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  1. KellyBurghart

    I'm at a loss (or lack thereof) ...

    @ladyshanny, @jmcbn, @CoffeeBean & @Bellmaestra ... thank you all for your comments, suggestions & support. Your words truly choked me up. Deep down, I know I'm probably fine where I'm at. I know I shouldn't compare myself to others. It's just so hard not to. I don't have a single other physical, psychological, emotional, etc. complaint other than my weight. I should just be satisfied with that. I should be so lucky. I had never thought how keto or IF would impact a 42 y/o woman differently and it's sad that none of the studies have been tested on that demographic. You'd think they'd be more upfront about it when presenting the information. I'm appalled that my doctor even suggested it for me. I will try to start eating within an hour of getting up. I'm just never hungry at 5 am. I'm sure my body will adjust, though, especially if it's what's best for me in the long run. I will also do better about eating three full meals and not a snack instead of the middle meal. I think I'll start when I get back from my trip, though, because I can't afford any weight gain just yet -- even if it's only temporary as part of the adjustment and healing process. I think fat is one thing I definitely crave. The compliant foods I crave most are avocados and cashews. I agree that a number on a scale shouldn't matter. I guess it's the wishing I could fit into the cute little clothes and wishing my husband could pick me up and carry me that I long for. That, and knowing how hard I've tried for so, so long and it never seems to make a difference in my body size. It just hurts. I will work on all of this, though. I promise. And I'll try to report back if it helps. Thank you all for your input! XOXOX
  2. KellyBurghart

    I'm at a loss (or lack thereof) ...

    Thank you @jmcbn and @ladyshanny for your guiding questions. I will do my best to answer them all. When I wasn't seeing weight loss results the first year of trying multiple Whole30s (and I did do the perfect template for all three meals back then), I tried merging it with ketogenic strategies ... thus the 8 hour window and the lower carb count. I read something, somewhere, that that was a good way to target the adipose fat stores. I carry most of my weight on my bottom and my legs. I have a fairly small waist and belly. I still made sure to follow the Whole30 template, however, I just stuck to lower carb vegetables. My first meal of the day is usually around 10 am and my last is usually around 5 pm. If I have a 3rd meal, it's usually about 1:30 and much smaller. For breakfast, I typically have 3 - 4 eggs, pan scrambled in coconut oil, with a side of raw veggies (usually cukes, bell peppers, carrots or spinach. Sometimes I'll have 1/2 an avocado with a small handful of plantain slices. For supper, it's usually some sort of beef, chicken or fish with a side of cooked veggies or salad. Added fats are either olives or avocado. If there's a "lunch," it's usually and handful of cashews and carrots or a Larabar or an apple with almond butter. (I see I should keep these more protein and fat than fat and carb or protein and carb.) I like to drink a kombucha in the midday sometimes, too. As far as hunger and cravings, I really don't have any. The sugar dragon has been slain. Dead and buried. That's why I try and stay on Whole30 most of the time. It's a liberating feeling. The only off-plan things I seem to crave are feta cheese, swiss cheese, and chick peas/garbanzo beans. I never have night cravings and I'm rarely even hungry in the morning. When 10 am rolls around, I am very ready to eat. Sometimes I'll get an afternoon hunger pang, but the "lunch" options above tend to suffice. Sometimes I have to force myself to eat supper. I'm usually not hungry then at all. I should add that I do drink black coffee. I usually just sip at a cup in the morning and sometimes even forget to have it. It doesn't feel like a necessity to me. Sometimes I have just one cup, sometimes more. I am 42 years old. I've been overweight for as long as I can remember. I went through a bout of anorexia/bulimia when I was in college and stopped that when I started having hypoglycemic episodes. I lost weight, but not a whole lot. Of course I gained it all back and more. I was tested for thryoid conditions for years but my TSH was always normal. The psychologist who wanted to prescribe me antidepressants finally tested my full thyroid panel and my Hashimoto's was discovered (appox 1998 or 1999). Synthroid/Cytomel never worked for me, so he added Adderal to "augment" the thyroid meds (I had NO idea what Adderall really was at the time). Needless to say, I was never hungry and lived off of Intajuice and Frappuchinos for a couple years. Lost quite a bit of weight then, too. When I got pregnant, I learned what Adderall really was and got off it for good. I was a mess those first few years and gained a lot of weight between the pregnancies and post-adderall period. I couldn't find a doctor who could properly treat my thyroid condition. Most doctors kept saying it was all in my head. I finally found an endocrinologist who prescribed Armour Thryroid. It was helping, but still far from perfect. When he retired, I found a naturalist who put me on all kinds of supplements and a rigid diet. I eliminated gluten and soy (this was back in 2012). I was starting to feel better, but still not losing any weight and still not feeling perfect. She was completely stumped with why I was not losing weight or feeling better and illegally obtained Cynomel from Mexico to try and jump-start my weight loss and help improve conditions. When I realized her as a cheat and thief, I cut ties with her. Shortly after my second (and final) child was born, I started having MS symptoms. They never found lesions, but the elevated proteins in my spinal fluid were indicative. They treated me as if I had MS but never had an official diagnosis. The drugs made me feel awful!!! I stopped taking them and researched the holistic route. That's how I ended up at the naturalist (above). When that didn't work, I did more research and decided to take the matter into my own hands. That's when I came across Whole30. I started it in September of 2014. By the end of the month, just about all of my MS symptoms were gone. Most of my Hashimoto's symptoms were vastly improved, as well. I found a whole-person specialist who was willing and able to continue my Armour prescription (my PCP won't touch it). He is a strong Paleo supporter. He thinks Wole30 is a great idea. When I confessed at my June of 2015 annual check-up that I was feeling great but still not losing much weight, he suggested looking into the ketogenic diet. I don't think I incorporarted that until September of 2015, though. When I still hadn't lost anything at my June of 2016 annual check-up, he did a "Wheat Zoomer" test on me and found that I had abnormal amounts of wheat proteins in my blood stream. He "diagnosed" me with leaky gut syndrom and said to lay off the gluten and wheat for life. He said that should heal up my digestive system and I should be able to start lsoing weight. The funny thing is, I already had been completely since January of 2012. But I wasn't perfectly careful. Sometimes I'd take a burger off the bun or croutons off the salad, or a tiny bite of communion bread or eggs grilled in the same pan as pancakes. Come to find out Armor Thyroid has traces of Gluten in it!!! So he switched me to NatureThroid which is guaranteed gluten free. I have been much more careful about avoiding wheat/gluten since June. I still haven't lost any weight. I'm so baffled!!! As far as sleep, I always sleep great and feel very refreshed in the morning. I don't nod off or take naps during the day and I feel tired and ready for bed by 9 pm. I get up around 5 or 530 in the morning without a a problem. I get the comparison thing. I know it has more to do with me wondering why it seems so simple for others and difficult for me. The hardest has been watching my husband shed weight (when he really didn't even need to in the first place) but his NSVs are much milder than mine and I'll take my NSVs over his any day. I know I shouldn't get hung up on numbers on a scale (and I really try hard not to). Maybe something else that triggered all of this is that I'm traveling to Japan in a couple weeks for my brother's wedding and I would love to just be able to find a cute simple dress and pack light, simple, fun clothes and not have to shop bulky plus sizes. I just don't feel like my "outards" match my "innards." I feels like I've tried everything!! It seems like the ONLY thing that shrank on me is my face, my neck & most sadly, my chest (which makes me look even more "unbalanced" than ever before. It looks like I melted from the top down and all the dripping fat molded to my bottom half. I went from hourglass-shaped to iceberg-shaped. :'( What I DON'T do is intense workouts. When I run, it's about a mile in 20 minutes. I walk briskly. I try and jump on my rebounder for at least 15 minutes per day to get my heart rate up and shake out my lymphatic system. I run up and down the stairs to get my 10 floors by the end of the day. I don't lift weights but I do muscular jobs around the house just fine. I stretch in the morning to get the day started. I ride bikes around town with my son. I walk my kids to school and back and I get my 10,000+ steps every day no matter what. But I've never consider any of it to need "post-workout" snacks or food and I never feel drained my any of it, only exhilarated. I know it's kind of a mish-mash of responses, but I hope I've addressed everything you've asked. Thank you both for helping me try to get to the bottom of this. I am willing to do anything and everything I need to (and I always have). I thank you for your time!
  3. I'm in tears, here, so please be gentle. I know weight loss isn't the main goal of the Whole30. I know this. I have NSVs a mile long. I'm beyond thrilled with my NSVs. I've been so thrilled with my NSVs that I didn't let my lack of weight loss bring me down. But my lack of weight loss getting really old, now, and I need some ideas or suggestions. I'm was going to post anonymously (but I guess I can't) because I am a huge supporter of Whole30 and if someone were to come across this post who knows me would think I have a beef with Whole30 after all. Which I don't. I recommend it to everyone and brag about it (and all of my NSVs all the time). I know there's gotta be something I'm still doing wrong but I just can't put a finger on it. I started my first Whole30 on 9/1/14. By the end of the 30 days, I felt so amazing I never wanted it to end. (No more numbness & tingling, no more foot drop, MS symptoms, skin cleared up, mood stability, no more headaches, etc ... just to name a FEW.) So I continued with Whole30. I relaxed a smidge on Thanksgiving day and off and on through the Christmas season. I wasn't feeling awful, but I wasn't feeling quite as good. So I started up again with a strict Whole30 on 1/1/15. My husband started his first at the same time. He wasn't feeling amazing by the end of 30, so we continued ... all the way through Lent. I was lax a bit in April and then got back on strict for May & June of last year. Lax a bit for vacation in July and then back on strict Whole30 from August - Thanksgiving of 2015. Started strict again on 1/1/16 and have stayed that way for most of the year. I would say I'm 100% strict for about 80% of that time and 80% strict for the other 20%. I never go back to gluten grains in those off moments and I try really hard to steer clear of dairy, soy, and refined or artificial sweeteners always. My latest strict Whole30 has been since August 1 to date. I think the first knot I got in my stomach recently was the week the kiddos went back to school. Two of the teachers had visibly lost weight. Both of them commented that all they had done was started walking 10,000 steps a day and it really help shed the pounds. I walk 10,000 steps a day! I won't go to bed unless I have at least 10,000 steps and at least 10 floors. I actually average around 12,500. I walk everywhere. I run for about 20 minutes about three times a week. I'm a busy & active mother. I eat a perfect Whole30 MOST of the time (and often in 30+ day spurts). I'm not obsessed with the scale. I don't even own one. But between doctor's visits, I've seen that I've barely lost 10 pounds in the past two years. I haven't lost any pants sizes, either. It just doesn't make sense. I eat two or three full meals a day. I try to eat in an 8 hour window. I have about a palm-sized amount of meat and fill the rest with veggies. I don't do too many of the starchy ones. I use coconut oil, olives & avocado for fats. I rarely snack. If I do, it's an occasional Larabar or handful of nuts or an apple. I've read the books cover to cover and I tell everyone about how amazing I feel. And I DO. I'm so happy to feel so amazing. But I just can't stand still being so heavy. It brings me to tears. It's about the only thing that saddens me once in a while. I have spiritually uplifting practices. I journal. I have an amazing & supportive husband. I'm busy and have much on my plate but I'm not stressed. I just want some ideas. Is there something through all of this that I'm still missing? Do I just need to accept that I was made to be 5'5' and 175#? Any input? Any support? Any advice? I truly appreciate it!