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    C. Logan reacted to SugarcubeOD in Boars head meats   
    Who would you like to do the follow up?  If you're interested, maybe contact the company and see if there's anything they can provide to you to answer any questions you have about ingredients
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    C. Logan reacted to ladyshanny in Sweet potato cranberry cakes   
    Sweet potato "toast" is sliced sweet potato and is definitely permitted on Whole30. If you, personally, have a very strong association to conventional toast where you think that putting toppings on a slice of sweet potato is a gateway food for you, then sure, you should exclude it. Latkes are also permitted for the program as they are baked or pan fried vegetables. We understand that some people may find that they are better off leaving them off and that's fine but they are also not considered SWYPO. 
    I appreciate your passion surrounding the program and of course we want folks to read things with a critical mind. We also appreciate polite and respectful discourse but please also understand that answers coming from Whole30 Moderators, Administrators and Coaches is generally not going to be "false information".
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    C. Logan got a reaction from PB&JMAINE in New Compliant Meat at Chipotle!   
    Hurray! They confirmed, the sulfites are naturally occurring and not added. 
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    C. Logan reacted to kruddock in Reintroduction Failure :( HELP   
    If you have a problem with Lara Bars, you might want to cool it on fruit & nuts too!
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    C. Logan reacted to WholeMama623 in I gained weight on Whole30, What to do now?   
    Just chiming in to say that I didn't lose either during my whole30. I got on the scale and it was exactly the same as it was 30 days before. I checked in with the mods and they said my eating was fine. I am doing a whole100 because 30 days just isn't long enough (for me) to reap the full benefits. I had a doctors appointment a few weeks later, and I was down 4 lbs. Don't be discouraged. I feel better than I have, and my pants are SO baggy! The number on the scale is not the whole picture.
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    C. Logan reacted to MrsStick in I gained weight on Whole30, What to do now?   
    You mentioned your weight but didn't say how tall you are. The picture at this site  - http://thehealthybodycentre.blogspot.kr/2013/05/who-weighs-aussie-average.html- really says it best. Every one of the women in that picture weighs the same amount. But one is about 5 feet tall, one looks close to 6 feet tall, and the rest are somewhere in the middle.
    As a 5'10.5" woman, 150 pounds is about right for me (ish). I fluctuate like we all do - I'm usually around 150-155 when I'm not on a Whole 30. During a Whole 30 I'll usually end up around 140-145. I was closer to 160-165 pre-Whole 30s, but discovering that I have Celiac disease (through my Whole 30 journey) and cutting out gluten grains helped a lot of that go away quickly after my first Whole 30. The Whole 30 and learning what my body does best with on a daily basis has helped me really stabilize my weight well. Granted, I've had to temper it a bit with what I have time for, since hubby and I both work and are involved in our community, but it's all what I know I do well with. I know I can add white rice to a meal to stretch it since I didn't have time to do more. Or I know that putting some cheese on my soup to make it more filling (yay fat!) is fine because I tolerate dairy well. Does that add a little to my weight? Yes, but I don't mind it.
    What I guess I'm trying to say here is to focus on your body composition more than your weight. You mentioned working out and building muscle will absolutely make your weight go up, even if you lose body fat and are a smaller size. Muscle weighs more, it's just how it is. Your weight can fluctuate by up to ten pounds just by how much water you drank yesterday and how well you've cultivated the bacteria in your guts. It's why you can crash diet and lose ten pounds in a week - your body itself hasn't lost the weight, but your digestive system has.
    TL;DR: weight is a number, and depending on how tall you are, yours is probably about perfect for your body. Ditch the scale, buy some great clothes, feel awesome.
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    C. Logan reacted to ShannonM816 in I gained weight on Whole30, What to do now?   
    Please understand that the scale can be very misleading. If you're working out, especially working on building strength/muscle, your body composition and therefore the way you look and the way your clothes fit can change for the better, even though your weight stays the same or even goes up. The whole "ideal weight" thing is BS. As humans, we like easy ways to measure and categorize, therefore we take a lot of averages and say, on average, a person of this height who weighs this much is usually healthy, therefore everyone of this height should try to weigh this much. It doesn't take into account things like bone structure or muscle-to-fat ratio, and it certainly doesn't take into account things like your individual health. 
    Check out this post about Deb and notice the difference between her before and after pictures, despite the fact that she weight EXACTLY THE SAME in both of them. And for further evidence, check out this post from a friend of mine who weighs more in her after pic than she did in her before (please note, she is not remotely Whole30, and I'm not recommending following the way she eats, but she works out hard and has lost a lot of weight, and this particular post is just one more piece of proof that the scale really doesn't tell you anything useful). 
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    C. Logan got a reaction from Newbie23 in Breastmilk?   
    The book says yes, the mother can consume in a little blurb, but its "No" here? If it is yes, why the change? I'd just like to know the supporting argument.
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    C. Logan got a reaction from PB&JMAINE in New Compliant Meat at Chipotle!   
    Hurray! They confirmed, the sulfites are naturally occurring and not added. 
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    C. Logan got a reaction from operationskinnyjeans in New Compliant Meat at Chipotle!   
    No worries.  It pays to be thorough.
    I wish they'd just switch to sunflower oil for everything... lol
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    C. Logan reacted to operationskinnyjeans in New Compliant Meat at Chipotle!   
    No prob, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I tried their chorizo before I started and it was delicious. But better safe than sorry I think. 
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    C. Logan reacted to operationskinnyjeans in New Compliant Meat at Chipotle!   
    I called my local chipotle and they told me they cook the chorizo on the same grill as the chicken and steak, and spray it down regularly with the Rice Bran oil. 

    The carnitas and barbacoa are cooked in a different pot using sunflower oil. At least at mine. 

    Worth calling to double check probably
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    C. Logan reacted to mushroomqueen in New Compliant Meat at Chipotle!   
    I just wanted to let everyone know that Chipotle has rolled out a new meat, chorizo. It is whole30 compliant and doesn't even have any vegetable oil like the carnitas does! I tried it today and it is awesome!
    White Meat Chicken , Pork , Pork Skins , Seasoning (Paprika, Hungarian Paprika, Smoked Paprika, mild red pepper, dried Oregano, Chipotle Chili pepper, Black Pepper, Salt), Red Wine Vinegar, Garlic, Cumin
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    C. Logan reacted to littleg in New Compliant Meat at Chipotle!   
    I just ate at Chipotle yesterday and got a coupon for a free meal with the chorizo  Looking forward to using it!  I forgot to look into it - glad to hear its compliant!
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    C. Logan reacted to ShannonM816 in New Compliant Meat at Chipotle!   
    For any restaurant, you really need to learn how to research these things yourself. Many restaurants will have ingredients or allergen statements on their website. Chipotle actually has a really thorough ingredient list making it easy to see what is and isn't okay -- I don't see the chorizo on there yet, I'm not sure if the OP found that somewhere else on the site or asked at the restaurant.
    If you're looking at a restaurant that isn't quite as forthcoming, most still have allergen lists which is a good place to start. They'll typically list things like peanuts, soy, gluten, and dairy, and you can start with that and figure out what looks promising, and then ask at the restaurant about things like sweeteners, rice, corn, peas/beans, etc.
    There are more tips in the Dining Out Guide as well.
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    C. Logan reacted to jmcbn in Corned Beef   
    If it helps I'm Irish, living in Ireland, and we don't actually eat cabbage & corned beef on St Patrick's Day. It's not even considered a National dish.

    In fact back in the day beef was very expensive here & if we could get it it would have been eaten fresh. Most Irish got their first taste of beef when they arrived in the States where beef was more widely available & less expensive, and they treated it in the same way as they would a bacon/ham joint (ie. any joint that wasn't from the leg) - they brined it.

    So don't feel bad aboout not eating that corned beef - nobody here will be either - in fact going on my food prep for this week I'll be eating a chicken & spinach curry!!

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    C. Logan reacted to kirkor in bacon - protein or healthy fat   
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    C. Logan reacted to missmayhem in 6 months into Whole30/9 and I'm a different person...   
    I started my first Whole 30 on January 5th.  I was so blown away by the positive results, I immediately completed a 2nd round and then did a 3rd round shortly after.  In between rounds (and currently), I stay pretty darn close to the Whole30 parameters. 
    Prior to committing to the first round (and for the lifetime before that), I struggled tremendously with my weight.  I do have PCOS, which can make weight loss a little tricky, but I also had a vicious sugar addiction, and an extremely abusive relationship with food and the scale.
    Since starting my first Whole30 six months ago, I've experienced the following:
    A loss of 42 pounds, 25 inches, and 3 dress sizes Minimized PCOS symptoms Reduced anxiety/panic attacks - more mood stability Better recovery Drastically reduced joint pain/aches Glowing skin A younger appearance (I'm told) Freedom from sugar addiction, food obsession/abuse, scale obsession New-found confidence/self-love  
    I'm not the same person I was 6 months ago inside or out.  At this point, I'm very comfortable "riding my own bike" - I crave, prepare, and eat Whole30 food 99% of the time, and whenever I'm faced with an "off-plan" choice or treat, I always mindfully consider whether or not it will be worth it (taste and consequences) and exercise the "one-bite" rule.  
    I'm looking great, feeling great, performing great, and getting to enjoy much more of life now that I'm not a prisoner to food. Hallelujah Whole30 - looking forward to another 6 months of getting more awesome!

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    C. Logan reacted to praxisproject in Breastmilk?   
    Personally I don't want to consume milk for growing babies (of any species) as I'm not a growing baby, growth hormones in infant milk aren't meant for adults.
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    C. Logan reacted to SugarcubeOD in Breastmilk?   
    It sounds like the quote from the book is saying it would be compliant for the woman who is producing it... it's not a foreign or inflammatory thing I guess...
    I think even if I was producing breast milk, it doesn't really make sense for me to consume my own. The nutrients in it would be in your own body already... so not sure it would be giving you any benefit... I'm not a scientist or a doctor so I'm just making general assumptions here... are you planning on drinking your own breast milk?
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    C. Logan reacted to laura_juggles in Sweet potato "waffles"/hashbrowns   
    It's recreating a waffle (which is just a pancake with abs  ) so that's a no go. You can just shred a sweet potato and make hashbrowns, though 
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    C. Logan reacted to SugarcubeOD in Sweet potato "waffles"/hashbrowns   
    Laura is right.
    Have a look at the rules linked in my signature below and especially around the one about recreating baked goods and treats.
    Part of the Whole30 is changing not only the food on your plate but your relationship with food.
    Skip the almond flour, shred those hashbrowns and then fry the egg and serve it on top! You can even put the spices in the hashbrowns... it's actually EXACTLY what I had for breakfast this morning with a side of garlic and jalepeno stuffed olives!
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    C. Logan reacted to kirkor in Sweet potato "waffles"/hashbrowns   
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    C. Logan reacted to missmary in pets on whole 30?   
    Tom is correct, our animals have different dietary requirements than humans do.
    It is possible to make healthy cat food, but it requires some knowledge and effort, i.e. grinding up whole animals with organs and skin and bone. My city has several "pet food delis" that make dog and cat food this way and you can buy it fresh. If you want to go for it, I would give that a try first and see how your pet adapts.
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    C. Logan reacted to Tom Denham in pets on whole 30?   
    If you feed your cat foods prepared for humans... Salmon, tuna, chicken, and maybe some veggies, your cat will love it. However, after awhile, your cat will become sick and die from nutritional deficiencies. In the wild, your cat would eat all of a whole fish, for example, to get nutrient needs met... Bones, brain, intestines, etc. not just the parts we would eat. Cat food is specially formulated to include stuff that cannot be gotten from human food.