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  1. TinaH

    Baking bacon

    Lol - I almost said bacon is my husband's favorite food group but thought I may be exaggerating too much. Turned up short trying to find compliant bacon today . I'll have to look at other's posts to see what they've found.
  2. TinaH

    Baking bacon

    My husband would like to thank you. I NEVER make bacon because I cannot stand cleaning up the grease. Now I can make bacon at home and hubby will be so happy! Ok, so now that I'm going to start eating bacon, how do I factor it into my meal template? Should I treat it like a fat? I have no desire to eat a palm sized amount of it in one sitting as my protein, but I would eat 2 strips as part of my protein if that's how I should view it (vs as a fat).