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  1. jnkcmd

    September War Party

    Greetings all. I am day 3 into my second round of Whole30 proper. I ate paleo for the better part of a year with a few notable breaks and then discovered this site. I partnered with a friend who like me has a host of health complaints and we went for it together. We shopped and cooked meals together and we got ourselves through it. That was last April. Over the summer we have slid considerably in what we consider "food". So we are trying again. Only this time we are bringing friends! We have been joined by 4 other women (all from our church). The reasons for joining are varied- Lupus, weight loss, weight gain, depression, to learn a discipline, to renew a commitment to health, and more. We've broken in to two groups of 3 each with my fellow survivor and I each acting as the point person for all of the questions from the newbies. But the whole group is working together to come up with ideas and encourage the rest through texts and emails and recipes and whatever else we can think of. We started on Tuesday (after Labor Day Weekend) with the exception of one woman who got really sick and postponed her start until today. So far so good and much is being learned. We are still working on baby steps since this is only day 3 but I am incredibly hopeful.
  2. jnkcmd

    Day 2 - My Tuna has Soy?!?!

    I had a conniption when I figured this out. Then I told a Whole 30 buddy and she cried.