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  1. vhewitt14

    Need lunch ideas for my husband

    Thank you all for the ideas. We have eggs for breakfast every morning, and some form of potatoes nearly every night with dinner, so I was trying to find some lunch ideas without more eggs or potatoes. We also really don't like mayonnaise, homemade or otherwise, so tuna or chicken salad probably won't work for him. We'll figure out something though. Thank you again!
  2. Hello all! My husband and I are planning to start our whole 30 on Monday, September 1. We eat well most of the time anyway, so I've got my meal plan ready to go. My husband, on the other hand, is a very hard working landscaper here in the Florida heat. He does 50 yards a week, 10 yards a day, all by himself. We always eat a whole 30 compliant breakfast and dinner, however, he usually stops at his favorite sandwich shop and gets a sub everyday for lunch. I have no idea what to pack him for lunch every day. It has to be something that he can put in a cooler and keep in his truck all day. It has to be something that does not need to be warmed up, and something that will give him the energy he needs to do his very demanding physical job. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Also, should he be eating extra snacks for all this hard work? Thank you!!!!