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    I am a fairly new Whole30 fan, my first being in August and finishing up my second now.  I started this though, because I read from Whole30 that a solution I had been seeking for my unhealthy cycles of weight gain and loss over my lifetime actually EXISTS... freedom from measuring, weighing, depriving myself of 'Everything I Love',  weak will-power, failure, guilt, depression... the dieting merry-go-round. 
    I had (and still have - although much less) excess weight to lose, but my motivation was truly to find a way to get myself and my habits under control so that I can be the healthiest person I can be as I get closer and closer to retirement age.  I wanted to lose the weight and not gain it back again, and again.  I wanted my hips, knees and feet to not hurt so much, or dared I hope, to stop hurting completely.  I want to take the hike that winds its way up to an elevation with a magnificent view.  I don't want to be one on the sidelines watching others do it, and then just get back on the bus to be carted to the next location where we pile out, look at the view from where we stand, and do nothing.  I want to LIVE up until the last moment.  And I see so many where health issues, frequently related to unhealthy food choices, have them standing/sitting feebly on the sidelines.
    My focus now is Food Freedom for LIFE.
    From Melissa's newest book, I now realize that it will be many rotations of re-sets and re-introductions before this comes natural, recognize that it's a journey of its own, to learn a way of eating for a lifetime that provides all I seek.  
    I would enjoy having others to talk with on this journey, to share our successes, concerns and those things that hold us back from what we truly want - for food to provide the satisfying nourishment we need, the good tastes we enjoy, the occasional treat that is "special" and "worth it", and for it to NOT RULE OUR LIVES.