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  1. melyhegedu

    Newbie, starting Sept 3!

    Day 3 done. Crankies took over and I didn't plan enough time to make my Real Plans chicken chili. But there were enough leftovers that I was able to make a big salad with lots of protein and avocado. I will make chili tomorrow. I had all the day 3 symptoms: headache, cranky, etc. But I did go to the gym. Hope you are all doing well with your plans and enjoying the journey. Enjoy is of course a relative term.
  2. melyhegedu

    Newbie, starting Sept 3!

    I signed up for Real Plans. Tonight's chicken dinner was excellent. I was supposed to have made a quiche this morning but it didn't get done. Veggie scramble instead. I'll make it tomorrow. The thing I like about the Real Plans is their timeline. It tells you what to prep, what to take out of the freezer, etc. On to day 2.
  3. melyhegedu

    Newbie, starting Sept 3!

    Hi, I'm starting Monday, too. I'm a teacher and it's the first week of school! I'm actually retired, but still substitute in the classroom and have private music students at home. Nice to see other 60+ year-young women here to start the future!
  4. melyhegedu

    Adjusting to no alcohol

    Hi Snowday, I am starting my 3rd W30 on Monday. I am also at close to my heaviest since my 1st W30 in 2014. I gained all the weight I lost back and fell into old eating habits (snack all day instead of sitting down for meals) as well as old drinking habits. I switched to vodka spritzers, too, and white wine spritzers. My husband is a beeraholic and probably drinks 6-8 beers a night - and these are the strong craft beers. This morning hubby was heading off to work and not happy about it. He said he was tired. I told him that he can't get a good night's sleep passed out in front of the TV, and why didn't he come to bed last night? So I asked him if he wanted to quit drinking with me for 30 days. He said that he might do that. Crossing my fingers!
  5. I'm on day 22 and yesterday I had no appetite at all. It was in the mid-90's here, and cooking did not appeal to me. Salad did not appeal to me. I ate a good sized breakfast and snacked the rest of the day. My snacks were compliant, though, but not full meals. I'm heading into my last week feeling pretty good overall, and I don't think one day is going to affect my results.
  6. melyhegedu

    Enchilada Casserole

    Made this last night and it was excellent. I made it exactly like the recipe and think your idea of browning the cauliflower before would make it even better. Used your idea of topping with guacamole! Husband loved it. Thank you so much for sharing!
  7. melyhegedu

    Mayo failure

    If you have a Costco nearby, get the 2-pack of light olive oil. It is about $13 and you can make over 6 months worth of mayo with it. I will never buy mayonnaise again. I just put the egg and lemon juice/vinegar/etc. in the processor and let it come to room temp. Have not had a fail yet. Good luck!! I love mayonnaise on everything.
  8. melyhegedu


    Kirkland tuna at Costco is compliant.
  9. melyhegedu

    Let's be honest: You can't eat out on Whole30

    Zuni Cafe chicken.
  10. melyhegedu

    I found sugar free bacon at costco!

    Sadly, the Kirkland Low Sodium bacon has maltodextrose in it. Bummer.
  11. melyhegedu

    Costco run and bacon

    I am on day 3 and focusing on reading ingredient labels. I got excited when I heard about the Kirkland Low Sodium bacon being compliant so I decided to go check it out. Sadly, it has maltodextrose in it. I did get the Aidell's chicken apple sausages, and they also have a compliant deli slice option! And the frozen tilapia loins - ingredients: fish. Unless you go to a farm, or to a natural foods store (not Whole Foods) it is not often you will find compliant bacon. I had to spend $8 for half a pound at a meat shop. Other finds at Costco: bagged greens, Pellegrino water and Good Earth tea 4-pack. On to the next 27 days.
  12. melyhegedu

    Cold symptoms

    I just finished the book and am preparing to start my whole 30 on Sept. 28. I have taken a daily emergen-c for the last 10 years and have a question: If the sugar in it is fructose, not sucrose, isn't it similar to using fruit juice as a sweetener? I understand that is compliant, or am I mistaken? I suppose not having my emergen-c in the morning will be the same switch as drinking black coffee. Only 30 days.