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    Tina Marie got a reaction from chillpill in Silk Unsweetened Cashew milk   
    and it tastes good !!   I prefer this over Almond milk
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    Tina Marie reacted to Kirsti Pellegrini in A Birthday Present for my Body: My Whole30 Journey, June 3rd- July 2nd   
    Yes! Actually, I started on Thursday. I was really eager to get started because I was tired of being tired and my food making my stomach hurt. The first day was great, but the last three have been difficult. I love fruit but not vegetables so much, so it has been hard for me to eat more vegetables. There are some veggies I just don't like- tomatoes, bell peppers, butternut squash. I just can't choke down veggies for breakfast. Some veggies make me want to gag when I eat them, and that has been a problem. My main issue has been sugar cravings. I miss sugar so much and it's hard to not go and buy ice cream since it's been so hot in Missouri!
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    Tina Marie got a reaction from Kirsti Pellegrini in A Birthday Present for my Body: My Whole30 Journey, June 3rd- July 2nd   
    I wish you good luck !!  you can do this !  it is only 30 days ~  and you will probably see good results !  Can't wait to read how you are doing ~  will pop by and check on you.
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    Whole30 Day 5 Addendum
    I was feeling pretty crummy tonight - carb flu type symptoms. Headache with lots of cravings. It occurred to me that the answer to my cravings was chicken broth. I haven't been having very much salt in my meals, so the salty umami goodness of chicken broth sounded perfect. I walked to the corner store and bought a few cans of compliant broth. Mmm - really hitting the spot!
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    Tina Marie reacted to ChristyR in Christy's June Whole30   
    Whole30 Day 5
    I had a hard time staying motivated today. I wanted a glass of wine, I wanted a cookie, I wanted some chocolate. I felt really stressed out and just wanted to relax with a glass of wine. I substituted a glass of ginger kombucha in a wine glass. I'll admit I had been self-medicating my anxiety with wine, definitely too much. Getting that habit under control will be a huge win. My grocery delivery comes tonight so I'll have more meal variety this week, which I think will help.
    Black coffee
    Aidell's chicken sausage
    Three frittata muffins
    Half a cucumber
    Five strawberries
    Hamburger patty
    Aidell's chicken sausage
    Eat Your Veggies salad from Elephant's Deli
    plus a few glasses of kombucha
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    Tina Marie reacted to ChristyR in whole 30....4th, or 5th ??   
    Nice work making do with what you had on hand! Very resourceful!
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    Whole30 Day 3
    Today was the kind of day I'd end with a pizza and some red wine. There's a wood-fired pizza place and a wine shop on the same block as my apartment.  
    I've been battling anxiety and depression for about a year and a half. I've been seeing a therapist but he's moving and I decided that I'm at a good point to stop. This afternoon was my last session with him.
    On the way home I really wanted to eat my feelings via pizza and wine. Instead I took advantage of my apartment building's grill and grilled up a package of burgers. Still felt like a great, but on the plan.
    Today's food:
    Aidell' s chicken and apple sausage
    Sauteed spinach 
    Coffee with ghee and coconut oil
    Three frittata muffins 
    Half a cucumber 
    Five strawberries 
    Hamburger patty
    Green beans
    Half an avocado 
    Half cup of blueberries 
    Ending the day with a kombucha 
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    Tina Marie got a reaction from maelys in First W30 Attempt! May 1 - May 30   
    Congrats !!  Can't wait to hear what your results are !!   More about the NSV's than the weight loss...  and your pics of your food really are appetizing !
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    Tina Marie reacted to ChristyR in whole 30....4th, or 5th ??   
    Thanks for the encouragement on my log! I hope your Whole30 goes really well!
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    Tina Marie reacted to Kirsti Pellegrini in A Birthday Present for my Body: My Whole30 Journey, June 3rd- July 2nd   
    Happy Friday evening to anyone who reads this!
    It is still a week and a half from my Whole30 start date, and my body is ready to start already! I have felt sick all day- my digestive system (really my entire abdomen) has felt bloated, swollen and queasy all day. It has been terrible. I have a feeling it's the pizza I ate last night. I cooked it all the way this time, but I think i'm seeing a theme here... anyways, unfortunately, I can't start any earlier because of my budget (aka I make $10/hr and i'm out of food money for the month) so I have to wait, but this gives me time to research some super cool awesome sauce recipes, and also gives me a chance to educate myself on the program and the foods I will be eating (because let's be honest, I know way more about cake than I do about peppers). I am really looking forward to this!
    My problem right now is that I don't have a support system and i'm not great with discipline. So, if you're reading this, please be my friend! Now I am off to figure out who in my physical life (no offense, internet people) will be willing to keep me accountable.
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    Tina Marie reacted to maelys in First W30 Attempt! May 1 - May 30   
    Day 15! I've decided I'm going to use this as an outlet to post pictures of what I'm eating, because I think my friends are getting sick of me showing them.

    For breakfast I had a small salad with chicken, cucumbers, and tomatoes, with a little drizzle of Tessamae's lemon garlic dressing (on the right). In hindsight, I think I shouldn't had a bigger meal, as I was hungry like 2 hours later.
    For lunch, I had roasted chicken, onions, and carrots that I prepped yesterday (left). It's funny, I don't think I've ever realized how sweet carrots and onions are before. Wondering if my palate is acclimating to the lack of added sugar? 

    I've still been packing snacks. This is one thing that I would like to work on, but I always seem to misjudge how much food is going to make me feel full, and I don't want to make my meals too big or I'm worried I'll overeat, so I usually pack one serving of mixed almonds/cashews and 3-4 strawberries. 

    Dinner was definitely the best today-- leftover carnitas I made on Saturday (pork shoulder + orange + garlic in crock pot for 6 hours), cauliflower rice, and a homemade avocado salsa with red onion and tomatoes. 
    I'm feeling pretty strong, and my energy levels are definitely more stable now than before. I had a really stressful day at work and usually this would mean going home to order a pizza and drink wine/beer, but instead I made a delicious dinner and am going to use a Lush bath bomb and watch a feel-good movie. 
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    Tina Marie reacted to ChristyR in Christy's June Whole30   
    May 24: Planning Day 1
    This will be my third Whole30, though my first taken from a starting point of really poor health.
    Two years ago, I was really hard core Paleo and seriously into CrossFit. I completed the CrossFit Open three times and did a few regional competitions, even winning one. Life happened and I totally fell off the wagon. Gained 60 pounds, got depressed, even sold all my cookbooks because I never thought I'd cook again. I've gone from feeling comfortable in a CrossFit gym to being worn out walking. My psoriasis, well under control before, has been coming back.
    So now I'm planning a June Whole30. I will probably do multiple Whole30s because of how far I have to come to be healthy again. This week is my planning week. My new copies of the Whole30 book and the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook arrived today. I made a batch of ghee for cooking. I started menu planning and making a grocery list.
    I've done the Whole30 before and I know how much of an effect it can have on health. I'm excited to start living my life again and this Whole30 is going to be a huge part of that.
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    Tina Marie reacted to brittanyxo in The Second 30. On My Way To 120.   
    Day 37.
    Sooo fail of the day: No gym yesterday. My SO was off work early, and I guess wasn't able to make dinner before I got home, so when I got home, he left for the gym, and I was stuck cooking. I always seem to err on the side of catering to his schedule, and letting myself use it as an excuse to not put myself first. He sometimes talks about going out of town for work, and although I'd miss him like crazy, my first thought is usually "oh my gosh I could just go full on into my program and that's all I'd have to worry about!"...
    I realize he's not forcing me to cook dinner instead of going to the gym, but I also know that I've slowly but surely cemented myself into the expectation of doing it. I need to go to the gym this month, so I will have to put my foot down about sharing certain chores so that I'm able to do what I need to do as well.
    He's very supportive of my food program, partly because I think he enjoys being so well fed... haha. But we will have to talk about my gym program and how I need his help to make it a priority.
    Eggs & carrots for breakfast, lunch is leftovers from dinner: chicken, roasted potatoes and asparagus. Dinner tonight will be the same but a different green veggie.
    I've been slacking on my water intake the past couple days. Still drinking it, but not as much as I'd like. Got to bump that up today.
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    Tina Marie got a reaction from J9er in Littleg reining it in   
    I have been reading, love your updates ~  congrats on the baby .....  I have also lost a baby - and have had the scare of no movement!   Very very scary - I am amazed how strong you are !!  I think you are doing awesome.  Can't wait to hear when you have the baby.    Keep up the great work -  and remember  You are growing a person, don't be too hard on yourself.
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    Tina Marie got a reaction from J9er in Littleg reining it in   
    I have been reading, love your updates ~  congrats on the baby .....  I have also lost a baby - and have had the scare of no movement!   Very very scary - I am amazed how strong you are !!  I think you are doing awesome.  Can't wait to hear when you have the baby.    Keep up the great work -  and remember  You are growing a person, don't be too hard on yourself.
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    Tina Marie reacted to littleg in Littleg reining it in   
    And we still have a heartbeat
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    Tina Marie reacted to Pippin1 in Life After Whole30   
    Staggolee I've just caught up with your posts.  My notifications had turned off so missed the activity.  I really like the stair attack.  It sounds like your job is a white knuckle ride so that stair therapy must be pretty crucial right now.  Professor Dukan's advice was to act as if elevators and escalators had never been invented and we would be a healthier race.  My brother is sharing your de-stress with stairs approach.  He works in a high powered job in London and started walking up to the 9th floor everday.  From Mr Blobby to Captain America with no pain. 
    I'm sorry to hear your job is such a pain.  I can only say it's inspiring to know you're reintroducing even FWNBs and not going off the rails.  I don't know if I have your resolve, as even if there are minimal amounts in the house, I've been known to hop straight in the car to go and source my food crack.  I've had a heavy fruitoholic episode from yesterday evening.  3 meals have gone out of the window and wild woman had her head in the fridge again.  All compliant but don't know if I've blown the whole30 rules by overeating.  I just hate doing that, but thank goodness nothing off plan.  I think I was getting despondent about trousers still not giving any leeway even after 44 days.  I think I have to accept a couple of weeks with no FODMAPs as still sometimes get a biting pain in my stomach.
    So how's the single life going?  I agree I need people in my life.  Every time I get away from solitary confinement and actually connect with humans it really feeds the soul.  I have a semi-detached partner I see at weekends but I remember days when it was a lot of my own company.  Now I wonder if you'll meet some compatible companions on the stairs one day.  Maybe when as you get fitter you might just go past your own office and head up another flight you could meet all kinds of interesting people
    Go Staggolee staying away from the homemade brownies.  How I wish I had your resolve, as my excessive plums and peaches settle into my stomach for a nice round of bloating.  I must go an switch on the Olympics for a bit more inspiration.  Great reminder about reading.  I'd forgotten I'd ordered a new book on Kindle.  Reading's been my escape since I was 6.  
    I hope your next working week is gentle on you.  Stay brave.
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    Tina Marie reacted to Staggolee41 in Life After Whole30   
    Feeling physically good after thinking through why I'd been taking the elevator instead of the stairs at work. I work on the third floor, and each set of stairs between floors is really about two normal flights' worth of stairs. I feel a little guilty every time I take the elevator, and I finally asked myself why I was doing it at all - I have legs. They work. I always took the stairs when I worked on the second floor. What's preventing me from going another floor? Being out of breath when I get to the top?
    I remembered a phrase I'd started telling myself at a women's conference last year - 'Doing what you can leads to doing what you can't.' I *can* go up the stairs. If I do that, maybe - a little at a time - I'll eventually move some of my fitness goals from the 'can't' column into the 'can' column. I've taken the stairs every time I needed to go up or down today, and I'm actually feeling really energized. ANNND I hit my step goal hours ago for the first time in like a week.
    Doing what you can leads to doing what you can't.
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    Tina Marie reacted to Staggolee41 in Life After Whole30   
    The cravings are once again super-strong, as they have been since I switched back to my old job. I'm learning that I am not thriving in this high-stress, high-volume environment... at all. It's hard for me to just leave, though, because the ideal environment - in which I did my Whole30 - is just across the hall. I did a fantastic job of proving I was right for the role, but due to tenure requirements, I can't move there for another six months. Depressed, stressed, anxious... all of these things are me. Again. Due to the high volume, I can't stop and run through my questions every time someone screams at me (side note - be nice to your technical support people). I go home feeling like I failed and feeling very anxious and depressed over it, though I'm told I am performing well.
    Despite the nasty feelings and loud cravings, I haven't eaten one of the homemade brownies I made and brought for the team, and I'm eating my compliant M2 (leftover spaghetti squash, ground beef, and marinara sauce). The answer is to get out of this job, NOW, but that isn't a good long-term answer for the reason listed above. I just feel like I'm losing ground every day after making so much progress, and I don't know how to cope when I'm not given time to do so.
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    Tina Marie reacted to NoMoreCrunchyCravings in Life After Whole30   
    It doesn't always make me feel so comfortable, but when I'm going nuts with the munchies and worry I won't be able to control what I eat, I try really hard to chug water. I have a million liter sized Nalgene bottles that I reuse, so I'll fill one up with cool tap water, then put one or two in the fridge to get cold, and I'll just try as hard as I can to drink.
    It makes my stomach feel a little uncomfortable, and I end up having to pee a million times, but it keeps my hands and mouth busy, and keeps me from eating something I want in the moment but know will make me feel like crap later on. Sometimes the munchiness passes, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes my water chugging doesn't do the trick, but for those times that it does, I'm thankful.
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    Tina Marie reacted to Staggolee41 in Life After Whole30   
    This week's shopping was a bit of a challenge. I'm very low on funds (darn you, surprise car expenses), so there's a lot of batching and repetition, but it's a Whole30 week, and I did it for fairly cheaply. So I'm proud of myself!  Noncompliant wouldn't have been much cheaper, and without meal planning, I probably would have splurged on a sandwich for lunch, only to eat a 20-cent packet of ramen for dinner. Gross.
    All told, my bill was $53.18. Here's what I got:
    18 eggs (compromised here and got less fancy eggs) Aidell's chicken apple sausage (splurge item - at $4.98, they're a luxury and almost didn't make it into the cart, but they were a clutch backup last week when some meals were short on flavor/variety and protein) 7 medium tomatoes on the vine 8-lb bag of potatoes 2 medium spaghetti squashes 2 lbs extra-lean ground beef 2 jars of compliant marinara sauce 1 bag of compliant frozen chicken portions 1 bag of baby spinach I could have been even more selective and done it for cheaper, but I know these ingredients will help me make a week's worth of satisfying meals. Back when I had plenty of cash in my wallet, I stocked up on basics I knew I'd need every week no matter what that also happen to have a long shelf life or faraway expiration date. In addition to what's below, I have a few portions of frozen salmon. Here's that list:
    Olive oil Butter (for making clarified butter) Sea salt Spices Kalamata olives Frozen, steamable bags of veggies (broccoli, cauliflower) Cans of fish Compliant mayo, relish Parchment paper Here's what I'll be making with all of this:
    6x M1: eggs, spinach, tomatoes, chicken apple sausage 4x M2/3: roasted spaghetti squash, ground beef w/ Italian spices, marinara sauce 9x M1/2/3: chicken, potatoes 1x M2/3: tuna salad w/ veggies from freezer 1x M2/3: salmon w/veggies from freezer Definitely more than enough to get me through to payday this Friday without having to dip into emergency funds, and the truth is, I could make it to Friday dinner without pulling any backup food from the pantry or freezer and just using available cooking fats and salt, which I could have purchased (if needed) if I hadn't splurged on the sausage. I also could have picked a cheaper vegetable to eat with my ground beef and marinara, and probably could have saved $1-2 by making the sauce myself, but this is a meal I really enjoy as-is and found my satisfaction with the meal was significantly curtailed by the time it took to make the sauce.
    Whole30 for under $55. I bet most of my non-W30 friends will spend a lot more than that on food for themselves. Feeling like a W30 winner today. 
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    Well... I made the choice to eat a cookie because 1) a coworker made them and was offering them 2) I thought to myself, "it's only one, and I wasn't having any cravings for off-plan stuff, so I'm not responding to a craving" and then found that as soon as I ate one, I wanted the whole batch. Sigh.
    So I walked myself through the questions I wrote out to help myself deal with anxiety and depression and realized that I wanted the cookies because I was overwhelmed coming back to my old department - the volume of work here is much higher and more stressful. Once I answered my set of questions, I felt better and didn't want a cookie anymore.
    Funny how that works!
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    Tina Marie reacted to Staggolee41 in Life After Whole30   
    Holy cow! Talk about learning more about your body! I understand now why my doctor said I should never weigh 120lbs.
    I ordered a Garmin Index smart scale and matching heart rate monitoring wristband as a reward for successfully completing my Whole30. Doing a W30 convinced me that I needed to look beyond weight to understand my health and my body's needs. Specifically, I wanted to improve my resting heart rate, lower my body fat percentage, increase my water percentage, and see the cool things it shows, like bone density and skeletal muscle mass. It was backordered, but the scale arrived today.
    If I maintain muscle mass while losing weight - and I have not been weight-lifting up to this point since a year ago - my body's skeletal muscle mass will be fully half of my weight. Normal is 25-30% for women my age. Even grossly overweight, with extremely high body fat percentage, I'm still in the "high" range. So... Protein... It's extremely important. Now I get why I've needed to up my protein since starting W30.
    The obvious conclusion is: I'M BATMAN.
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    Tina Marie reacted to Staggolee41 in Life After Whole30   
    Yesterday was a very hard day, and I'm really feeling it today (exhausted!). On top of the cookie cravings I wrote about in another thread, I went for my first workout since before starting Whole30, and my boyfriend needed my help in such a way that cut significantly into my cooking, cleaning, and sleep routine.
    The cookie cravings... seriously, these were not messing around. My brain continued to sense phantom cookie aromas well into the night, so I know I was right to kick that craving to the curb, despite everyone around telling me that just having one cookie was okay. I passed multiple froyo shops on the way to/coming home from my boyfriend's house, and I wanted so badly to stop and get some froyo, which is a favorite summertime treat for me. But I didn't. And I didn't have any sugar when I got home, either. I'm coming to realize that I will always be dealing with sugar demons, which is easier than dealing with the consequences that come from giving into the cravings (weight gain, mood in a constant state of flux, afternoon sugar crash, etc), but still difficult nonetheless. I wish I'd been raised on healthier food. It kinda makes me want to raise my future children with no processed sugar until well into their childhoods. This "food is a reward" idea that is so ingrained in our society is frustrating... food is FUEL. While you should enjoy your meals, they should not be rewards. Your body needs the fuel, and once you associate eating with a reward, you lose that fuel perspective.
    Sleep.. I've gotten into the habit of finishing cooking, cleaning up the dishes and kitchen, making myself a cup of tea, and then spending at least 30 minutes reading with no electronics ahead of going to sleep. With helping my boyfriend run around last night getting replacement car parts, I barely had time to do the planned cooking I needed to do to have food today, let alone do any cleaning. Once I finished cooking, I was so exhausted that I just went straight to bed, which was a mistake - I slept fitfully for the first time in a while. Turns out I need that 30 minutes of tea and reading.
    First workout... I hadn't planned pre-WO or post-WO meals because eating right before a workout has always made me feel ill before, and I had planned to come straight home and eat dinner. Mistake. I could barely finish a mile, and my mile time was horrible. I crashed on the fitness room floor and did 100 crunches before giving up. I also felt wildly unmotivated, despite the moral support of a friend from work. My body feels totally trashed today. A very good - and very fit! - friend suggested that I find a fitness program to follow, as that will help me be motivated and focused when I work out. I've heard Men's Health has some good ones, so I'll be checking that out (she has also offered to help me build a custom one). I do have the components I need to make pre- and post-WO meals to have ready, so that's on my to-do list for the next few days.
    About Reintroductions
    Dairy - As long as it's a small amount, I don't have a noticeable reaction, so I will be adding limited amounts of cheese to dishes that make sense with it, and we'll see how it goes with other types of dairy (I used to be a daily eater of nonfat Greek yogurt) Gluten - Whew, all the gas... still trying to figure this one out... it almost made me feel sick on top of the gas (think flu-like symptoms), but I probably had too much gluten all at once... going to try a small amount next Wine - Needs to be restricted to one normal-sized glass (no noticeable side effects from one glass; one large glass = noticeable side effects) Beer - Instant headache That's what I have so far, though I think some rice bran oil may have been a stowaway in one of the dishes I ate when I was out, after I felt terrible and then did some detailed research. Not sure what else would have caused that feeling, though it could have been continuing effects of the gluten. I've been very surprised by how my taste buds have changed. Prior to Whole30, I had never had an omelet that didn't have cheese in it. As far as I was concerned, the cheese made the omelet. Post Whole30, I don't even like cheese with my eggs. Say what?! I also find myself looking at food for sale at places like Starbucks and thinking to myself, 'Where are the veggies? There are no veggies in that! Gross'
    Meal planning, reading labels, and avoiding sugar are so much habits now that I haven't stopped doing any of them. No tiger blood right now, though I think that's in part due to not meeting expectations for sleep and water the last few days. I'm looking forward to having a good Whole30 dinner tonight, followed by reading and tea, then hopefully some high-quality sleep. The reintroduction process has been hard on me, so I'm going to try to continue with compliance for a bit longer, then we'll try some other new things.
    Thanks for reading! Have a great day!
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    Today is August 13th. I'm two weeks post-w30, and am only having mild success with trying to balance w30 eating with non-w30 eating. I had promised myself that at a minimum all of my work days would be w30 compliant, and even at just 13 days per month I can't seem to stick with that. I have been eating one to two meals w30 at work and bringing along most of my food, but I've also given in to the donut/cookie/submarine sandwich temptations and have eaten way off plan, which makes me feel gassy/bloated/diarrhea-y/uncomfortably, and also bad that I didn't stick with my own promise to myself. At home, I've also not stuck with my plan to eat at least one meal w30 with the idea that two or three meals w30 would be a bonus. Sigh. It's very frustrating.
    I'm trying not to beat myself up, but I also want to live with some accountability here, especially when I can physically feel a difference in how the food choices that I make effect my body (and my poor husband, bless his heart, as he has to suffer with my terrible gas as well!).
    I'm going to keep at it and update here as I go... while balance doesn't seem to be my strong point, I think I can work towards a better balance, especially since I seem to be willing and ready to make a change. Maybe I have to re-read some of the books/materials online again to get excited about why it's so good for me... in any case, wish me luck and strength!