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    llee reacted to notacommittee in Will desire to "treat yourself" ever really go away?   
    The taste for sweetness is hardwired into us. Back when food scarcity was our big problem, this was an advantage because it steered us towards energy-dense foods.
    Now, "the taste for sweetness" does not necessarily mean "the taste for overly sweet processed sugar products" as those did not exist back in the day. I think that if you can wean yourself off the susperstimulus of processed sugar, it's reasonable to expect that your taste for sweetness will be satisfied with natural sugars in sweet whole foods (i.e. fruit).
    The desire to "treat yourself" (namely, the desire for pleasure) is also hardwired into us.
    So considering that these desires themselves are literally in our DNA, I don't see how the desire for some kind of sweet treat will ever truly disappear. That "sweet treat" might be a bowl of fruit instead of a bowl of chocolate fudge, but really, if you want a bowl of fruit, what's wrong with that? How does that make you less healthy? I can see how it would be useful to eliminate it for a time if you're using the fruit to mask other emotional needs that you want to deal with, but there's a point where it just gets puritanical and silly.
    I just think there's a huge difference between an evolutionarily appropriate sweet food that you enjoy and a processed nonfood that preys on your natural taste for sugar to make you sick. And I don't think the first is bad.
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    llee reacted to JJB in Will desire to "treat yourself" ever really go away?   
    My desire to have something sweet is always there if I allow myself to have sugar on any kind of regular basis. I finished my W30 in January and struggled with cravings until July, because I kept getting treats every few weeks, then once a week, then more than once a week. I felt so out of control and disappointed that this diet change didn't "fix" me once and for all. I decided to kick sugar for good last month...I'm now on day 40-something of no sweets and I can tell you that the cravings have been completely killed. I do still wistfully daydream about ice cream and donuts sometimes, but it's not accompanied by actual cravings and the fear that I might buy them when I go to the store (this was literally constant a few months ago). I was substituting with apple sauce after dinner for the first few weeks, but I gave that up and have stayed mostly away from fruit for the last ~3 weeks. It really doesn't bother me at all, which is just amazing considering how much sugar I used to eat on a daily basis. I know it's not practical to avoid it forever, but honestly I dread the day that I do give in and have dessert again, because I know I'll be messed up for 2-3 weeks while I get it (and the cravings) out of my system again.
    So to sum up...in my opinion the idea of rewarding yourself with food is caused by sugar/carb cravings and will diminish if you stop eating it.
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    llee reacted to Xandra in stress eating   
    You have to establish a new normal.  You work in a stressful environment, and it doesn't sound like that will change. So you have to get used to the feeling of being in that environment without reaching for food.  Find something to hug.  For me, I hug a big thermos of hot water. At night, when I'm used to going out to the kitchen to get a late night snack, I make a hot tea instead.  It's my new habit.  The stress doesn't go away, so I have to feel it and break the association of stress with eating food.
    I have a huge coffee dragon. Starbucks flavored lattes are my nemesis. For this one, I'm tapering instead of going cold turkey. I can still walk into Starbucks, but I'm ordering black coffee instead of lattes.  It's my new normal.  I can bring the coffee home and mix it with coconut milk and unsweetened cocoa powder, frothed up with an electric mini whisk.  Not my favorite, but it's getting me through.  I'm not afraid of Starbucks any more.
    This is my new normal, and the longer I do it, the more history I have to remember for the next time that I may fall off my bike again.  The memory of going back to this normal instead of the old normal is enough to get going again. So that's the goal.  Keep going with the new habits long enough that they become your old familiar friend, replacing the food that you used to use as a crutch for stress.
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    llee reacted to missmary in I don't get it.... I'm Hungry   
    woah. I'm a bit smaller than you but I eat a LOT more than you...and I find the more I lose, the more active I am (whether consciously or not) the more I need to eat. I totally hear you on the fear that more food might mean weight loss stalls, but so far this has not been the case for me at all. Try to eat enough that you don't feel hungry (or maybe only right before a meal time) and so you feel good steady energy throughout the day. Don't worry if the amount of food changes over time (it will). Sometimes I find I need more for a couple days and then I don't seem to anymore...not sure if that might be cycle related, but anyway: don't be famished. EAT.
    ps. I don't know if these days are representative, but I would try to add a lot more of the non-starchy veg. You need the starchy ones that you've got, but I really think part of my success has been making sure my body has ALL the nutrients, so leafy greens, peppers, broccoli, zucchini, cucumber, etc. etc....
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    llee reacted to JayneNZ in Day 17 - NO magic - NO enegy and just want to pour a wine!   
    Thank you all so very much for taking the time to reply. I feel a little embarrassed this morning after my rant.
    You all have such good things to say and yes I know that I will feel sooo good on Day 31 (which is my birthday!) when I can say that I've done it.
    I'm definitely guilty of the "gonna look like Salma Hayek on Day 30" goal - quite ridiculous really when you think about it, and I totally agree with everything you said lexes42!!
    So, I will take on your advice GFChris and maybe try to up my game a little where I have been slacking - like you said, you never know what might work.
    I put a DVD on this morning (Hip Hop Abs) but only managed to do 15 minutes before accepting defeat - BUT that is 15 minutes MORE exercise than I would have done if I didn't try. OMG was that a positive thought? lol And it made me drink lots of water!!
    Thankyou again everyone - I'm truly grateful for this forum and all of you guys.
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    llee reacted to MrsRobinson in Day 17 - NO magic - NO enegy and just want to pour a wine!   
    @JayneNZ, I don't have any troubleshooting words of wisdom for you, only that there are these steps along the way where you sometimes feel like "why the heck am I doing this again"? The frustration and non-tiger moments do happen. I'm 77 pounds down and still sometimes feel like I have no motivation. Which probably sounds ungrateful and crazy. Cranky happens. And cranky passes. Getting through it without giving up may be the exact thing that yields benefits for you.
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    llee reacted to Emma in Digestive issues   
    Digestive enzymes made a huge difference for me.  I ordered the NOW ones listed in that article and take two with most meals.  I felt so much better that I stopped noticing and when I went off of Whole30 I was immediately aware of an increase in bloating and gas.  I think the digestive enzymes got me through those weeks a bit more gracefully than I would have otherwise.  
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    llee reacted to Moluv in ZERO weight loss after two weeks   
    Xacerb8- Don't do it! It can't tell you anything you don't already know, but it CAN contradict what you already know.
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    llee reacted to xacerb8 in ZERO weight loss after two weeks   
    About 10 years ago I sat next to a woman at a wedding reception. When the servers came over to ask "fish or beef," she had a stream of questions about both: how was it prepared, was there any sugar in the sauce. She ended up rejecting everything but a green salad. I asked her if she had allergies and she said, "No, I'm a food addict and I can't eat sugar or white flour or any of my trigger foods." At the time, I was just beginning to realize that the up&down fat/thin pattern I'd been living since I was 8 was probably not the ideal and had contributed to lots and lots of unhappiness. I actually ended up crying as I told her how out of control I felt about food.
    She gave me her phone number and some information about Overeaters Anonymous. I never called. The thought of life without sugar, wheat and alcohol was too much. And in my heart, I didn't feel like I needed a 12 step. You know, i just needed a better diet!
    Well, life propels you in a certain direction, right? It's funny how pieces fall into place when you look back. I found out more about intuive eating and that appealed to me, except for the fact that my body "intuitively" wanted potato chips, Halloween candy, and French fries and maybe one salad a week.
    A friend introduced me to Bikram in December of 2011. I loved it and slowly got more into it. And then last summer I bumped into an old friend from my homeschooling days at a class and she seemed so happy and healthy. When I'd known her before she was depressed, anxious, and addicted to sugar. She told me she had gone Paleo. I mentioned the Whole 30, having read about it and she said, "Oh, try it!" And I did.
    And here I am. No sugar. No grains. No alcohol. But....feeling like I am giving my body the best gift it's ever gotten. It took me too long to get here, so I probably owe it an apology. But, better late than never right?
    I haven't stepped on the scale during this Whole 30 and there is part of me that wonders, maybe I could just never step on it again.
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    llee reacted to melbournegirl in ZERO weight loss after two weeks   
    I've been whole30ing for a few months now and my shape and fat reserves seem to yoyo quite a bit. Because i am still learning to read the true signals of how much i need but also I expect that fluctuation is reasonably normal for a cave girl! But the interesting thing is my muscle definition is amazing, I get comments all the time, and the only place I seem to store fat now is on my thighs and butt. Eventually I will match what I eat with what I need and at no time will I need to be on a diet to do so. And where I end up will be the right place for a happy mind, body and soul, not the right place according to a book or competition. Maybe it's worth considering ditching the competition???
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    llee reacted to Renee Lee in ZERO weight loss after two weeks   
    Haley, seriously...you are doing NOTHING WRONG (besides weighing.)
    Tom is completely right in that you've already lost all the "low hanging fruit" as he called it.
    Note, this is why we hate weight loss contests. It reinforces all sorts of unhealthy psych stuff...and it encourages unhealthy practices to drop a few extra lbs between weigh-ins.
    You are making healthy choices, if you are eating until you're satisfied and it holds you until your next meal, then you are eating just enough. You didn't gain all the weight you're trying to lose in 30 days, it's not going to magically disappear in that short period of time. Just RELAX and keep going
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    llee reacted to Tom Denham in ZERO weight loss after two weeks   
    You lost 13 pounds in 5 weeks before beginning a Whole30. The low hanging fruit has been picked. The chances of you continuing to lose like you did before are slim.
    There are a lot of reasons people do not lose weight. One is from not eating enough. The body holds onto fat more aggressively if you are not feeding it properly. The same thing happens if you exercise too much or don't sleep enough. Worrying about weight loss seems to have a negative effect on hormonal rhythms and that makes weight loss difficult and sometimes halts it completely. Fasting or not eating in the mornings can cause problems. Lots of things. In your case, being in a weight loss competition may be getting in the way of losing weight.
    I've never been in a weight loss competition, but I won the last fat loss competition I was in. I don't remember what I weighed, but I dropped from a body fat percentage of something in the low 20s to 9 percent. My fellow participants weighed and worried a lot. I entered the competition because everybody at the gym was doing it, but I got busy with work, failed to exercise as much as I had planned, and ate my usual Whole30 meals without thinking about the competition. Surprise, surprise. I won.
    My story is that I lost 2 pounds per month for 15 months when I began the Whole30 way of doing things. My body weight went from 215 to 185. But I suspect I lost more than 30 pounds of fat. I got a lot stronger over that 15 months with my back squat going from 135 to 205, my dead lift going from something light to 275, etc. I grew muscles while I was losing fat. I might have lost 40 or 50 pounds of fat considering how much bigger my chest, arms, and thighs got.
    You could have lost a few pounds of fat and gained a few pounds of muscle over the past 2 weeks.
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    llee reacted to lexes42 in Weight gain, no change in size   
    My opinion  - and only mine -
    drop the nuts and fruit more than 2 servings a day
    focus on weights and weight  bearing exercise not cardio - plenty free on youtube, but I like Chalene Extreme if you like beachbody - this will reshape the 'notable fat'.
    sleep and de-stress
    but most of all...
    accept that you have body image issues - more damaging then 'food issues'.  You are within a healthy range for BMI.  Wearing a size 6 means you can wear almost anything beautifully.  Models have parts of their bodies they dislike and / or dress to minimize.  My guess is that you have no idea that you are thin and beautiful... especially if you've been battling to get below this weight for some time.  
    No number on the scale is going to make you healthy or happy, no food combination is going to make you feel the kind of perfect you are striving to be.  You will fluctuate 5 lbs within a day.   If you want to compete as a fitness model or wear a size 0/2, you may need a different routine to lower your body fat down further - but that means serious exercise with weights and possibly a train ticket to crazy eating disorder town.
    So let me say this with as much love as I can muster - throw away the scale, stop counting calories, listen to your body, reach for strong and sleek, not less 'weight', build a bridge and get over it.  Take all that energy you use over thinking food and weight and use it on something more productive that is full of self LOVE.  
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    llee reacted to Kirsteen in Cravings, cravings, cravings...   
    Hi Christina Well done for resisting what you have resisted and the changes you've made under what must be really difficult circumstances. Now you may not expect me to say this but STEP AWAY FROM THE 100 DAYS IDEA - HONESTLY! Some people do extend their W30, many don't. Aim for the 30 days. It's called W30 for a reason after all My first W30 became a W60 and I eat more or less this way full time now BUT if you'd told me at the beginning I'd have to do 100 days - I'd never have made it, never. It's too long to contemplate, especially if you're struggling.
    Cravings can be really difficult to resist, personally I think they're worse than out and out hunger. However the good news is the more you kick them into touch the weaker they get. I don't know if you resisted or not last night but you know what it doesn't matter. Start where ever you are. Get a diary or calendar and mark out 30 days. Remind yourself why you're doing this - because you're worth it, because you want to be the healthiest you can be. Think how much more you have to offer your husband and kids if you're really healthy.
    If you think it would help, you know your family best, you could try sitting them down and explaining what you're doing and why. Try to get them to support you. I agree I wouldn't try changing their diets just now but if you could get them to help you by keeping temptation out of your way (as much as is humanly possible) then that would be a positive.
    Decide that for 30 days you're going to do this - you're going to concentrate on all the lovely, good, tasty, compliant food that you CAN have and you're not going to waste time thinking about the noncompliant food you CHOOSE not to eat. It'll all still be available after 30 days if you want it then.
    If you don't get any support from your family, you'll get plenty here. so come on here often, ask for help, ask any questions, just rant if you need to - we're all rooting for you. We know you can do this because you deserve to be the very best you can be. Good luck and keep us posted.
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    llee got a reaction from Derval in Great uplifting quote for the day   
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    llee reacted to Tom Denham in Mother in law troubles.   
    There can be no argument when you just say, "I feel better when I eat this way" because no one else can know how you feel. Then just let it go. You don't have to convince her, just you.
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    llee reacted to Johnny M in BFF called to say I'm crazy–Knew it would happen   
    "Cut back" sounds a lot like "eat *blank* in moderation" something that has failed every dieter (and I mean anyone looking to improve health) in the world every time. I won't go too deep into this but if moderation worked, we'd all be in great health and perfect weights. Do what you have to do for your own reasons.
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    llee reacted to Renee Lee in 3rd whole 30 and STILL not losing weight - what am I doing wrong?   
    Well there you go. Answer found.
    You're already at a really healthy weight for your height, (it actually may be a smidge low, depending on genetics), but you're just carrying it in the wrong place/body comp. It's unrealistic to expect/want that number to drop very much. I'd really be more concerned with lifting heavy and changing your body comp.
    Fat that's localized in the midsection is indicative of adrenal fatigue/overtraining. The fact that your lifts have NOT gone up is another check mark in that column.
    Crossfitting as many times as you are in a week is a LOT of stress on its own; not giving your body an adequate amt of glucose/starch to help you recover from that is an added stressor. Then add in the stress of worrying about your weight, and your average "life/work" stress. It's a LOT. We can only handle so much before our body starts fighting back. The fact that you get 8-9 hours of sleep/night is AWESOME, but it's not enough.
    Personally, I would add the sweet potato back in, just EAT more, and drop CF and activity to 2-3x/week. If you're worried about the sugar dragon, then just drop the activity level even further back.
    I know it's scary and goes against everything we've ever been taught (i.e. this chick is telling me that to lose fat, i have to eat MORE and workout LESS?), but after 2 whole30s, your status quo isn't producing the results you want, right? If it doesn't work, you know how to get back to where you were.
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    llee reacted to Derval in Great uplifting quote for the day   
    "You are not your bra-size, nor are you the width of your waist, nor are you the slenderness of your calves. You are not your hair color, your skin color, nor are you a shade of lipstick. Your shoe-size is of no consequence. You are not defined by the amount of attention you get from males or females. You are not the number of sit-ups you can do nor are you the number of calories in a day.
    You are the content of your character. You are the ambitions that drive you. You are the goals that you set. You are the things that you laugh at and the words that you say. You are the thoughts you think and the things you wonder. You are beautiful and desirable not for the clique you attend, but for the spark of life within you that compels you to make your life a full and meaningful one. You are beautiful, not for the shape of the vessel, but for the soul it carries."
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    llee reacted to Susan W in Frustrating weekend with family   
    LOL..I wonder how many other friends and family with Kindles I can unregister, register to me, fill them up with Whole30 and Paleo stuff and then claim innocence.