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  1. I was feeling exactly the same way! I'm on day 24 and finally feeling "leaner." I also took some photos to compare to my Day 0 pics and there's definitely a difference. I won't drop 20 lbs or anything, nor do I feel like I have "tiger blood," but I am experiencing other benefits. I'd try eating a lot more veggies, especially greens. And are you eating the recommended fats? Sleep? Water? Hang in there! I'm eagerly looking forward to Day 31, but I plan on continuing my "30+" afterward. I have more fat to lose, and I'm feeling so good about so many other things, that I know this is the right thing to do. Trust the process and keep going!
  2. ginsinnot, it sounds like your husband and mine have a lot in common! I try to get in bed and fall asleep around 10 (my alarm is set for 5:30), but he comes in and wakes me up between 11-12, then of course I'm often up again a bit later to use the bathroom...8 uninterrupted hours is really, really tough. I may start using an eyemask and earplugs. The mini meals only happen when I have a long span of time between meals. Like my lunch at 11:00am (I'm a teacher) and then I can't sit down to dinner until 7 or 8, or sometimes later if I have band practice. So I have a smaller mini meal inbetween or I'll be a wreck. There's also only so much food I can shovel in during my 23 minute lunch break, half of which is spent talking to students and/or getting my lunch heated up, prepped, etc... Thank you for reassuring me about your non-tiger blood-ness. I feel good, and I'm getting sh*t done, but I'm not roaring my way through life!
  3. Thanks, Chris. And yes, I keep telling myself it's a 3-day program, but I don't want to end the 30 days and find out I could've done something differently. As for past issues, nothing really. I'm a pretty healthy eater, but I was having too much wine, cheese, carbs and sugar on a regular basis. I have always eaten a lot of veggies and lots of organic foods. My stress is okay--I have a LOT going on, but I don't feel stressed or anxious or anything. I'm pretty good about managing it and keeping things in perspective. Here's my logs and other info: So it’s week 3 and I’m definitely not feeling like I have Tiger Blood, nor are my pants any looser. I’ve been following the Whole30 strictly, except for week 1 when I was apparently having the wrong kinds of snacks (nuts and fruit) instead of a mini meal. I adjusted that week 2, but still nothing’s really started feeling “amazing.” The Pros: I am sleeping soundly, I don’t have any crazy cravings, and my moods are pretty even. I am trying very hard to focus on those benefits, but…The Cons: I started Day 0 at 193lbs on my 5’7” frame, and I KNOW I have weight to lose! Doesn’t feel or look like I have lost any at all. (no scales, just looking at photos and using my jeans as a guide, and yes, I know it's not a conventional "weight loss" program, but c'mon! It definitely needs to come off!) As for exercise, I do something every day, even if it’s only a few kettlebell exercises, a 20 minute walk and some planks. But I’m not overdoing it, either. No hour long intense sweat sessions or anything like that. I have a pretty active job that keeps me moving and on my feet most of the day. I usually eat breakfast about 1.5-2 hours after I wake up, once I’m at my job and can have a proper meal. Today (Day 16) I ate at home, about 1 hour after waking. But the only reason I could do this was b/c it’s “casual” Friday and I have jeans, a pony tail and little makeup on. If someone thinks it absolutely crucial that I change this habit, then I’ll set the alarm even earlier, but then I worry I’m sacrificing essential sleep time! Right now I average 6.5-7hrs/night. I drink 70-100 oz of water, sometimes with lemon, each day. A can of seltzer on occasion. Herbal tea at night after dinner to relax and help get me ready for sleep. Here’s what I ate the last few days: Day 13: B—1 chicken apple sausage, 2 hard eggs, olive oil roasted summer squash and zucchini, 2 cherry tomatoes, coffee with coconut milk L—leftover “master” citrus chicken from ISWF, salad, boiled beets MM--porkitos (nom nom paleo recipe) with guacamole and jicama D (late, after band practice)—canned chicken over spinach and tomato salad, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, strawberries with coconut milk Day 14: B—same as 13 L—leftover“Moroccan” chicken recipe from ISWF, roasted carrots (very small portion) MM--an epic bar (turkey jerkey) and half an avocado before I went for an hour long walk) D—Steak (from a restaurant, grilled plain) topped with homemade compliant pesto, string beans, sweet potato (I made those at home) Day 15: B—2 hard eggs, 1 sausage, carrots, tomato, strawberries with coconut milk, coffee with coconut milk L—paleo chili over butternut squash, ½ avocado, side of sautéed zucchini and squash with lemon, dill and tomatoes S—(bad, I know) banana with almond butter and a cup of ginger tea (had dinner about an hour later) D—turkey burger with homemade ISWF pesto and a slice of tomato, spinach salad with peppers and olives, side of olive oil roasted veggies Day 16 (today): B—2 eggs scrambled with sautéed peppers and spinach in olive oil, topped with raw sauerkraut, 3 thin slices of prosciutto, ½ avocado L—turkey burger with homemade ISWF pesto, ½ avocado, roasted veggies, orange D--will likely be: ground beef (85% lean, grass fed) sauteed with veggies over pureed squash (plain, frozen) with some coconut oil and cinnamon, green tea May need a mini meal later tonight after our gig (band usually finishes at 1am, so I may have a little mini meal before our last set) Thank you in advance!
  4. Can anyone tell me where I should post my daily food logs in order to receive feedback? I'm on Day 16 and I just don't feel or look much different than when I started. I'm trusting in the process, looking forward and not giving up, but I'd love some feedback on what I'm doing on a daily basis. Should I post it in "Troubleshooting" or is there somewhere specific for sharing food logs? Sorry, I can't figure it out. thank you! -Meghan
  5. Meghan

    Epic Bars

    I don't understand how the Epic bars are any different than soy-free, sugar-free jerky.
  6. Just an update. I came home today at 9pm after 11+ hours at work and 2 hour band practice and an hour in the car. All I wanted was a banana covered in cashew butter. And I realized that my craving was a bad sign, so instead I opened a can of tuna, drizzled some balsamic and evoo on top, mixed in some chopped tomato, basil and spinach and had that instead. I feel perfectly satisfied! Trying to do days 8-14 without the nuts/but butter as a go to. Thanks for all the encouragement!
  7. Well, that sucks! I love my fruit and nut snacks, but obviously for the wrong reasons. I thought I was getting the protein/fat combo from them, but I see that I should really be looking at different protein sources. I have a similar situation in that I can't "not snack" b/c I eat lunch at 11am (high school teacher) and I usually only have about 15 minutes to get it into my stomach, and then I don't get home for dinner to close to 7 or 8, so I need something substantial inbetween. I will try the guac and veggies, maybe with some meatballs or jerky, and I love the can o' tuna and veggies idea, too. I appreciate all your suggestions and guidance!
  8. Hi All, Today is Day 7 for me and I'm feeling really good. I haven't had any of the "typical" week-1 issues that they said I might have. I have energy, I'm sleeping well, my digestion seems pretty good, and I'm not really cranky or craving anything. However, I am concerned that I'm not losing any weight. No, I haven't stepped on a scale since Day 0, but I just don't feel any slimmer or lighter. I read in my Whole30 Daily Newsletter today that we need to be careful not to eat too many nuts. I have nuts and/or nut butter at least once per day. I'm a teacher so it makes for a super easy snack. I've been using macadamias and cashew butter as my go to's this week. I have put the cashew butter on broccoli and dipped it in raisins, I've put it on a banana, and I've had the macadamia's with a side of unsweetened applesauce. I've also just grabbed a handful of nuts here and there. No other seeds, seed oils or nut-stuff. Am I having too much? Can anyone suggest some snacks that DON'T use nuts/nut butters but that are satisfying in that easy, creamy, kinda salty way? Or any snacks at all? I'm planning to try making oven-dried beef jerky soon, but not till sometime next week when I have time. Anything you can share would be so appreciated! Hope everyone is doing well on their journey! -Meghan