what NOT to do is more instructive than learning what TO do but I'm so sorry you had such a frustrating, draining day. I hope you're feeling better and have recovered. I agree with what you said to @Elizabeth33 about the consequences of not eating optimally. I can really tell when I haven't eaten well or sufficiently and I seem to have the most trouble on the weekends because my schedule tends to get skewed. I think it was last weekend that I wound up having "brunch" and "lunner" on Saturday then realized that the same thing was happening on Sunday so I made myself wait until noon to eat a real lunch at lunch time. It was a gap of about 20 hours and I didn't feel terrible but I was tired and bordering on hangry.  This weekend I tried to have breakfast closer to my usual time instead of waiting for my husband (or my mom when she's here) and that seemed to work better than waiting for them and eating breakfast at 10!
    Shea butter is what I'm waiting on right now! I do remember that luxurious balm from England; do you mind sharing the recipe?  Lemon and sage sounds delicious. 
    The first time I made my own laundry detergent, I made the liquid version and found it to be a pain in the butt to make, use and store. I've been making a powdered one for several years now and have been really happy with it. It requires a food processor to get a really fine powder but I've read about people using a hand grater to grate up the bar of soap (now there's a way to get more movement into your day!). I use a bar Kirk's castile soap when I make it but, theoretically, you can use any bar of soap that you like. I think the original recipe used Fels-Naptha but I hate the smell of it and it has some questionable ingredients so I started using Kirk's. Anyway, I cut the bar of soap longways into 3 pieces so it will fit down the tube of my processor and run it through the grater disk. Leave the grated soap in the processor and change the disk for the regular blade. Add 1 cup washing soda (AKA soda ash), 1 cup of borax, 10 drops of orange EO and 5 drops of lemon (but you can use more/less/none/other oils). Process to mix and get it all to a uniform powder. Let it settle for a couple of minutes before you open the lid. You can use it as is but I add 2 cups of Oxy-Clean to it. I just found out that the oxy-clean that I get from Costco has some stuff in it that I didn't want but the pure stuff is given an "A" rating by the EWG so I ordered that online. I usually make 3 batches at a time because the Kirk's comes in 3-packs and it lasts a nice long time using about 1/2 cup/load. If I need to prewash spots (almost always) I just put a little in a cup with a little water and use a brush to scrub it into the spots. Let is sit for a few minutes at least and it's ready to go.
    My dishwasher soap is 1C borax, 1C washing soda, 1/2 C citric acid and 1/2 C Morton's kosher salt. It will want to absorb moisture and solidify so I leave the container open for a day or two depending on the humidity (but that may not be an issue where you are- low humidity all the time, right?) and stir it up periodically. I read an article the other day about just using the washing soda because adding the citric acid just neutralizes the alkaline pH of the soda so I tried it Saturday. Just don't!! It was awful; the dishes looked dirtier coming out than they did going in. The haze and spots were so bad that I had to use one of those green 3M scrubby pads to get it off.
    Value judgments! Yes indeed! I was told the same thing when I was in PT for my shoulder. I referred to it as my "bad" shoulder and was immediately told not to think of it as bad but rather injured. That thought process translates into so many aspects of our lives, right?
    Happy Monday! 
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    I was feeling a little yucky and discouraged the last couple of days but doing better this morning and re-found this gem from @ladyshanny:
    A couple of my cook-up plans have been slightly derailed- still waiting on delivery for some of my lotion ingredients and I forgot that the Moroccan chicken goop calls for green onions so I have to postpone those but I'm going to make nom nom's Italian sausage and kale casserole (using ground chicken and swiss chard because that's what I have) and as soon as it warms up a little I'll put a couple of chickens on the smoker. I think some of MJ's Moroccan dipping sauce will go nicely with it so I'll probably make a double batch of that. Yesterday it was warm enough to fire up the grill for some burgers and I made some cole slaw to go with them then pork chops for dinner with a big pile of haricot vert sautéed in MJ's better butter- I could eat those every day! I think I never want to be out of better butter!
    I haven't worked a full week for the past three weeks so it's time to get back to the real world! At least I have a plan- sort-of.