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  1. Sazafrass

    Anyone planning to jump in on January 1st? Join me!!

    This will be my second Whole30. I successfully completed one in October, and started to feel AMAZING. I stopped relying on anti-inflammatories to manage bursitis in my hip, and started sleeping like a CHAMP for the first time in my entire life. I lost weight and overall had a much more positive outlook on life, found that I had a nearly endless wealth of good will and energy to offer friends, co-workers and clients. Then a trip to New Orleans and the Holidays threw me into an alcohol, refined carb and dairy spiral. January First (tomorrow) can't come soon enough. I have already weaned myself off of alcohol, dairy, and legumes (not a real issue for me as I don't enjoy them), tomorrow I nix sugar and grain from that list. Excited this time, as I know a little bit more what to expect, and what I expect is to start feeling really good again. My hope on this round is to make it to a Whole90, as for me at least, judging from how far off road I have been since completing a whole30 in October, I believe its going to take a longer amount of time/discipline to establish new habits. To those who are just about to begin: congratulations. The thing that kept me from falling off the wagon on my first Whole30 was the thought that if I slipped up, I would have to start over at day 1. Keep this in mind going forward... there will come a halfway point where it's just smooth sailing. Good luck everyone! This is one of the best possible life changes you can make for yourself. Also: I cannot recommend this blog post enough, it's the Whole30 Roundup by Nom Nom Paleo... four words for you: Leon's Miracle Caper Sauce.
  2. Sazafrass

    severe anxiety on sugar, and metabolic distress

    Rapid Weight Gain without change to your lifestyle and diet can be a clear indicator of low-thyroid, which I suffer from. It can be insidious, frustrating and mask itself as many other things. So before you go beating yourself up, get thee to an integrative health practitioner or endrocinologist! And kudos to you for being so honest with yourself that you are starting over again. I am only on day 4, and so far one of the main things that has kept me from cheating is the idea that I don't want to have to start all the way over. Like many people, I will be classically gung ho about a new regime monday-thursday, and then the weekend rolls around and something triggers me... and invitation for drinks with co-workers, parties, family gatherings, etc. My boyfriend and I have a barbecue we are supposed to attend this evening. I just walked to the butcher shop and bought a grassfed ribeye, which I am going to eat alongside sautéed super greens and cauliflower, so that I am not showing up to this party hungry. In the past my tact would have been to spend hours in the kitchen making something to share with everyone, and then inevitably show up at the party underfed- but as the days go by, I am realizing, that so much of this journey is about learning how to nurture myself first before I go reaching out to others.
  3. Sazafrass

    Alcohol - judgement free zone

    I am on day 1 of my Whole 30, after having researched and prepped for it for the last three days, and then getting caught in the post-work drink ritual each night after a nearly perfect W30 day. I finally finished "It Starts With Food" today and am committed to this being day 1 of 30. I am a bartender and server: tasting wine and mixing cocktails are part of my day to day life- I have made a name for myself being one hell of a drink mixer; But I will tell you a secret: after 10 years in the business, I can mix ingredients in my head, knowing ratios really well, and they turn out exactly as I want them to, I don't really have to taste them anymore. I quit drinking for two years in my mid twenties (I am now in my early-mid 30s, yikes), and after an adjustment period, I found I could still socialize while drinking Kombucha on the rocks, or bitters and soda (some bitters have alcohol in them, but when you are talking 3 drops at a time diluted into a pint of water, it hardly seems enough to throw someone way off, although I will be foregoing alcohol based bitters during my W30.) What I generally find is that not once ever in the history of my career as a social drinker have I ever had a drink or three and found that what I wanted later that night or the next day was "Salmon and veggies." The empty calories in alcohol and the empty calories an alcohol hangover inspires me to eat, has caused my weight to BALLOON over the last 5 years and my health to feel diminished. Anyhow, I have a few other suggestions for those of us who are looking for a creative outlet that doesn't involve making specialty alcoholic cocktails. 1: I am a firm believer that if you can't cook, you can't mix a good drink. Mixology requires an understanding of matching and contrasting flavors. Take that creativity and apply it in the kitchen- and like most creative endeavors, having a few constraints (i.e. no dairy, grains, sugar, legumes, alcohol, etc.) can actually be a beautiful thing as far as results go (just think of every cooking show you've ever watched.) Be the one who is now known to her friends, not as the specialty cocktail maker, but the badass Paleo-friendly cook. 2: Make Fancy Iced Teas (I am obsessed with Numí brand, especially their Chocolate Puerh), Sugarless Shrubs, and seek out glycerin based bitters to flavor your soda water. If you happen to live in Northern California, Revive Brand Kombucha, with their flavors like Hibiscus-Vanilla and Lemon Ginger Yerba Maté, make divine "mocktails." I am also a big fan of Kevita brand Coconut Kefir Water, particularly just the OG Coconut flavor- but it does have some stevia in it, so it is not W30 compliant. I look forward to building some muscle back up as a teetotaler. This is a great thread.