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  1. k2kre

    October 1 Start Date

    Well.......Here we are - Day 28. How many of you are still with me? I can't believe how fast this month has gone by and how awesome I feel. I've made the decision to pretty much stick with Paleo with a few indulgences here and there. But I will never go back to my old eating behaviors. What about you?
  2. k2kre

    October 1 Start Date

    Okay peeps...how are we doing!???? I must say that I've surprised myself. I really thought this was going to be HE double hockey sticks. But I can't believe how fast my sugar cravings have dwindled. I still get the pang every once in awhile mostly after lunch but not as much as I would have thought. How did everyone do over the weekend? I was a little skeptical about how I would do. That is usually when my eating patterns are the worst. I would be busy for the day and just grab some quick fast food, pizza or chinese whenever I decided to eat. And I would snack on Snickers or cookies through the days. I also am a frequent social drinker not a lot of drinking because I never like how I feel the next day but where I will have dinner and drinks and stay out for some more drinks. I had a birthday party that I skipped out on because I didn't want to be tempted. But the good news is, I ate three meals each day and planned meals for this week! Let me know how you are doing! I'm excited to hear the stories. Here is my Pinterest recipe board: http://www.pinterest.com/eastman0253/whole-30/ Feel free to add me and share any of your recipes!
  3. k2kre

    October 1 Start Date

    Good Morning All!!!! Thank you first and foremost for joining my forum post. I'm so happy to have you with me in this journey. My lil sis is also doing it with me here side by side. I'm hoping we can kick this programs butt! I gorged out yesterday on everything that I won't be having for the next month and maybe never again. So I'm feeling pretty crappy this morning. I got up weighed myself - not shocked. Took a shower and did my measurements. SHOCKED! I knew I wasn't feeling comfortable but I had no idea I'd let myself get so far. It was definitely a wake up call. And I think it also means that I'm going to be getting back in the gym. I was going to wait to see how I felt - lots of people say you don't have a lot of energy the first few weeks but why not welcome more change! So, needless to say - I'm more determined and pumped for this journey and I couldn't be happier I have all of you joining me. We can all do this. I hope everyone is as excited as I am! Good luck and I'm here for support to anyone!!!! Kristin
  4. k2kre

    Starting October 1st

    My sister and I are starting on WEdnesday as well! We are super excited. Her vice is pasta and mine is chocolate and fried foods. Good luck to everyone. I'm going to need much support and I'm here to give lots of support so feel free to friend me and reach out! Kristin
  5. k2kre

    October 1 Start Date

    Is everyone getting super excited to start?!!!! I know I am. I'm a little behind the ball as I will be doing some shopping today and some tomorrow and then trying to cook a meal that will last me until the weekend. I have added a lot of great recipes to my Pinterest board and I can't wait to start. Good luck to everyone!
  6. k2kre

    Start Date October 1st

    Hi @Megs25 and @LolaLark! I'm Kelsey's sister and I'm super excited to be starting this journey with ya'll. @LolaLark - thanks for sharing your Pinterest board. Here is mine for everyone: http://www.pinterest.com/eastman0253/whole-30/ We can exchange recipe ideas and keep each other motivated. @Megs25 I feel exactly like you after reading the book. I always thought okay less calories, more working out = weight loss, and that is all I cared about. I have been feeling terrible for the past year and I knew I needed to eat better so I did weight watchers for a month or so and felt a little better and lost a few pounds but the restriction was making me want to eat worse foods for me. So I've pretty much not worried about it at all until I started reading the book. Now I get it. It has nothing to do with weight anymore - it's about what I put in my body so I don't feel crappy. I think if I keep thinking in those terms it will be very easy to stick with the plan. And I'm sure once I start feeling better it will be no question. I know we can all keep each other accountable! Good luck!!!
  7. k2kre

    October 1 Start Date

    Thank you @Hols1 for the advise. I do actually get really bad stomach issues when I eat certain foods. I was afraid with all the veggies I will be eating what it would do to my belly as they always seem to give me more gas. But I've never allowed my body time to fully heal. This will be hard but I'm glad you told me that so I will know that I just need to stick it out. @Sroach918 I'm excited that you are starting on October 1 too. I'm really ready for some change. I hope you are too. Happy early B-day!
  8. k2kre


    I just read through this post and found it very helpful. I'm hoping ya'll can help me a bit too. I've never officially been diagnosed as hypoglycemic but I think I may have some of the symptoms. I've always eaten a lot through out the day and I find if I don't I started yawning constantly and feel nauseated. Then I will eat something and feel fine. Do I have a form of hypoglycemia? Thanks for the help! Kristin
  9. k2kre

    October 1 Start Date

    Hi Newbie - I'm excited that you'll be starting this challenge at the same time. I'm hoping to encourage as well as be encouraged. I also suffer from IBS only when I'm really stressed but I do feel bloated all of the time. I hope we can knock this program down a day at a time together! Kristin
  10. k2kre

    October 1 Start Date

    Hello Everyone - I'm Kristin and I'm new to all of this. Really, all of it. I've never posted on a public forum and I've never started a program so strict. Little bit of background on me. I'm 33. I've always been really athletic and never had a hard time maintaining my weight. The past year is the first - I've started to feel old. I get sick easily, bad aches and pains all the time, no energy and I can't lose weight as easily as I have in the past. I also have started eating for stress and have become addicted to not good food and don't have a lot of will power. So I'm now about 25 lbs over where I want to be and have always been. I need change. I just bought "It Starts with Food" and a cook book related. I have a conference in Boston next week and I want to read the book front to back before diving in. So I thought October 1 would be the perfect time. I understand this is going to be very challenging and it seems that I'm probably going to feel pretty poopy at first but I'm hoping with everyone's help that I will have the strength to continue this program for the full 30 days. I've never had to watch what I eat but have always known the basics of what is good to eat in terms of exercise and fitness. Lots proteins and veggies. I'm not much of a cooker so if anyone has any quick and easy recipes to share please do. And please any and all encouragement is welcome. I'm going to need it. Thanks in advance! Kristin