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  1. HeatherFTW

    Nightshade Reaction Symptoms??

    I know this thread is old, but I'm curious if anyone has ever had respiratory reactions to nightshades? I started Whole 30 to help heal a bout of chronic bronchitis, and was feeling noticeably better in a matter of days. But recently (I'm now on Day 18), after bell peppers consistently in a few meals, and a huge plate of white potatoes one night (PMS carb cravings), my lungs hurt and I've been coughing noticeably worse in one day than I have since the early days of the program. I've looked online and am not sure if respiratory symptoms are common with nightshades, but I've been suspecting for a while now that they may not be my friends.
  2. HeatherFTW

    Fed Up!

    You know, on the topic of what kids eat, feeding them correctly, etc., I wonder if there's a balance between top health and the indulgence of childhood? My mother was SUPER strict with our food choices when I was a kid, and once I was no longer under her roof, I completely rebelled. I ate the crappest of crap both behind her back then, and for most of my young adulthood. Eventually the early childhood education in nutrition she gave me caught up, and I returned to it later in life (when my body demanded it). But part of me wonders if I would have stayed more consistent if I hadn't felt so repressed as a kid. I don't have kids now, so I can't speak to how I'd manage that balance.
  3. HeatherFTW

    Fed Up!

    This kind of thing fires me up. Our food industry is so broken!! I went shopping for my first ever Whole30 last night. Even at Whole Foods, it was astounding how many packaged foods have sugar in them.