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  1. AuntJane

    Diet Coke

    I was a diet Coke addict for 20+ years and successfully gave it up during my first Whole30 in September. I have had a few since, and I will be honest, it tasted good and I missed it. But I also felt funny after drinking I had given my GI tract a chemical bath (which I guess is essentially what I did...). There is honestly no reason to ever consume soda again.
  2. AuntJane

    Eat all the fats

    The entire post was fantastic, but this one really hit home. (it hit hard too...still stings a little). Thanks, Nadia.
  3. AuntJane

    On the verge.

    I realize this doesn't help you today, but if your oven won't be fixed or replaced for a while, it's not a bad idea to invest in a toaster oven. I use it more than my regular oven. Of course, I don't have anyone else to cook for, not sure if you do or not.
  4. AuntJane

    Lupus and the final outcome

    I agree, it IS frustrating. I used to feel the way your friend did about not wanting to change the food. I had to get to the point where I was desperate, and a year ago I was. Some people never get to that point, the food they like to eat is more important to them. Considering my former Lean Cuisine, diet Coke, and homemade baked goods habits, I'm pretty excited that I can follow this way of eating and be satisfied. I have read several times on this board that doing a regular Whole30 is recommended before trying one of the modified versions, so you are on the right track.
  5. AuntJane

    Lupus and the final outcome

    I can't add to the great advice Lady Shanny gave you, but maybe I can offer you some hope. I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, although not nearly as severe as lupus. I completed several Whole30s in the past year and none of them helped my main symptoms/issues at all. The doctor who diagnosed me helped adjust my expectations - he said 30 days is just a drop in the bucket when you're dealing with autoimmune, and I should expect it to take 6-18 months before I am feeling better and these weird symptoms are gone. The idea of changing your life in 30 days is certainly appealing; unfortunately, not all of us get to experience that. Are you following the autoimmune version of Whole30? If not, I recommend it. I really really (REALLY!!!) miss eggs, cashews, and almond butter, but after eliminating them and then reintroducing, I realized that they definitely aggrivate my symptoms. So sad...
  6. I have problems with this too, my midsection and my feet and ankles swell when it's humid - strangely, the left leg is always much worse than my right let, not sure what that is! It does get worse when I off-road, but it's still an issue when I'm following Whole30, especially on days when I am at work and sitting at a desk most of the day. On a weekend when I am more active, I hardly notice it at all.
  7. AuntJane

    Animal Fat/Grease For Cooking Vegetables

    My functional medicine doc ordered it; I had four vials of blood drawn and he sent them to the lab to be analyzed against different foods and chemicals. Opinions are extremely mixed as to whether or not this type of test is reliable, btw. I am desperate so I thought it was worth a try.
  8. AuntJane

    Animal Fat/Grease For Cooking Vegetables

    I am doing this with chicken fat now, since a recent food intolerance test showed I am "severely intolerant" to olives and coconut (coconut oil was my favorite cooking Surprisingly, the chicken fat is super yummy to cook in. I am still looking for Whole30 compliant bacon, since I am dying to try Brussels sprouts sautéed in bacon grease. After a lifetime of "low fat" dieting, I can't believe I just said that...
  9. AuntJane


    annc, thanks for sharing your experiences. I am still struggling to make myself eat three meals a day, and it really helps to know that someone else had such a similar experience. Kinda' freaky too, right?! Thank goodness we found Whole30. Carrots&Blueberries, I totally get what you mean about the impressive studies. In order to qualify for a $0 deductible on our health insurance, my company has us get a biometric screening every year. My numbers are always excellent. Prior to starting a Paleo/Whole30 diet last summer, my diet consisted of primarily Lean Cuisines and diet Coke (with an embarrassing amount of sweets on the weekends), so I attributed my excellent numbers to intermittent fasting and regular exercise. Ironically, my numbers were still excellent this year, in the midst of all the health issues I am experiencing.
  10. AuntJane


    Thanks, MeadowLily I used the 5-10 window because that is what the creator of the diet recommended, but he also said any five hour window was okay. Also, I don't like to eat in front of people so not eating all day at work is actually my preference and I was happy to find a "credible" excuse to skip lunch. I know some people preferred noon-5. Most days I would eat dinner around 6, then a snack around 9. There were times when I gained weight eating this way, and it was when I would graze all through my eating window, or really overdo it on the weekends.
  11. AuntJane


    MeadowLily's post is spot on. I have been intermittent fasting for several years now - maybe seven? I can't remember when I started. I have always been a dieter and struggled with binge eating, and when I learned about Fast Five (where you only eat during a five hour window, between 5pm-10pm), it sounded perfect for me. And in fact, I liked it. It didn't take long to get used to and my grocery bill was quite small! And it allowed me to indulge (read: binge on chocolate and ice cream) on the weekends and still maintain a low weight. I thought I was so smart for adapting this way of eating. My periods became erratic in 2010 and stopped in 2012. I probably should have been concerned, but I was actually elated. I don't need to explain why, do I?? Now I am struggling with mysterious health issues that nine doctors could not help me with - multiple chemical sensitivity, scores of allergies (something I had never had prior to last year), swelling above my eyes, and days when I can't get out of bed. A few weeks ago my new doctor ran some diagnostic tests and said he doesn't know how I am still functioning. My cortisol, hormone, and thyroid levels are all low, and he thinks I have adrenal fatigue and an autoimmune disease. I will not get better unless I start eating during the day, and he says the fasting is at least partly to blame for my health issues (my pre-Whole30 diet consisting primarily of Lean Cuisine and diet Coke didn't help either). I am so used to not eating during the day that I don't WANT to. What started out as a weight maintenance plan has become a horrible disaster. I wish I had never started. I would rather be fat again. I know this is all based on my experience, but I would not recommend fasting for women on a regular basis. Days when you eat less? That probably would be good for everyone. But don't intentionally put your body in a situation where it thinks you are starving.
  12. I still shop primarily at Whole Foods (and Trader Joe's) because they have a better selection of organic produce and organic/grass fed meats. But I don't buy much in the aisles, most of it is non-compliant and/or ridiculously expensive.
  13. AuntJane

    Can't Find Compliant Bacon? Here's Your Soultion

    I have heard this before, but thanks for the reminder! I have heard that Whole Foods sells compliant bacon, but I was there this morning and MY Whole Foods does NOT sell compliant bacon. Boo.
  14. AuntJane

    Favorite Cooking Oils? Missing butter!

    These are great ideas! I just got the results of a comprehensive food sensitivity panel (I know there are mixed opinions on this), and it showed a severe intolerance to olives and coconut. I don't know what to cook in without these oils! I am allergic to avocados and I'm on the AIP so I can't use nut oils...ugh! However, bacon fat would be awesome. Schmaltz too, but bacon fat...I'm going to buy some bacon tonight.
  15. AuntJane

    Sticker shock - feeling discouraged. HELP!

    This is extremely disturbing. Makes me want to move to the UK or some place where many of our frankenfoods are banned.