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  1. HeatherFTW

    elevated thyroid antibodies?

    Thyroid issues do appear to be at epidemic levels, especially for women. While I can't remember where I read or heard it, the environmental source seemed to be mass-produced home products (like carpet and furniture) full of toxic chemicals. Also, toxins in beauty products, which we use a lot. That could all be bunk but you might find more info by googling "thryoid epidemic."
  2. HeatherFTW

    elevated thyroid antibodies?

    Yep, taking Metanx (which has the same ingredients) is about all my doc gave me too. Are you feeling better/different since getting treated?
  3. HeatherFTW

    elevated thyroid antibodies?

    Have you tried Redbridge sorghum beer? Good gluten free stuff when you're really wanting a brew.
  4. HeatherFTW

    elevated thyroid antibodies?

    So sorry I missed this question! See http://www.metanx.com/. It's a medical food product, a combination of B vitamins and folic acid that are methyl- something or other to help fill in the gaps left by the MTHFR deficiency. I have a prescription for it through my integrative medical practitioner. If your doctor is up on MTHFR ask him or her about a Metanx prescription.
  5. HeatherFTW

    Nightshade Reaction Symptoms??

    I know this thread is old, but I'm curious if anyone has ever had respiratory reactions to nightshades? I started Whole 30 to help heal a bout of chronic bronchitis, and was feeling noticeably better in a matter of days. But recently (I'm now on Day 18), after bell peppers consistently in a few meals, and a huge plate of white potatoes one night (PMS carb cravings), my lungs hurt and I've been coughing noticeably worse in one day than I have since the early days of the program. I've looked online and am not sure if respiratory symptoms are common with nightshades, but I've been suspecting for a while now that they may not be my friends.
  6. Hey Nikki, a week after starting Whole 30, I started having similar issues. I had a stomach ache for six straight days. Tom's right about digestive enzymes. I also used probiotics, aloe vera juice, and apple cider vinegar. The remedies took the edge off, but basically it took time getting used to eating so differently before the pain subsided. Rooting for you both!
  7. I feel you sister. I'm on day 15 and feel at times on the verge of calling it quits. I've felt angry for three days. It's like the deep, true addictions took this long to rear their heads. I felt like crap the first few days of Whole 30 but not like this. Physical withdrawal I seem to handle. Psychological withdrawal = so. much. harder. I'm ready for a Mexican feast and some ice cream. 15 more days ...
  8. HeatherFTW


    What I'd read about low stomach acid was that a dose of ACV with water before meals would help with digestion, so that's what I tried. I actually felt better right after I took it, but then I ate lunch and the stomach ache came back. I have *no idea* why this is happening. I'm on day 10, and I've had a stomach ache every time I eat for four days now. This wasn't anything I dealt with on my old way of eating (I was a regular probiotic/digestive enzyme user prior to Whole30). Could it be the lots more fiber? Too much protein/fat? Normal Whole30-second-week gut adjustments? I'm basically just hanging in there in hopes it'll get better as I get used to eating like this.
  9. HeatherFTW


    Funny you posted that. I *just* read about that this morning. I took ACV before my current meal, along with my usual digestive enzymes and such. Stomach ache still reared up. Does it take a while, meaning, a few meals/days of meals with the ACV before you start to feel better?
  10. P.S.S. If you haven't checked out Karly Pitman's site, do so. It just might bless your socks off.
  11. HeatherFTW


    Speaking of Tums, does anyone know a natural way to combat stomach ache? I've had significant stomach aches days 5-7 so far. I've taken digestive enzymes and probiotics, but nothing more. Or is this normal and my stomach will resolve itself soon? (I hope)
  12. P.S. Typo alert! You probably already noticed this, but by sugar addition, obvs I meant sugar addiction.
  13. Hey SusanB., Two additional resources come to mind if you want to explore and dig deeper into sugar addition and how to tackle it (beyond or in addition to Whole30): the book Potatoes Not Prozac, a program specifically for sugar addicts (http://www.amazon.com/Potatoes-Not-Prozac-Solutions-Sensitivity/dp/141655615X), and Growing Human(kind)ness with Karly Randolph Pitman, a personal friend and inspiring voice behind the emotional foundations of sugar addition (http://growinghumankindness.com/) Just thought I'd share in case either help strengthen you on your journey. Cheering you on!
  14. HeatherFTW

    Day 23...still moody

    Is this still true re: not eating fruit/using fat stores if we need to avoid losing weight? I'm borderline too thin already.
  15. HeatherFTW

    elevated thyroid antibodies?

    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's about a year or two ago, though my antibody numbers were on the low scale at the time. I eventually went into remission/my numbers returned to normal and in my opinion I think it was connected to having been tested for the MTHFR deficiency and taking Metanx to counteract it. Has anyone else with Hashimoto's been tested/treated/even heard of the MTHFR enzyme deficiency? (I haven't done any research to see if the two are related, but I can say my diet wasn't helping my Hashimoto's while it was still active. The MTHFR treatment was the only major change.)