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    Tina Marie reacted to SchrodingersCat in Sweet Mother of Chickpeas - in Baba Ganoush???   
    Funny story (sorry if I've told you before!) - I was going through the checkout once and saw eggplant on sale. I grabbed some and said to my friend I was going to make Babaganoush. The girl at the checkout said "what did you just say?" in quite an offended manner. I repeated myself and she tells me that Babaganoush is HER word and SHE made it up as a pet name for her boyfriend. Trying not to laugh the poor girl into the ground, my friend and I had to explain to her that she's been calling her boyfriend "Eggplant Dip" as a honey-name for a year.
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    Effective Thursday, August 27, 2015, members can no longer edit their own posts indefinitely.  Unfortunately the constant editing in the threads was causing issues within the forum, necessitating the change.  
    Members will now be allowed to edit their own post for 15 minutes after publishing (for fixing typos or adding a quick afterthought).  Beyond that initial 15 minutes, the post will be considered closed and can only be edited by an administrator or moderator.
    Thank you very much for your understanding and for helping the forum to run as smoothly as possible.  
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    Tina Marie reacted to ladyshanny in Day 29 and just a little amazed at myself...   
    Hi Murraygold, sorry that you feel that Tom's answer was shaming.  I don't agree that it was at all.  He stated some truths without flowery language that are, perhaps, not sitting well with you.
    The Whole30 is very clear.  Follow all the rules for 30 days and you have done a Whole30. Break a rule and you have not.  Weighing is a rule.  The mere fact that you do not believe it was "in you" to not weigh yourself for 30 days is a clear sign that you are allowing yourself to be ruled by a $20 piece of plastic.  Were you not, you would have had no problem putting it aside for 30 days.  This is not meant to be condescending or rude, just the truth that we have experienced with thousands of members.  You aren't the first person to have trouble with the scale, that's why it's a hard rule of the Whole30.  
    Whether you allowed the scale to dictate your behaviour is only yours to know....but you obviously have a deep seated need to know what that number is and the only way to really understand "WHY" for yourself is to give it up for 30 days.  That is why Tom says you short changed yourself.  As women in this crazy, social media, everything on display culture that we live in are taught that our value and our worth in the world is directly linked to our size, weight, body shape, physical appearance.  The smaller we are the more we believe and are told that we deserve love and happiness and I'm sorry, that is just bullshit.  You don't need to know your body's physical gravity response every day, you really don't.  The fit of your clothes, the deepness of your sleep, your skin, hair, eyes and heart know if you are on the right track.  
    It may seem a silly rule; don't weigh. Until you really look at why that is part of the Whole30 and then it makes perfect sense.  Breaking up with sugar and breaking up with scale are given the same importance in this program.
    Finally, as I said, you are not the first person to ever feel overwhelmed by the idea of not weighing yourself every day, you're not.  But for every single person who struggled through 30 days of wishing that they could stand on the scale but digging deep and breaking that addiction/pattern, allowing someone to claim victory when they blatantly disregarded the rules isn't right.  It's not fair to stand and say that whatever you do that's better than it was before is a successful Whole30 because it's simply not true and it's discourteous to those that actually did follow the rules.
    I'm sorry that you didn't like Tom's response, he is our resident "no bullshit" expert and tends not to sugar coat anything.
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    Tina Marie reacted to Physibeth in Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule   
    The point is to test things as isolated from each other as possible. On the flip side if you have an extreme reaction to something you might want to add more than 2 days of compliance before you introduce something again to ensure you are feeling as good as you were when you started. You really want the best data possible so you can make well informed decisions in your post Whole30 world. Also for many that don't have immediate reactions there can be a build up over time reaction. Take me for example. I had no obvious physical issues to anything I introduced (except when I've accidentally had soy - makes me angry). However I know that if I were to put gluten back in my diet on a regular basis I would start feeling foggy in the afternoons again. I also have found out that eating non-gluten grains regularly makes me feel pudgy and sluggish after a while. Knowing these things helps me decide if something I might eat is worth it or not.