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    decker_bear reacted to SchrodingersCat in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    Same, mine lives in the pantry. Never had an issue unless it became cross-contaminated.
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    decker_bear reacted to LadyM in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    I've never kept ghee in the fridge. Ever. And it's fine. 
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    decker_bear reacted to ShadowInTheKitchen in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    You don't need to refrigerate it if you eat it fairly quickly (within two weeks) if you use salted butter.  If you use unsalted butter I suggest keeping it in the fridge.
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    Day 10 (Day 1 of The Hardest Days) ... 
    I am fortunate to say this has not been one of The Hardest Days and I am super grateful for that! I think part of that is due to having two adorable little rescue pups keeping me too busy to overthink this and also for my friends who are letting me coach them and for you nice people I interact regularly with here. A support group is huge! 
    Breakfast - 4 eggs, zucchini and acorn squash, plus coffee with coconut oil. I've been using less coconut oil in my coffee so I added a few almonds. 

    I had half a bottle of kombucha during a meeting.

    Lunch - chicken wings, plantains fried in coconut oil, baby cucumbers and cashew sauce. 
    I finished breakfast in just under an hour. I'm going to keep aiming for 30 minutes. Lunch went down a little easier, and I think the primary reason is that I wanted to hurry up and get those finger foods down so I didn't have to keep washing my hands before I touched the computer. 
    Insights: I haven't done a great job of drinking my water today. 
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    decker_bear reacted to SchrodingersCat in Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...   
    You know what gets me through? In the 90s/early 00s, I was a little party animal/clubber and I now have a playlist of all the songs I used to go off at the club to  Reliving my youth!!
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    decker_bear got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...   
    GOOD FOR YOU!!! 
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    decker_bear got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    I am literally laughing so hard right now!! "Oh, my dearest plate of eggs, how I love thee..." 
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    decker_bear reacted to LadyM in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    What happens in the crock pot is the milky dairy part drops to the bottom of the pot. You don't want to disturb that by pouring the whole lot through the cheesecloth. Instead, you scoop out the golden ghee with a ladle of some sort and pour that through the cheesecloth, so the little solids that floated to the top get strained. It'll make sense when you do it and look at it. Just make sure the crock pot setting is at its lowest and that you keep the lid off. 
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    decker_bear got a reaction from LadyM in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    OH MY GOSH THIS SOUNDS EVEN EASIER!!! I am so excited. Ghee is coming off the shopping list and butter is going on. Just so I'm clear, the stuff left in the cheesecloth is the dairy solids and everything that strains through is the ghee, right? Do I need to refrigerate the ghee? 
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    decker_bear reacted to SchrodingersCat in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    I'm the same with sitting down to meals, I get bored. I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate my meals, but I don't want to sit there and lovingly gaze at them while I eat them!
    That sauce does sound fun!!
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    decker_bear got a reaction from ShadowInTheKitchen in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    No way!! I will have to try that. I was always reluctant because I thought it was like making brown butter and there was a 2 second window between done and burned. I'm totally trying this, that would make my life sooooo much easier! Thank you! 
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    decker_bear got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    Day 5
    I've rescued one dog before, but two is no joke! These little blessings kept me running crazy today. Now, to be fair, we had to go to the pet store and exchange their leashes because the ones we got - they just weren't having it. My boys also came over for dinner and our other dog, Stitch, came with him. I'm sure that between that and being in a new home for only 24 hours was just a lot. I don't blame them for being a bit cranky. I'm feeling it myself. Hopefully tomorrow we can all just chillllll.... 

    I had a really hard time eating today. I would start off hungry and a few bites in feel stuffed. I did what you are supposed to do, stuck to the template and ate as much as I was able. I even set my food off to the side so I could continue eating when the urge struck. As soon as I had breakfast and lunch sitting there together I conceded and put it all away. 
    Breakfast - leftover apple pork frittata 
    Lunch - beef & broccoli with mushrooms 
    Dinner - cod, caesar salad and mashed potatoes 

    I'm having a cup of chamomile tea before bed and I had half a bottle of kombucha with dinner. 
    I've also been using Day by Day this time around. I don't think it was written when I did my W30s in the past. It's really pretty cool, even if you already know the program and what to expect pretty well. I'm starting to enjoy the bedtime routine of writing in it, reflecting on the day. I've tried to get in the habit of journaling in the past and it never sticks. If I can stick with Day by Day for 30 days I'll be feeling pretty good. 
    I've also been listening to Melissa's podcast - Do The Thing. I really liked her recent episode about morning routines and how they can be hugely beneficial. I'm going to start working on a morning routine of my own - just something to consistently start the day off on a positive note. 
    NSV: I had absolutely zero cravings today 
    NSV#2: I followed the rules and ate as much as I could on schedule even when I didn't feel hungry 
    NSV#3: I did all the dishes after dinner even though I was tired and I really, really didn't want to. 
    Insights: Nothing significant today. I didn't get much sleep last night because of the pups so I'm getting to bed earlier tonight, hoping they sleep a little better, too. 
    Here's a picture of the mellower of the two. The other one doesn't sit still long enough for a photo. I swear to gawd she's part squirrel. 

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    decker_bear reacted to ShadowInTheKitchen in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    Have you tried making it yourself?  It's super easy, just dump a pound of salted butter into a saucepan and let it simmer for about 20 minutes.  Cover the pot with a wire screen if you have one.  I don't bother skimming much off the top anymore, just let the milk solids drop to the bottom of the pot to brown.  Do not stir during the process.  When it's done, leave it until it's warm to touch not hot, then strain it through a few layers of cheesecloth into a glass jar.  It's so good, and I love the flavour of the home made burnt-ish butter better than the store-bought super mild flavour.  
    Congrats on those NSV's!
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    decker_bear reacted to LadyM in The Seduction of LadyM Returns   
    Day 14
    Two weeks, y'all!!
    The sugar dragon has not been plaguing me as it has in past W30s. I'm hardly eating fruit, even, and it's not that big of a deal. I have sweets cravings at the end of meals, but this is more habit than need, and I'm not indulging it--not even with fruit. This is a MAJOR shift for me and a major win as my mother died in her 60s of kidney failure related to diabetes and though my glucose numbers are generally good at this stage, prediabetes is something I need to actively resist with these genes. One of the things that sparked this W30 was an off-handed convo I had with my dude that went something like this:
    "You know I really do eat healthy in general. Except for sweets. Just like my Mom, and diabetes killed her," I said.
    "Hmmm. Seems like there's a lesson in there somewhere," he said, tongue in cheek.
    Which leads me to another observation: I needed the hard rules of the W30 to say no to the kind of foods Dude and I tend to eat together. When we first started dating, I did pretty OK off roading on dates in a reasonable way and then eating cleaner on my own time. But time and comfort and quarantine life threw that out the window and, as is my unfortunate way, I bend to his ways easier than he does to mine, and I ate more like a bachelor than I care to admit. I had actually lost 10 pounds at the start of the pandemic in preparation for a spring break cruise that never happened. As time wore on and uncertainty and depression took their toll, I pretty much threw all my good habits and sense out the window and ate all the garbage, felt like garbage, stopped exercising and spending time in nature, and at the same time my thyroid levels went shockingly low, as they're wont to do when I'm not on my A-game. And, of course, the weight crept back on and then some, though I haven't stepped on the scale in many moons.
    Anyway, the point is, I told Dude I'm doing a W30, and while he thinks it's insanely punishing and keeps forgetting and offering me bites of potato chips and the like, ultimately he respects my choice and reasons for doing it. And we don't live together, so it's not really an issue except when we spend a weekend together. I also, of course, think a W30 would be the best possible thing in the world for him and hope to lead by example, but I'm keeping the focus on me and my journey. There's definitely a life lesson in there somewhere.
    This week starts a new school year, and yesterday I had ALL THE ENERGY and DID ALL THE THINGS to prepare. I don't actually begin teaching until tomorrow, so it's nice that I have a day to myself. Telemeetings with my therapist and doc are on the agenda for later this afternoon, and I'm eager to continue deepening the self care.
    Last night I awoke at 2:30 to pee and had a terrible time getting back to sleep, so I ended up snoozing a couple hours past my alarm and am not, so far, having the kind of energizer bunny day that yesterday was. But that's OK. I'm rolling with it. And I do have the time and space to fit in my morning routine albeit at a later hour. It's all good. And I do hope to conquer the racing mind that kept me awake in the wee hours with exercise and regular meditation. The house hunt and relationship problems and work anxiety and grandmother with COVID aren't going to change because they're swirling through my mind as negative thoughts. Working on cultivating the calm inside regardless of what's going on outside. W30 is helping. And it ain't over yet.
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    decker_bear reacted to SchrodingersCat in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    When we got our doggo (he was a rescue but a pupper) my husband had been laid off and could be home full time and I'm SO grateful that was his job and not mine, lol
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    decker_bear reacted to LadyM in Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30   
    So glad the spiral is behind you for the moment. I've been there, and it can feel so desperate.
    I'm with @decker_bear: Whole 30 is here for you when it's useful. Sounds like you're really clear about what you need right now and that's great!
    FWIW, intuitive eating doesn't work for me when I'm in a spiral. I do think there are physiological components, at least for me, that need to be dealt with in conjunction with the psychological and emotional pieces to the puzzle. That was one of the most valuable takeaways for me in all my rounds of W30. Sugar in conjunction with flour and/or dairy is like poison to me when I'm undernourished. That's just a fact I've learned to accept, which means I accept the consequences if I choose to imbibe. It's much easier to off road just the once with such things if it's bookended with solid W30-style template nutrition for at least a few days.
    Anyway, that's my experience, and it may not be yours. We all must learn to ride our own bikes, and often again and again, because life keeps changing and throwing unimaginable stuff at us. That's why I'm back after YEARS. . . . BIG LOVE to you on your journey wherever and however it takes you!
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    decker_bear got a reaction from Dara750 in Starting in September   
    I'm a certified health coach (not a W30 Certified Coach but I'm working to get there!) and I can tell you the biggest tweaks you can make for success is psychological. Even the act of preparing (planning, shopping, etc) is psychological in nature. The biggest thing I see here is this sentence: I failed miserably. Seriously, lose the negative self-talk. There are so many ways you could rephrase this. Instead of making statements that are judgemental in nature, try statements that only contain facts and observations. For example, you may say something like, "I started on Monday and chose to eat some off-plan foods. I'm starting over with Day 1." That is simply a statement of fact. It does not place any judgement on you, nor does it classify your choices as a "failure." Negative self-talk can lead to those nasty self-fulfilling prophecies.  If you tell yourself you're a failure, then you're a failure. But YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE! You chose to eat foods that were not compliant, and now you're starting over because you care about your health and you're committed to seeing this through. 
    Hang in there! I'm excited to follow your journey! 
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    decker_bear got a reaction from ShadowInTheKitchen in Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30   
    @ShadowInTheKitchen you have to do what is right for you! The W30 community is always here for you! 
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    decker_bear got a reaction from LadyM in Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30   
    It seems like you're stuck in a spiral that's going to be tricky to get out of. Is there somewhere you could donate the non-compliant foods? A friend, neighbor, family member, etc.? I just sent home a few non-compliant things I had laying around with my son and he is more than happy to eat them. I would love if he would embrace a Whole30 to make himself healthier, but he's not in that space right now so I give him the food instead of wasting it or throwing it out. I'm with you, I hate wasting food, but then again ... the food that makes you feel bad isn't really serving you anyway. 
    Are you familiar with Intuitive Eating? It's a concept where you eat more or less what you want. You focus on healthy foods that will serve your body, but you also don't forbid yourself from eating anything. If you want the wine, you have the wine - but you drink it with a wholesome dinner. If you want the cheese and crackers - awesome, but maybe they're an appetizer for a vegetable-heavy dinner. You enjoy it, you give thanks for it, and you move on. Might be worth looking at. I'm just thinking that it might be a way for you to stop the spiral, get yourself balanced again, and allow yourself to start another Whole30 on solid footing and without the shame and regret. 
    Whatever you decide, YOU ARE WORTH IT! Take the time, do it right, and your body will thank you. 
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    decker_bear got a reaction from LadyM in Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30   
    Don't be so hard on yourself! I'm reading a really good book right now called The Hungry Brain. I'm about halfway into it. The basic premise to this point is that we are biologically wired to want the most calorie-dense foods, and when we get our hands on them, we over-consume. This is based on the caveman days when they may not always have access to honey or starchy tubers or fatty meats. When those foods are available, they gorge on them, because there is no telling when they will find the next batch. The problem in today's world is that we are still biologically wired that way, but calorie-dense foods are absolutely everywhere and a lot worse for us than honey or starchy tubers. 

    See if you can get your hands on this book, I think it might help. I can't say what the recommendations are because I'm not there yet, but even Melissa says that our lack of "self-control" isn't really our fault. Scientists create "food" in such a way that is addicting so we eat more and more. I can't say why some people are seemingly better able to resist these temptations, but I can only guess it has to do with habits built over long periods of time. 

    Hang in there!  W30 is always here for you when you are ready for another round. 
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    decker_bear got a reaction from ShadowInTheKitchen in Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30   
    @ShadowInTheKitchen you have to do what is right for you! The W30 community is always here for you! 
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    Day 7 (and yes, I still have to check!)
    This morning was a bit cray cray. I had the pups sleep in the playpen last night, hoping against hope I could get some sleep. It kind of worked. The little one (Gen) ended up in bed with me but fortunately slept NEXT to me instead of ON TOP OF me. The bigger one (Ulli) stayed in the playpen until morning. So thank goodness for finally getting some rest. We got up and I started getting my shoes to take them outside. They were out of bed for 30 seconds when I find Ulli in my office taking a dump on the floor.  I rush them downstairs and get them outside, and of course they both just stare at me. We hung out forever until I finally conceded to going back in, and within seconds they both peed on the carpet. I got to exercise my "don't get mad" face. Cleaned it up and started watching videos on house training adult rescues. I made a cup of coffee but breakfast wasn't even on my MIND. Tried a few things and then ran to the store to pick up a few things. I got back around 11:00am and realized I hadn't eaten. D'oh! 
    So, all that to say ... I'm going to need to figure out some kind of morning routine that meets their needs and ensures I get my own business handled. 
    Breakfast: 4 eggs (which felt like a lot today despite not having eaten much) topped with a healthy pour of my "cash-alm-shine sauce," sweet potato mash, asparagus and cuties. Coffee with coconut oil. 
    I'm going to try to get in a light lunch later this afternoon and have a slightly later dinner to get the 3 meals in, and make some sort of effort to get back on schedule. 
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    decker_bear got a reaction from LadyM in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    Day 7 - continued

    I swear, these dogs are going to push me to my breaking point. But, they're adjusting, so I just have to be patient. I swear I can only clean up SO MUCH PEE before I lose my mind. 
    Anywhoooo.... About 3 hours after breakfast I had a lighter lunch. I made a shrimp fried rice from cauli rice, peas, coconut oil, coconut aminos, egg, and shrimp. Of course I topped it off with my cash-alm-shine sauce. It was light enough I could eat it even though I'd eaten a few hours earlier, but satisfying at the same time. 
    My energy is a little lower today. I've had a couple of bouts of "I just want to take a nap," though I'm probably just catching up from lack of sleep the last couple of nights. 
    NSV: My leggings weren't quite as tight when I put them on today. Woo hoo! 
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    decker_bear got a reaction from ShadowInTheKitchen in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    Day 6 - continued
    Today is the first day in a while that I've had any sort of significant craving - and I really wanted a glass of wine. I'd been watching a TV show and they were drinking wine and that was a huge trigger for me. It wasn't a crazy uncontrollable craving - I wasn't going to run to the store and buy wine - but it was strong enough that had there been wine in front of me I probably would have accepted it. To me that just reinforces the importance of not having tempting foods around. 
    For dinner I was inspired by another member's comment about Sunshine Sauce. I didn't have any sunbutter, so I ended up making some sauce with a combination of almond butter and cashews. I drizzled that over a pile of cooked chicken thighs, zoodles, sliced portabello mushroom and fresh tomato. So good. And now I have some sauce left over for the next day or two. 
    My energy today has been really great. I feel like it was pretty good yesterday too, but I would have to refer back to my log to be sure. I haven't been sleeping well because of the pups, but tonight I'm going to try putting them in a playpen next to my bed and see if they will let me sleep alone. You know who is really in charge around here, and it's not the hooman. 
    Insights: keep non-compliant food OUT OF THE HOUSE. I may have caved if I would have had wine around. Sleep. Cravings for me aren't typically as bad when I have sufficient sleep. 
    NSV: Went on 3 long-ish walks with the pups today. 
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    decker_bear got a reaction from ShadowInTheKitchen in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    Yes yes yes! It's true, when not on W30 I rarely drink it. I think it's mostly just an issue of wanting everything I "can't" have. I pretty much have a rebellious side in everything, so why should food be any different? 

    In response to your previous comment, I think that's where the pressure to keep things interesting comes from. If I'm going to submit to following these "rules," my rebellious side still needs a chance to say, nope, I'm not eating that. If I'm going to stick to the rules I need other choices to allow my rebellious side some latitude. Prior to this W30 I was eating oatmeal nearly every morning. We ate pizza (the same pie from the same place), sushi (the same rolls), and pad thai from the same place regularly. So what you said is right on - why can we do that and then suddenly panic about keeping things fresh for W30? I really think it's rebelling. There are no "rules" around eating all that other stuff, but there are rules for W30. 

    The psychology of behavior (particularly around food) is so fascinating to me!