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  1. How long do dressings last?

    I have a part time job at a cafe where we serve a lot of avocado toast. I've got most of the kitchen staff trained: mushy/brown avocados that aren't good enough for customers are deemed "kirkor avocados" and I get to take them home
  2. How long do dressings last?

    I tend to push the limits both with refrigeration and shelf life. If anything goes awry I figure it just makes my gut microbiome more robust.
  3. Compliant Coffee Creamer!!

    What are the ingredients?
  4. Can I have ......?

    It can be incorporated like any fruit as part of the recommended meal template:
  5. Transitioning from Keto to W30...

    With your particular background, you might consider doing a Whole30 minus potatoes only. Treat potatoes as a reintro item, i.e. add back in in small quantities after 30 days and monitor your mood, cravings, digestion, energy, etc.
  7. Beef polish sausage

    My comment wasn't meant to be taken seriously as a bragging thing, hence the "*koff*'s" and ninja faces. But I suppose if we dig deep, it can be used to illustrate for others how searching the forum can be a good thing, esp. with the recommendation of using whole30 + xxx in google. Anyway, main takeaway is that more compliant products are always a good thing!
  8. Beef polish sausage

    *koff*found it 2 years ago*koff*
  9. Great minds think alike? Here's my stash of pre-workout:
  10. Kind of first timer.....

    Not a first timer, but wanted to say congratulations for coming back to give it another go. A lot of people mention that a 2nd W30 is harder than the first, and so I imagine that's true when following up on a 73% W30 as well. re: feeling scared, I think the best way to combat that is with the support of this forum, the knowledge in the W30 books and website, and doing the right amount of prep work. Then you can just kind of nestle in and realize you are safe in this structure which has been proven to work for a vast number of people.
  11. Can I have non-grain hot cereal?

    Ya, it's be a SWYPO. Use search terms like "porridge" and "fauxtmeal" to find some more threads here: Some non-egg breakfast threads:"tired+of+eggs"
  12. Day 11: The Potato Dilemma

    Ya, I leave 'em out to no ill effect. I even did my first W30 back before they were considered compliant
  13. Military Training with Whole30

    Best you're going to be able to do is Whole30ish. Be okay with that and recognize you're still going to be much better off than if you weren't considering any W30 principles at all. When you're in a place where you can exercise greater control over your food, you can do a by-the-book Whole30.
  14. Wild vs Farm raised salmon Omega3 question

    What O3s there are would be present in the fat, ya, so it's not wrong. Also it's not that farm raised lacks O3s, but it's ratio of O6:O3 isn't as favorable as that of wild-caught.
  15. Meal Timing Advice

    I would try to make your 10:30 and 8 meals a little bigger than a mini-meal. You're not that hungry now at your 10:30 but some of that might be conditioning --- if you stick with it, you might be able to get more good food in. Also maybe skew that meal a little towards the fat side, rather than protein or carbs, then you'll be getting more food value with less volume, due to the density.
  16. Emotional Pig out

    Could've been undereating in general too; that can kind of build to a head over time, and then something emotional can set you off. I've been compliant-snacky too, and it's funny how our brains still seek out those easy calories: coconut milk, lara bars, etc.
  17. Headache on Day 1

    Coffee withdrawal?
  18. Starting tomorrow, 9/25!

    I did that before while making soup. This wasn't the Cuisinart model you usually see recommended, rather a "brand X" model I've had for years. Worried I broke it, but after it "cooled down" (apparently) it started working properly again. Although, I haven't used it to make soup since! Just do it for mayo, which, as @ShannonM816 mentions, only needs to take 30 seconds or so.
  19. PreWorkout food and meds

    You should be fine, especially if you are used to working out fasted pre-Whole30. Keep an eye on your performance and energy levels as you incorporate more exercise, and possibly make your M1 larger if you feel you need more sustenance.
  20. Running out of money

    If feeling the financial pinch then absolutely skip all the organic grass-fed stuff. $4/lb isn't bad, but I buy chicken thighs on sale routinely for $1.19/lb, and sometimes as low as $0.59/lb. Trim some of the fat if you're worried about it, but still, meat is meat. re: easy meals, there's not much easier than sauteeing veggies & ground beef in a pan. Also Melissa Joulwan has a good tip for keeping lots of veggies on hand ready to go:
  21. Running out of money

    What are some pricing examples of the food items you're buying?
  22. The SWYPO rule is to make sure people have their heads right and aren't using compliant food as a crutch to keep off-plan cravings at bay. But think about even the title of your thread: paleo cheats? What is it cheating on? If the inner dialog pathway of sweet=treat=cheat still exists, maybe there's still work to be done.
  23. Veggie or fruit?

    Ya those items don't have the fructose load that standard fruit has, but I think a person would still benefit from leaning more towards broccoli, spinach, & zucchini. Cucumber is a pretty "meh" veg, kinda like celery, isn't it?
  24. Netflix - What the Health