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  1. Rilak Pamko

    September 8th, anyone?

    Hey guys! Just starting today since yesterday I stuffed myself by cookies, cakes and chocolate. First meal: 2 hard boiled, left over grilled chicken breast, salad, 1 plum I am about to find recipe for lunch. I don't feel hungry that much though. I think because after I woke up this morning I drank 22 oz of water which helped me a lot. Right now I am keep drinking water, and I am feeling great though, no fatigue like the day I had a bunch of sugar. I gave up coffee today since last few days I woke up middle of the night and feel uncomfortable, breathe difficulty. I don't know it is from Low-Carbs diet or caffeine but I tried to cut caffeine to see how it is going to be tonight. This is my first Whole30, and I am glad to be here.
  2. Rilak Pamko

    Team Awesome: Sept. 2014

    Hi Team Awesome! I would love to join this thread since I have failed myself like twice since I started on Sep 1st. But this time I am serious! I will start my first full Whole30 tomorrow (Sep 8) and I will make it through the end need a lot of motivation though. My goal: - Shred last 5 pounds - lose body fat to 17% (now at 19%) - get sleep easier and don't wake up during the night - shred some inches whole body - stop counting calories and scale myself every morning (I am very obsessed with a scale) - reduce dark circle under eyes (this because I never have a good deep sleep) Anyone want to be my friend on facebook please feel free to add Thank you, and Have fun with Whole30!